🍋 1930 Magic Lemon Cream Pie Recipe 🍋

🍋 1930 Magic Lemon Cream Pie Recipe 🍋

welcome friends welcome back to Sunday
morning and the old cook book show today I want to do a recipe out of the new
magic in the kitchen 208 delicious dishes made with sweetened condensed
milk now this is an undated cookbook from Borden or Eagle Brand
condensed milk it’s undated but generally most people say that this is
from 1930 and it has a recipe for magic lemon cream pie in it and I want to do
this recipe because I also have an earlier version of this cookbook that
has a lemon pie recipe in it and you can see between the two cookbooks the
evolution of the recipe how the recipe changed and moved forward the earlier
cookbook is generally accepted to be 1928 or 1929 again undated so I’ve done
my best to sort of grab those dates I’ve spoken to people who research these
things and even they are a little doubtful of the exact date so I always
got a date range and I find this magic lemon pie recipe very interesting
because from this point forward you start to see lemon pies made this way
with regional variations as to how the meringue was put on top if the meringue
was put on top if the meringue was folded in and you start to see all of
these variations and we’ve done one of these pies before on the channel about
five years ago 2015 I did a variation of this pie and it’s one that my mom always
made and so presumably she got the recipe from numerous cookbooks that
copied this recipe over and over and over and over and over using whichever
brand of condensed milk the recipe writer for that cookbook wanted to use
it is a very versatile recipe the other reason I want to do this recipe is most
food historians cite this recipe as the starting point for the Florida key lime
pie I know I can hear you screaming I hear you screaming that the key lime pie
came out way before this ever did and that but
evidence facts published recipes don’t seem to support that it seems that this
is the starting point so I need put a half a cup of juice so that was two and
a half lemons worth of juice to get a half a cup depending on how much you
want to squeeze so I’m gonna do a key lime pie in an episode coming up soon
and when I do the key lime pie recipe I’ll go farther in-depth into why people
think that this is the starting point for the key lime pie generally though
food historians outside of Florida believe this to be the case whereas
those inside Florida would beg to differ okay this calls for two eggs separated
so we’ll put the whites in this bowl and we’re going to whip those into a
meringue and the yolks go in over here okay now that the yolks are in I’m going
to pour in the lemon juice and we’re gonna whisk this and the lemon juice the
acid from the lemon juice is gonna start to curdle and thicken both the egg and
the cream which is what gives this pie its distinctive texture okay so we’re
looking good now I need to whip these egg whites into
a meringue so first off I’m gonna whip them part way and then I’m gonna spoon
in some sugar and whip them the rest of the way
okay I’m gonna start adding sugar now and I like to use a superfine sugar and
I’ve put in a little bit whip it a little bit more and then maybe
put in a little bit more after that okay we’re looking pretty good now there’s
not gonna be a lot of meringue I mean it’s only two eggs which isn’t going to
provide much of a topping but it’s still gonna taste great still gonna taste
amazing now it says to fill a baked pie shell it
doesn’t say what kind of pie shell I’m pretty sure that what they mean is a
short crust or a regular pastry pie shell I don’t really like that with this
pie I am partial to either saltine crackers or soda biscuits I really like
a soda biscuit crust I like Maria biscuit crust or or
arrowroot biscuits I think those were amazing and today I decided to use
graham crackers because I really like that as a crust for this pie as well and
this is a nine-inch pie shell took me a lot of digging down in the in the
equipment room to find a smaller pie shell today all of my pie shells are all
of my pie plates sorry my pie plates are nine and a half inches or 24 centimeters
and they’re really deep took me awhile to find one that was smaller and
shallower to fit this pie and on goes the meringue now this goes into a
preheated 350 degree oven for an unspecified amount of time until Brown
essentially the the filling doesn’t need to be cooked it will firm up all on its
own especially since we’re gonna put this in the fridge later before we serve
it you’re pretty much just cooking the meringue and getting a nice sort of
