Setting up La Specialista for the first time – La Specialista EC 9335.M

When installing the grinder, turn it into position until it locks into place, and be careful not to turn the grinder adjustment dial. With the hot water light on, and the water tank light flashing, this indicates that we need to flush water through the system. We may hear a Continue Reading

Is Instagram to blame for why coffee shops everywhere look the same?

All over the world something strange is happening coffee shops everywhere are starting to look the same. We’re in a coffee shop in Brooklyn and it has a look you probably recognize hanging light bulbs, natural light, exposed wood, potted plants This look has started to travel. We went to Continue Reading

Top 10: Best Portable Espresso Maker and Coffee Machines of 2018

Top 10: Best Portable Espresso Maker and Coffee Machines of 2018

How To Make Better Coffee with a Moka Pot | ECT Weekly #025

Interior Design Tips: 3 things you need to style your coffee table

I love styling coffee tables and bookshelves and fireplace mantles. I find myself arranging interesting objects throughout my home constantly, playing with scale, texture, and color. I love it and my clients always ask me to rearrange their shelves when I come over which I love too. There’s lots of Continue Reading

CNC Flat Pack, Live Edge, Mid Century Modern Coffee Table | Woodworking how to

It’s a walnut flat pack. Hahaha it is a walnut flat pack! It’s a live edge flat pack. You might not be familiar with them they’re very rare. We built them this week. Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn. And I’m Johnny Brooke from Crafted Workshop. And this week we’ve Continue Reading

Estate Grown Coffee in the Highlands of Tanzania | Mondul Coffee Estates

What is unique about Mondul Coffee is the environment. The proximity to the Mondul mountain, and the cultural of people around it, the soils. This farm looks great! Mondul Coffee Estates is located on the slopes of Monduli. Right now we’re about 23 kilometers away from the city of Arusha. Continue Reading

Coffee Break: Singapore Sugar Ban, Standard Chartered Marathon & GO-JEK

I check right, going home la, from like, Town, then $11. Then I like that, then I look again right, $100. Wa! Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Coffee Break where we get very hungry people to talk about issues in Singapore. So here’s our first topic Wa! Is Continue Reading