Motorcycle Cup Holder Does it Work?! – No BS Test

⦁ A drink holder for motorcycles. Is it just stupid? Or is it the most practical thing since electric starts? Time to test it out and see. Frickinjim here and this is an episode of the No BS Test series, where I make moto decisions and riding easier for you Continue Reading

How to Grind Coffee Beans

How to Grind Coffee Beans. You don’t have to do everything the easy way. Coffee tastes better with fresh-ground beans, and it doesn’t take long to learn how. You will need Whole coffee beans and a coffee grinder or blender. Step 1. Measure out the coffee beans you will need. Continue Reading

How to Set-up Your De’Longhi Autentica ETAM 29.510.SB Coffee Machine

setting up the appliance remove the water tank fill to the max line with fresh water then put back in the appliance place a container with a minimum capacity of 100 milliliters under the cappuccino maker plug the appliance into the main socket and press the main switch on the Continue Reading

Decorate your Table for Christmas – Christmas Decorating Ideas

A festive christmas table setting doesn’t have to be overly done or expensive. In fact, often times we get the best looks when using simple items that we already have. This week I’m going to show you how to get a beautifully dressed tablescape with only a few simple touches. Continue Reading

The Napkin Ring Problem

Hey, Vsauce! Michael here! If you core a sphere; that is, remove a cylinder from it, you’ll be left with a shape called a Napkin ring because, well, it looks like a napkin ring! It’s a bizarre shape because if two Napkin rings have the same height, well they’ll have Continue Reading

Old Hainanese Coffee Shop Penang慢條斯理,買少見少的海南Style~海安飯店Hai Oan(Hai Onn)

槟岛车水路,海安饭店。 约已80年的老店。 员工和顾客都以老人为主。 但有时也有年轻人(有图为证!)。 后面是厨房,一起去看看。 掌柜兼大厨谢是芳赏脸,亲自给小弟泡一杯咖啡。 感觉不是随便人可以喝到这一杯。 RM 1.20(Milo杯里不是Milo,是Kopi O) 老当益壮的师傅,他说,他在数家酒店和餐厅工作过。 动作丝毫不输年轻人。 海南炒面(米粉面) 熟悉的味道。有点像福建炒。 大厨说这是海南味的“精髓”调味料(豆瓣酱) 一大锅慢火熬煮的汤,很多美食都需要到它。 老板娘正准备海南猪肉包,把馅料放入已被割开的白面包里。 猪肉包沾上蛋液,准备下锅油炸。 好象很油一下,但这是传统的做法。 炸好后切开。香味飘出。 老板娘笑得有些腼腆。 这是我提早点的2份海南鸡扒,可配白饭吃,有神秘嘉宾陪我吃。 下次见!