brownish crust on it so into the oven it goes ready daddy it’s time to cut the
pie the anticipation I know so it’s it’s um
I mean there’s not a lot of meringue on the top of it that’s okay it is
definitely a little bit conservative with the eggs I know the the lemon pie
that my mom makes it was essentially the same
she likes well yeah and it well it used it used for eggs so two yolks in the
filling and then Oh I mean four yolks in the filling and then for you for whites
to make that because everybody loves a tall meringue it does I mean in the
modern sense of things looks impressive and all the rest yeah now I will fully
admit that since I was a child lemon meringue pie has been my choice of
birthday it’s your birthday pie birthday meal so I’m super excited about the
lemony treat are you I you know I’m okay but you know can I try it now can I try it
we’re pretty sure that I’m gonna know what this tastes like because it’s a pie
that my mom used to make and it’s elsewhere on the channel called
Island lemon pie from 2015 mm-hmm mm-hmm smooth and I make it um for family
gatherings and some people like it more than a lemon meringue pie um I’m happy
with meringue I’m happy with the lemon yeah I just really like the lemon sweet
yeah let me hold it I love it the flavor is incredible on this and it’s so easy
to make and if you’re nothing wrong with this my mom did it all the time to make
a lemon meringue pie out of the box where you just pour the hot water in
this is as simple or simpler with maybe a little better flavor we’re pretty good
I mean as far as you know yeah wise go they come pro box that’s one of my
favorite recipes this one from the mmm 2829 and this one from 1930 the earlier
recipe you cooked with you cooked the filling okay that’s what they changed I
think they realized that if you the acid level so more lemon juice
there’s twice as much lemon juice in this pie as in the earlier pie with that
added acid it congealed everything or curdled everything it’s interesting cuz
then I asked the question was I wonder if it became easier to get hold of
lemons depending upon where they were looking we’re also talking about a time
period here where there was a complete shift in what people grew in the in the
mid 1920s there were a couple of hurricanes that went through and cleared
out a lot of groves and when they replanted they replanted with newer
varieties and so that might have been a change as well and that whole citrus
thing might be our bias being that we’re located a little farther and farther
north where they don’t grow yeah at all yeah at all and without great care and
you bring them in and you have a tropical house tomatoes very special so
alright you know this is a winner and I’m sure that you have seen this in
countless cookbooks and magazines and websites and because this this recipe
went on to be huge in the end make the one that makes you happy well that’s it
so it’s so you can instead of putting the meringue on top you can whip up the
meringue and fold it in yes to the filling and then put it in the oven and
that gives you a really super big and fluffy yeah big and fluffy and it’s it’s
got a creamier texture I I really like that version as well yeah so thanks for
stopping by we’ll see you again soon and you’ll see these books again as I talk
about key lime pie in the future hmm for now
yes let’s go you

6 thoughts on “🍋 1930 Magic Lemon Cream Pie Recipe 🍋

  1. Can you leave a link for the old cookbook. I love the old recipes. I noticed the other recipes on the page and would like a copy of the book.
    Thank you for sharing these old favorites. I don’t even like pie but, this is something I just might try. Who knows, this might turn me into a pie lover. Lol

  2. My Mom always made lemon meringue pie. I used the recipe from the Betty Crocker Cookbook circa 70s. Their recipes always come out perfect. We both had mile-high meringue. 😋 I haven’t made it since the 80s, people just don’t seem to like the tartness the way I, we did then.

  3. Hello. We are new to your channel and love it so far. This recipe looks absolutely delicious but I'm wondering about the raw eggs in the batter? Do they cook enough in the oven?Thank you very much for your time and have a great day

  4. My mouth was watering and my memories of my mother were clamoring while watching this video. Finally made it yesterday. Used 2 lemons for the rind and it turned out to be as mouthwateringly fantastic as I remember. This recipe is going to be put in my ABSOLUTE FAVOIRITES RECIPES book….thank you!!!

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