肖戰剛代言就被換人,黑粉頻出招捏造事實,新一波網絡暴力如期而至,熱愛可抵歲月漫長! |貴圈四姨太|

肖戰剛代言就被換人,黑粉頻出招捏造事實,新一波網絡暴力如期而至,熱愛可抵歲月漫長! |貴圈四姨太|

Hello everyone, welcome to the wonderful content that Siyitai brings to you today. After the double eleven has just passed, those who are picking up are also converging. There is also the fact that all major merchants have tried their best to solve the problem for the double eleven. I also invited many popular traffic stars from the entertainment industry to broadcast live. The only purpose is to let you save money, and the fans are also very strong. This year’s Singles Day has set a record of 278.4 billion yuan. It’s worth paying attention to this year’s popular traffic star. And Xiao Zhan is a skin care product endorsement, The sales in this Singles Festival are also very good, Just after the Singles Day, some netizens found out. The spokesperson of this skin care product changed, Was replaced by Song Wei, which caused a lot of fans’ dissatisfaction, The fans of the products of the merchants have not received the change, but they have changed. The fans said that they all went to the war. It is difficult for fans to accept it now. Xiao war can be called the hot traffic star of today’s entertainment industry. It is because of the rapid popularity of Wei Wuzhen in the “Chen Qing”. Also brought a lot of endorsements to Xiao Zhan, And the notices are one after another, Due to the increasing resources on hand, it has also caused many people’s eyesight. The so-called “human red” is no exception. Afterwards, various “black materials” about Xiao war were constantly being excavated. And black powder is also frequently used. At the beginning, he was tricked by black powder. I also took out the photos of Xiao Zhan’s early days and said things. It is said that Xiao’s remarks did not like girls. These have also been proved by Xiao Zhan, these are all black powder fabrication facts, On the contrary, Xiao Zhan respects girls very much. And Xiao Zhan’s classmates also put Xiao Zhan University The matter of talking about my girlfriend was announced on the official website. This is indirectly a positive response to Xiao Sha, thanks to my classmates. The black powder still said that Xiao Zhan himself said that the certificate of cost of Mandarin, What are you talking about? The cost will admit it, There is also the right to listen to Mandarin in Xiao. And Xiao war does not go to be the host, This black powder is too topicless to find a topic! Xiao war is now receiving much attention. Also gaining a lot of fans with strength and charm. But often people are not much, Fans like Shaw Wars and like his clean and gentle character. But this also happened to be taken out by black powder. Said that he is “green tea”! Have to be emotional, The world is sinister, it is too difficult to be a man! What is “green tea”? Usually the word is mostly used on a girl who is scheming. Few people have heard that men can also be called green tea! And now the word is used in Xiao war, it is even more strange! But since you can make a mistake, it is better to look at what is “black”. “Black dot” one: the price of the sticker is hot? At the beginning of the “Chenry Order”, When Xiao war accepted an exclusive interview with China Youth Daily and China Youth Online reporter, Evaluating the role of Wei Wuzhen said that Wei Wuzhen is like “sunflower”: “He is growing in the sun, not falling into the wind and rain. Face everyone with the greatest goodwill and tolerate everyone. ” There is also a similarity between himself and Wei Wuzhen: “When I encounter difficulties, I will not give up.” This is a normal actor’s perception of the role. Xiao war expressed that he is not humble, and his attitude is positive! But this is the normal remark, But being sprayed is the heat of the “paper man” Wei Wuzhen? If you are a master, A person who gives life to a character with a definite acting can’t talk about a character. Instead, I have to say nothing, and I’m speechless. Who will use it to create after that? Pour your own sweat for this role? Is it the best result to separate the actors from the characters? “Black Point” II: Is Wei Wuzhen acting like a woman? Still surrounding the role of Wei Wuzhen, the original work may be too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. There are a thousand Wei Wus in a thousand hearts. No matter what Xiao war interprets this role, There will always be people who are not satisfied enough! There has always been controversy over the differences between actors in shaping roles. Especially the IP novels with a large mass base, It will be blamed by the book powder! Just like Huang Rihua’s starring in the Tian Long Ba Bu It is now a classic that no one has surpassed. But at the beginning it was questioned. Because Huang Rihua is not tall, It is difficult to reflect the mighty heroes, and even more of his performance, Guo Jing, Characters such as the virtual bamboo are all types of sturdy, It’s hard to accept the heroic audience like this! And Xiao Zhan’s interpretation of Wei Wuzhen is also his understanding of the role itself. Wei Wuzhen itself is the role of the bully. The atmosphere with Jiang Cheng is very embarrassing. The shyness that can be dissed is only manifested when facing the blue forgetting machine. For this, the original author also explained this: But everyone can’t be satisfied with everything. I will use my