Hi everyone, welcome back you’re with a mirror and up. This is your reading for the 18th to the 19th of August 2019 I had a link at the end of this video for my recently published love oracle card reading course it was on private for a long time for Download and I’ve just published it for free. So I’ve linked that with at the end of this video for you That’s a free gift for you today so check that out and if you want to explore more your Ability to read cards to do mediumship join my mediumship Academy. It is accredited and the links are here below in the show more section So here we go everybody you’re reading for today 18th to the 19th. Let’s check that out. Ok. I just just one second Had a little spill of something ok All right, okay Okay Communication with the mature man. He’s been popping up a bit lately So a mature man can be somebody mature for their age not necessarily mature in age communicating with him could be communicating from spirit to spirit or a Man messaging you, or you could be the mature man as well or if you’re looking for a man You might be hearing from somebody whether you’re male or female coming in around you with the phone with communication Just having a quick look underneath freedom Short term okay, so somebody’s just gotten out of something so he might be telling you Hey, I’ve just gotten out of something gotten out of a marriage relationship Dating Queen looking like you or somebody else is looking for opportunities dating various opportunities or multiple dating dating Queen Either it can be for male or female doesn’t matter fair male somebody lightish for their cultural background Lighter than darker Okay can be the same person as a mature man as well courting man war flower brunette female ice queen karma gossip and Obstacles. Okay, so there seems to be maybe somebody has kind of had this on-and-off thing with you or a Push-pull or in and out they could have been looking for an open relationship Not that that’s come up here or something that hasn’t been living up to its true potential It might be that this man is a recording man Coming in around you asking you out wanting to meet wanting to go out there could be something here just because of the wallflower and the obstacles that sort of has delayed this situation with this person or May that somehow You know difficult to get together or there’s been you know influences from third parties or other people around the relationship That’s kind of, you know, made things somehow Slow down or difficult or hasn’t been living up to its full potential you could say as well The ice queen is about really being more discerning in your relationships being more sort of clear-cut discerning You also seeking the advice of a female could be a mother mother-in-law somebody who was a spiritual adviser as well could be a brunette female you could also be the brunette female as well if you identify with the brunette female and Some karma being released around a situation so this is on the external Here you’re in the middle. So you’ve been discerning whether you’re male or female you’re being discerning You’re looking forward. You’re looking ahead. You’re looking clearly forward cutting through anything. That might be confusing Gossip also not taking on board gossip comments situations from people Who might not be exactly aboveboard or accurate or correct about something that they are? Communicating with you so there could be some unnecessary gossip as well about a mature man there could be some unnecessary gossip about a situation that isn’t living up to its full potential so That could be stopping you blocking you from moving forward With somebody or something. So the obstacles are there in the outcome position So it’s saying that even though there is some sort of activity and movement here and energy from this Mature man or brunette feel towards a brunette female or vice versa. There is some sort of like Movement here. There’s an energy here. But on the external there’s still karma and gossip and sort of too much Talk and no action I feel as well. So with the communication card and the gossip. It’s like there’s too much talk and no action For whatever reason there’s obstacles around Something tangible here, and it’s not living up to its full potential with the Wallflower So let’s just check with the Tarot to see if there’s any other message here to add to that. What are the obstacles about? Why? Okay wishes coming true Romance Idealistic love and page of Rods Okay, so somebody’s going on an adventure. They could be traveling that could be the obstacle. They could be going off on a new adventure They might be you know Playing the field is also what I’m getting here. They could be feeling free and and joyous about this a situation in their life This is also can be for you. So manifesting your wishes to come true a new romance starting So I feel like if there has been somebody in the past that hasn’t lived up to its full potential It’s because that this person has a new romance starting. It could be you you might put your energy Towards somebody else Or just kind of get fed up with the person that you’ve been kind of Talking with or waiting for there might not be sort of coming to fruition or they could be traveling or they could be a distance or a way or launching something new starting something new that is preventing them from Investing time and energy into what you want them to do with you. So I hope that makes sense to you It does feel to me like it’s going to make sense to some people So I wish you all the very best lots of blessings everybody, please subscribe like and share until next time ciao for now


  1. Reading was so spot on…I dont care abouttravelling thing …I have not messaged him about that money issues..if he's into somebody else, fine..if he thinks that is for his betterment, well and good…I just want my peace of mind…thanks my dear Amira..Love and light…

  2. 100% shockingly true mature boyfriend is sex addict i left him !… i'm free now from liar and hope to find healthy relationship

  3. When will Amira be resuming the monthly readings for individual star signs?? This Leo could have used her guidance for July and August… 😢

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