12 Ways to Trigger Autophagy

let’s talk about the 12 different ways
you can trigger the condition called autophagy so the word autophagy means self
eat because your cells are basically eating up and recycling damaged proteins
and malfunctioning organelles or pieces of the cell that are no longer working
now a lot of benefits can occur from autophagy one is anti-aging number two
is dropping inflammation number three is improving your immune system because
part of the recycling process involves cleaning up pathogens microbes candida
parasites and even viruses but I believe that the biggest benefit of autophagy is
decreasing the risk of cancer because if you think about it cancer can’t actually
exist unless there’s first damage to the mitochondria so if you’re going through
autophagy and you’re cleaning up all the damage in your mitochondria you
basically bring your risk for cancer way down so there are several things that
can trigger autophagy that go beyond just fasting number one regular exercise and
the key word is regular not like a one time thing you do periodic exercise it’s
regular consistent exercise not only will it trigger autophagy but it’ll
increase the capacity of autophagy so you’re just gonna clean up more damage
in the body so the research on exercise includes both resistent training and
aerobic type exercise aerobic exercise really improves autophagy of the brain and
I’m going to put all the references down below so you can check them out number
two intermittent fasting this is the one that most people know about and you’d
have to fast for at least 18 hours to really see the benefits of autophagy
and if you go up to 48 hours you’re gonna see more and more benefits you’re
basically recycling all the little damaged proteins or cellular machinery
inside the cells that basically are not helping you they’re hurting you all
right number three ketones so ketones can trigger autophagy they also
protect the neurons they feed the neurons they can actually stimulate
autophagy in the brain clean out some of this amyloid plaquing that’s involved
in dementia all right number four sleep this is when you recover autophagy occurs
when you’re in recovery mode this is why stress blocks autophagy but sleep can
enhance autophagy then we get hyperbaric oxygen therapy has the capacity of
stimulating autophagy cold and hot therapy because it triggers certain
genes that stimulate that mechanism okay number seven coffee I’m not talking
about drinking pots of coffee because you’re gonna get too much caffeine but
it’s polyphenols that can stimulate some autophagy and then wine which by the way
I’m not recommending but it does tend to stimulate at autophagy but it has other
effects that could be damaging to the liver alright number nine cruciferous
vegetables specifically the phytochemical called
sulforaphane can trigger autophagy green tea stimulates a certain phytonutrient
that can also increase autophagy extra-virgin olive oil has a phytochemical that has the ability to stimulate autophagy in human studies some
of these other ones are in animal studies number twelve mushrooms shiitake
and oyster mushrooms stimulate this chemical which has a capacity to
increase autophagy so if you combine all these let’s say for example you drink a
lot of wine at night okay you’re gonna get drunk go to sleep you’re gonna sleep
a lot deeper initially anyway but of course you’re gonna wake up with a
hangover so you’re gonna need more coffee then you can go and make yourself
some breakfast with mushrooms fried in olive oil maybe put a little cruciferous
vegetables drink your green tea and then go for your daily exercise and then
start your intermittent fasting and realize that was a joke you don’t want
to combine them together but if you have not seen some of my other videos on autophagy check them out they’re on the screen now

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