strength to the best. It is enough to have a clear conscience and not to leave regrets. Some people do not appreciate or represent failure. Naturally, people who know you and who appreciate you are attracted! “Black dot” three: messed up with male artists, deliberately selling rot? The argument about Xiao Zhan’s “selling rot” before “Chen Qing” Was taken out by the black powder, In the post, a variety of evidences were listed, which were dubbed by the majority of netizens as “brainwashing bags.” These black materials are clear, “the evidence is sufficient. If you don’t always be sensible, It is easy to be affected unconsciously, Even if you don’t completely change your mind, The mind will also leave a shadow of doubt. Because it’s a girl, I don’t know the boys who have a good relationship. What kind of state is it in private? But in the face of public interviews, in the performance of tens of thousands of people, These actions are at least as frank as they seem! Although promoting freedom of love, But the public’s feelings about “same sex” are still inconspicuous. It’s even more shunned, let alone so blatant! If these actions are made by two girls, Will it still be considered a problem? The public will only think that it is a good relationship between two friends! In the end, it’s all “corrupted to see people,” Under the psychological suggestion that has been identified as having problems, Naturally feel that there is something wrong! Such a childish fight has always been a boy in the class. Just as serious as two elementary school students! Wang Yibo “I don’t want to be my”, I know that I want to respect the old and love the young. Only know that the winner is king! Some normal limb contact is not only repeated by CP powder, “sweet sugar”, Even the black powder has made a big fuss about Xiaozhan’s desire to swear! Can be faced by people who are close to the relationship, It doesn’t seem to be deliberately avoided. Because there is no fear of misunderstanding between the same sex! You know, for unfamiliar actresses, Two people simply avoid physical contact to a strict point! Just afraid that what Xiao Xiao did not think is, thousands of defenses, Wan did not expect that he would be greatly fussed in his normal relationship with his brother. It’s too hard! “Black Point” Four: Deliberately set gentle people? For Xiao Zhan, fans also like his gentle and clean appearance. Like the first secret love school in the school, White shirt, jeans, riding by your bicycle, Leave a refreshing smell of soap on your nose and look back. An inadvertently clean smile shook your eyes, Also panic your heart… But those who are dark inside will never see the beauty of others. All positive images are in the hearts of people with ulterior motives Those who are deliberately set up! I don’t know what kind of people can be true in their eyes. City? hypocritical? cunning? After I couldn’t find the black spot of Xiao War, I started to point to the fans of Xiao Zhan. When Shaw’s filming, “Let’s ask for more advice,” There is a topic of black powder saying that illegitimate life once again makes Xiao Zhanrong hot search list. As an artist black powder forced to this unbearable level, no one, And these are also those who are hot-eyed. After turning to Shaw’s fans, There will be “Shaw Fighting Support Club” and Xiao Zhan fans to send pillows. What other fans have nicknames, and some are not magnified infinitely. At this time, it became a fan of Xiao Zhan, which is even hotter than some stars. This also shows that the number of fans of Xiao Zhan is still very large. And they are all defending the war and protecting the war. And every time something like this Fans who have to fight, stand up and apologize to everyone. Should not occupy everyone’s public resources, Think of an obvious fan who can think this way, not to mention the party’s war. At this time, there was another black powder saying that fans of this Xiao war wanted to search. This is even more nonsense, I have seen that the fans can’t search for two or three days. Is there still a fan who spends his own money to buy a hot search and want to go out? As an artist, Xiao War is so embarrassed by these things every day. In the end, it’s because there is no backstage in Shaw. Xiao war is a very ordinary family. There is no background to support in the entertainment circle. Even if it is already hot, There is still not much publicity in the brokerage company. They are all looking for resources and interviews. And Xiao Zhan has now set up his own studio. However, there is still no strong backstage to support. But we believe that there is a support for Xiao War. Can also be used as a backstage, that is to support everyone in Shaw. The red burst of Xiao War may be an accident this summer. But even if there is no “love order” His efforts and strength will bring him to the public one day sooner or later! Since the accident let us all meet him early, It is better to cherish this rare fate. Don’t pay attention to entangled gossip, Also don’t swear by your own identity. It is better to agree with Xiao War, to be a better self and to be proud of each other! “Love can last for a long time, and mutual protection is never a talk.” Ok, today’s video is shared here. If you like the video of Siyitai, please subscribe and pay attention. Four Miles will update the entertainment information every day.

