10 International Fast Food Items America Is Desperate To Try

Globalization has reached the far ends of
the earth. And with it, some of the renowned food chains have made their mark in international
waters, though not without needing to adjust to the food preferences in different countries
other than America. Depending on the country, the typical US fast food menu has received
a makeover, offering up all new items, not available in America. So hop on board and
fasten your seatbelt as we take off and check out the 10 international fast food items America
is desperate to try. The might of the Kuro Shogun Burger As much as the name sounds super cool, the
aesthetics of this burger are awesome as well. But this particular beast is not accessible
in the United States, so you might be wondering where you could lay your hands on it. If you’re
looking to get your hands on the Kuro Shogun Burger, then your search will bring you to
Japan. Japanese Burger King outlets have this unique burger stocked, and wait till you hear
about what goes into making it a reality. It comes with a beef patty; complemented with
eggplant; black hashed sauce consisting of red wine, squid ink, tomato, onion and garlic;
along with cheese bathed in bamboo charcoal. The bun also consists of bamboo charcoal.
Yes it might look alien, but the ingredients that go in it definitely make it worth wanting
to explore brave new frontiers. This is something you’ll want to try, but due to its localized
availability, you will not be able to order it at your Burger King, unless that Burger
King is in Japan. So what are you waiting for? Time to pack your bags and hop off to
Japan to try it out. The Canadian Taco Bell Crunchwrap Slider While the US enjoys a mix of Taco Bell and
Doritos, Canada on the other hand decided to do something a bit different. The Cheetos
Crunchwrap Slider comes with a combination of ground beef with nacho and cheddar cheese.
To further add to your taste buds, it is loaded with Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeño Cheetos. It
doesn’t end there. There are flavor choices that comprise of Beefy Cheddar, Supreme, and
Spicy Chicken. Despite how much your mouth is watering right now, you might need to take
a bit of a long drive before getting this bad boy. The slider is strictly only available
in Canada, so you’ll have to trek to the Great White North to check it out. The Cheetos
Crunchwrap Slider is so popular, that to celebrate its honor, Taco Bell has created the first
slide-thru window. You take a conveyor belt up one of Ontario’s highest tubing hills,
place your order at a typical looking drive-thru intercom, then slide back down in your Taco
Bell-branded tube, where a cheery (and likely cold) Taco Bell employee is waiting with your
steaming hot and cheesy Crunchwrap slider. Sadly the slide-thru event only happened for
a single weekend – but who knows if they might ever bring it back. If you are brave enough
to challenge the wintry woes of the country, the wrap would be worth the effort. Just make
sure you put on a lot of layers before you go. Ebi burger, the answer to the Filet-O-Fish Another unique fast food item coming out of
Japan is the popular Ebi burger, offered by McDonald’s. It’s also known as the Ebi
Filet-O and in Hong Kong, the Shrimp Burger. “Ebi”, by the way, is the Japanese word
for “shrimp.” So obviously, this is a shrimp sandwich. Rather than just slapping
some shrimp onto a bun or making some kind of minced shrimp patty, this sandwich consists
of whole shrimp bundled together with panko breading, embedded into a classic burger-patty
shape, with a very nice crunch to it. Of course, there’s also lettuce, and to spice things
up, a sauce is thrown in. The sauce is apparently a perfect blend of creamy, sweet, sour, and
spicy. This seafood delight is housed inside a classic sesame seed bun. It might be the
answer to the Filet O-Fish that we’ve been waiting for. Sure, the combination does sound
weird at first, but it has its fan following and is something that needs to be tried out.
Or you can simply try making it at home, if flying thousands of miles to satisfy your
curiosity doesn’t sound like the best idea. The Flying Fish, stuffed crust pizza They say don’t judge a book by its cover,
but there will be whole lot to judge once we go through the name of this next fast food
item on the list. The Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza is part of Pizza Hut’s
offerings in Hong Kong. To call the name quite a mouthful would be an understatement, but
how else would you name a pizza with that many unusual ingredients? Apparently there’s
a lot of stuff going on in the crust as it comes filled with a salmon flavored cream
cheese and flying fish roe. Then there are the two options for what goes on the pizza.
The Crayfish Seafood Deluxe, for example, includes crayfish, scallops, clams, red onions,
and cherry tomatoes; while the Sausage, Pepperoni & Pomelo option includes berry sauce, peaches,
pepperoni, sausage, and so on. These pizzas are next-level unique, comprising of a lot
of different things to create a distinctive taste. If you think this sounds unappealing,
the commercial for it might change your mind. All the close up shots of these loaded up,
stuffed crust pizzas could coax you into letting your fears crumble into dust like the aftermath
of Infinity War, and jump aboard the Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza train.
All aboard. Say ‘cheese’ and wrap Let us set our gaze towards India and see
what fast food fare they have to offer that America is sorely lacking. It would not be
an exaggeration to safely say that Indian fast food chains have made quite a few changes
in their menus to cater to the religious and cultural sentiments of the people there. About
30% of the population in India is vegetarian – that’s more than the rest of the world
combined! Obviously, that means McDonalds can’t just rely on the Big Mac for sales.
So let’s introduce ourselves to the Big Spicy Paneer Wrap available at McDonalds in India.