69 thoughts on “肖戰剛代言就被換人,黑粉頻出招捏造事實,新一波網絡暴力如期而至,熱愛可抵歲月漫長! |貴圈四姨太|

  1. 战战到底做了什麼阿!蛤 根本都沒做阿你們憑什麼可以黑他阿!戰戰也是有壓力的阿!你們被這樣黑你會爽嗎?蛤阿

  2. 哎 微博的戾气太重了 难怪有那么多人都不玩了 转去B站 人红是非多 不是GG就是DD 这两个人到底做错了什么 我都不明白 HFDW真的真是够了

  3. 唉~小贊和小飛俠真的很倒楣,什麼都沒做就被黑,不管你們怎麼黑,我們永遠都是站在小贊和小飛俠這邊~

  4. 😡😠😡😠😡😠Big mistake! Big mistake! U will see the result soon after taken Xz out. The thing I Don't understand is why they like to jealous or attack his love life, if they really don't like idol in love just ask them to become sami.

  5. 自家的愛豆自己管,如果你們家的愛豆被人黑,你們做何感想。何況肖戰本本份份的,為何要不斷的黑他,這樣做有意思嗎?

  6. 謝謝四姨太講得太好了,小飛俠已經見怪不怪了,真金不怕火練,見招拆招,永遠相信戰戰,支持戰戰的作品,謝謝四姨太讓不是戰戰粉絲了解真相,只希望戰戰不受影響,勇敢前進做自己,用實力演好每一部作品,相信有更多人成為戰戰粉絲

  7. So what if they're lover (wang yibo and Xiao zhan) there's so many people can love the same sex, they're not commiting a crime for being in love with the same sex…. Even before in the Bible there's story about a woman who fall in love with the same sex while she had already a husband and those time it's a crime especially if they're already committed to someone else…. But Xiao zhan and Wang yibo is still single and not committed to someone else. Why not?! Where in the world that can marry for the same sex as long as they're happy and they're not give inconvenient to others I think there's no problem at all beside they're just simple people who can not choose who they can fallen for the problem is the society who can judge base what they're belief even they know that is common for this generation that just can't accept the fact the world has changed for everything, the only problem they (Wang yibo and Xiao zhan) have is they're in the public figure and people can criticize them without thinking and consideration.

  8. No matter what I love Xiaozhan. N these people are just jeolous of his success. Xiaozhan is the most Kindest & humblest person I've known. I've never Stan any Chinese idol, he's the 1st one I've ever Stan this hard. I've never seen any idol whose so gentle & good as him. These people really are just trying to bring him down at any cost. But he's too good, he never did anything, he just keep quiet, & ignore it! Well I hope he stays strong & he won't affected by it, & I hope he also know that he had more people who loves him rather than the one who hate him!!! N I'm one of them who would do anything for him❤️😠!!!

  9. 看到这让人难过的影片,真是心疼肖战。我们路人也知肖战真的是人红是非多,就是因为他没强而有力的经纪公司,没影剧圈的背景当靠山,所以才一天到晚被黑,那些当初P图、搞暗示性取向影片好玩的人(YouTube上比比皆是),被黑粉、蹭热度、搞分化或是抢资源者利用后,有出面帮他澄清吗?都到哪里去了呢?不是说过要相互保护的吗?所以肖战和他的小飞侠们,真让人心疼,他这么努力才刚红起来的人,却要被某些别有用心的人无情的践踏。但我们相信他是勇敢坚强的人,除了小飞侠们,还有广大喜爱他的群众都仍会永远爱护、支持这位温柔、谦让、人品佳及多才多艺的肖战的。

  10. 人红是非多 战战无需理会那些无理取闹 做好自己过好现在才是对小飞侠们最好的回馈!加油💪

  11. Since he is so popular now, there will be many seeking to bring him down. I doubt he and Yibo are anything more than good buddies because of their roles in the Untamed…….the rest was “fan service” which is normal & common if fans/anti fans are familiar with K pop.

  12. I believed in zhan and Yibo. I support them always. They are the future. It nasty to take him out when he the one that make it happen .it a big mistakes. Yes big mistakes big time .well done boys we go all the way with u .💋💋❤❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹💚💚💚

  13. 沒看過書的人飄過,表示肖戰的演技超棒,被演技給迷住了,好喜歡他的性格、還有才華,還有發現他唱歌超好聽,才知道他是歌手出道,為什麼黑粉這麼多,每次都要亂造謠。肖戰紅了,擋住他們正主的機會了嗎?那他們自身要更努力吧…造謠他,資源又不會落到他們身上。

  14. 😅😅😅其实真的没有什么的,很有默契很合拍的好朋友就是这样的相爱相杀状态~网友真的脑洞太大了~

  15. 小戰,在某些不懷好意的人的世界,他們尊重的只是背景,而非人本身的能力。所以你要更加努力去換取成功,然後成功就會像一個大巴掌,打在那些曾經看不起你的人臉上,要多響就有多響!要多爽就有多爽!努力!加油!

  16. 很多說第一集就是演的很差太娘,可是原著本來就是魏無羨重生後的那個人就是被逼瘋成那樣的,完全一模一樣啊,那些黑的根本沒看過原著還假裝有好麽

  17. I see… That why a lot of weird rumours & news lately. I don’t believe those rumours & news easily. I will continue support Xiao Zhan 🥰🥰🥰😊😊😊🥰🥰🥰☺️☺️☺️☺️🥰🥰🥰😋😋😋😋🥰🥰🥰

  18. 因為沒背景沒後台,只能不停的被黑被欺負,這是什麼道理啊…………….戰戰跟小飛俠,你們要挺住,我們會一直支持你們的

  19. Tbh, i never care… Whether ppl gossiping & said he is just lucky, rather ordinary, lack experience, hypocritical, even homosexual accuse, i don't even care. I want to see him more on the stage, i want to see his acting next year and next more year…

  20. it isn't obvious to hear this cox when a gorgeous young star is rising to the top, jealous also rise Wang Yibo and Xiaozhan has caught eye of international and Asian fans so rivals will keep looking for their down falls. it's ok my boys LZ&WWX keep going we got your back yeah 💪☝👍✌💞💞💞💓💓💓

  21. We fans and international fans will never believe all this haters, jealousy and opposition, want to flame, smear and black skull him, no way. The more u jealous, the more he be blessed. Till now company should out and stand up for him. Zhan zhan u have multi million fans to side you. So just do your work and ignore all this haters. We be following Zhan zhan for few months understand he is pure and innocent. Support Zhan zhan.💖💞💖💖💞💖.

  22. 祗要当紅都会被黑,肖战横空飛出,火的可謂空前!試想擋了多少人的路?紅了多少人的眼,又恰逢影視寒冬.不招黑才怪?以他情商.抗压性肯定够!要有經紀團隊,替他發聲!否則好资源,莫名其妙被搶走!閃亮之星变流星!(不是粉,喜欢你陽光般的笑容,真誠!)