As it has been advertised, the wrap consists of paneer, a type of soft cheese with a mild
flavor, which does a really good job of picking up the other flavors around it. Then there’s
also the crunchy batter, topped with creamy sauce, mustard and melted cheese. Mayonnaise,
lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and various herbs and spices follow close behind to make the
experience as exquisite as possible. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes
to vegetarian treats in fast food chains and you won’t have to feel isolated for being
the only vegetarian sitting in a restaurant. But for that to happen, you would have to
go find out for yourself if it is going to be yay or nay. The Colonels Singapore connection While we have been going on about McDonalds
and its exploits around the globe, we can’t just brush KFC’s presence abroad under the
rug. Like many fast food chains, this juggernaut too has different variations of food items,
depending on where it has been opened. It comes as worth mentioning that Singapore’s
Parmesan Chicken with Truffle-Flavored Cheddar Sauce is a delight in its own right. This
dish is fresh, hand-breaded chicken, with a touch of deep fried to make it extra crispy,
served along with grated parmesan cheese. All of this makes the experience of eating
it a memorable one. The crunchiness of the chicken will make you realize that the texture
tastes completely different from the original recipe counterpart. To top it off, there’s
a truffle flavored cheddar sauce, which one can use to either pour on the chicken, or
dip the meat in the sauce. Whatever the case, the sauce has a certain flair about it, and
makes this chicken hard to miss. We recommend pouring the sauce in just the right amounts
to make it extra special. After all, food demands an artistic touch for it look and
taste good. Sure it’s all going to go down in the end, but savoring the experience is
what matters. Another vegetarian item coming your way At first one might contemplate what vegetarian
has anything to do with KFC. The name of the franchise makes it quite clear. Well one should
never underestimate the unordinary as these things do happen outside the realms of America
in the food department. Most of those alterations bring in a nice change of taste from the usual
stuff served. We have to go back to India, and for this time around mention the presence
of KFC and what they have to offer over there. Vegetable strips is one of the many options
available and they do come extra crispy. A mishmash of peas, potato, corn and carrots
adds to the color of the strips. The vegetable is given the same deep fried batter treatment
and the only catch is, that there’s no chicken. It comes with rice and other options one can
choose from, and makes an awesome snack. Similar to the vegetable strips, the restaurant also
serves the vegetarian Zinger Burger, and it tastes just as good as the chicken burger.
The potato Krisper Burger and the Paneer Zinger are also some of the choices available. Now
only if the States decided to introduce such items on their menu, there would more variety
and the move would probably make their clients happy. Like they say, variety is the spice
of life. Zinger Porridge? Yes that’s a thing Now when we think about KFC, the most likely
thing that would come to mind would be the standard chicken which we have all come to
know and love. The least likely thing would be something like porridge. But since there
have been major alterations to global food chain brands, depending on the country they’ve
opened their doors in, this also should not come as a surprise. Like most of the items
covered so far, this one too is a popular one in Asia. It’s available in Singapore,
China and Malaysia. The original porridge recipe consists of boiled rice, which you
might think sounds bland in general. So what does KFC do about it? It adds special ingredients
like little chunks of breaded chicken, bursting with Sanders’ classic spices. What better
way to start the day than by having KFC Zinger Porridge? It would probably provide you with
some really good fuel to power your morning. Wonder what’s going to get a transformation
once KFC decides to further include more things in the breakfast menu? Zinger pancakes with
bacon and eggs? We’ll have to wait for any such announcements. Till then, the porridge
it is. You can have your coffee cup and eat it too Dubbed the ‘Scoff-e-cup,’ KFC introduced
the first edible coffee cup, and the UK gets to enjoy this new invention. The cup is made
out of biscuit, with sugar paper wrapping it up. In order to keep the coffee hot and
the outer layer of the cup crispy, there’s a layer of heat resistant white chocolate
added to it. Once you start having the coffee, eventually the chocolate starts melting, which
further leads to the biscuit coating softening up as well. If your taste buds aren’t enticed
yet, wait till you hear this straight from the inventors themselves: the cup apparently
comes with “mood improving aromas.” So it just doesn’t taste good, but it also
smells good. The aromas in all the cups are not same, as they are instilled with aromas
like ‘freshly cut grass,’ ‘coconut sun cream,’ and ‘wild flowers.’ The purpose
of these delicious smells is to remind us of all things positive like sunshine, summer
holidays and warm weather. Initially it was introduced in limited quantities back in 2015,
to test the waters. Now you don’t have to worry about piling on that garbage bin with
coffee cups, as you could just eat your cup. And while you are at it, you can dream about
your best summer vacations, and maybe come up with a new plan for the summer to make
it extra memorable. Just don’t forget your cup though. The next evolution of a pizza, we give you
the Chizza First off, whoever came up with the name took
the easy way out with a portmanteau, but we’re not really complaining – it’s catchy. And
anyway, what’s behind that name is more interesting to mull over. Before we go into
the details of what exactly this item is, we should warn you it is only available at
KFC restaurants in Japan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore,
and South Korea. Compared to other fast food that has been covered on this list, this particular
one is available in a lot of countries. So what is a Chizza one might ask? It is everything
but a pizza. Instead of a thick or thin crust, there is breaded chicken which acts as a base
and the toppings come all over it. Mozzarella cheese, chicken, ham and pineapple enhance
the overall exquisiteness of Chizza. Served hot, the cheese melts over the chicken and
that’s the sign for you to chow down. There have been reports, by some who have tried
it out, that there is a downside to it as well. Because of the melting cheese, chances
are that the chicken becomes soggy or if put aside for some time, the chicken becomes cold.
Looks like this fast food item has been controversial since its experimental inception, but it’s
good know that KFC has jumped in with both feet, eager to experiment with new things
in their overseas market. Whatever the case, you would have to check it out yourself to
make your own decision, so start planning that trip to an Asian KFC. We’ve got a lot more videos on our menu,
just tap that screen, it’s that easy. And if you’re new to our channel, show us some
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