  23. This is because he and yibo suddenly become popular bcos of cql, so there are Manny people that doesn't like it, some unknown people suddenly rising, so it's not surprising Manny people want to throw black powder at them, even there is senior actor who attack Xiao zhan before, so as a fan we just need to believe in them and ignore all this stupid rumour if their popularity and stanece already stable them all this BS will be gone too

  24. 越是刻意解釋刻意避,越是中了黑粉圈套!反而不如王一博坦坦蕩蕩,彼此欣賞成好哥們,不行嗎?氣死那些背後想捅刀的人!

  25. Stay strong my love because what's your is your and no haters can take away what's for you so be blessed and stay strong we got your back

  26. When you suddenly become very famous people are bound to be jealous and they wii try to do everything to you. I hope Xiao Zhan remains strong and get passed all this nonsense with a clear mind. I hope all his fans will be with him to love and support him forever. Gossip and rumors will follow him as long as he is still a super star. I believe what I see. Xiao Zhan has my love and support always no matter what happens in the future. He’s too cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘

  27. Haters gonna hate…! Xiao Zhan lets walk together in a flower road…. 😊😊😊😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤

  28. Just throw these jealous people to other planet. Same as Link K B, this is my first time really really really like Chinese star. I really like XiaoZhan and Yibo and really love when they smile because i can feel their honesty. Hope he will stay strong. Yibo also. Love you two.❤️❤️❤️

  29. This is 21st century just wake up how can people don't understand.it's personal choice who you love. it doesn't matter about gender so just leave them in thier happy and beautiful life.💑💑💑💑💑💑

  30. You can’t please everybody, no matter what you do. Xian Zhan and Yibo just need to stay truths to themselves, and tune out all the negativities. You have the support of our real fans.

  31. I thought the actors here in a America had it bad at times, but they are really awe full in China, I feel so bad for him, when he’s an awesome actor on top of that talented in several things, I agree that they are jealous of him that’s why the netizens are picking on him. I love his acting and everything about him no matter what they say he’s number 1 in my heart. Keep up the great acting and work you are doing. Plus he’s not a snob and he cherishes his fans. 👍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😍😍😍😍😍😘

  32. 微博及其他像知乎等論壇,對不實言論都無法管制嗎? 其實不只肖戰被黑,一博也是,真為他倆人抱屈。 理智的路人與粉絲都會支持你們,加油! 要變得更好,氣死那些黑粉!

  33. 我是原著小说的书迷,可是我很喜欢肖战王一博演的魏无羡蓝忘机😘一瞬间路人转粉😘😘

  34. Totaly Awesome, I enjoyed it a lot!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , you might like 🙂

  35. I think is because they are just too jealous on him never mind Zhan Zhan I love all ur commercial since they change other celebrity then I will not buy the products keep on fighting Zhan Zhan I'm sure you can do it be strong

  36. 四姨太 講解的非常好👍
    肖戰 不用理会那些黑粉,他們就是眼紅 忌妒⋯⋯
    你在我心中永遠是最好 最棒的 永遠支持你❤️❤️

  37. Xiao Zhan be strong you are not alone. We love you and will support all your projects. Stay humble and look after your health. Fighting 💪💪💪…❤❤❤❤❤…❤❤..💚

  38. 陳情令的劇情活生生血淋淋的又在現實社會中再次上演,果然人啊,從古至今,那張愛道人長短是非的特性都沒變🤭🤭🤭

  39. I was concerned something like this would happened ….all these rumors about him and Yibo is going to hurt their career! Fans should rally around him and Yibo as well…I also hope xiao zhan is strong enough to bear the consequences and be himself!

  40. 这些黑粉站在道德标准的高处指手划脚,肖战一博的努力看不见,娱乐圈真是一个大染缸,社会的风气真是越来越差,让努力奋斗的人心寒

  41. I dont care they are gay or straight, the important is they are talented men .. and they are humble also nice person..
    Love each other also nothings wrong..

  42. Is there really truth and credibility to this because I was searching around and found nothing regarding him being replaced unless if someone would be so kind to send me a credible source. If it’s Olay that he was “replaced” with, then I don’t find this credible because Song Qian has always been a part of Olay at least for the last few years that I’m aware of. Please let me know if I’m incorrect.

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