Coffee bean bread game in Master Key Ep. 12 with EngSub

Get set. Dong Jun starts first. Go. – The start is important. – It’s really delicious. – Three. – He’s hungry. – Three. – He’s hungry. You’ll regret after the first piece. (Your mouth will get dry.) – How is it? – It’s not as moist as he thought. – Continue Reading

“Coffee Shop – Kahve Dükkanı” ve San Sebastian

I want to talk about coffee shops or coffee stores. I don’t know if everyone is confused but I think, in a coffee store, coffee must be sold. I mean, okay, sell San Sebastian, I don’t say anything about that but, I mean, coffee bean also must be sold. It Continue Reading

What I pack for coffee shop working! | Remote design work backpack

– Hello everyone, welcome to a new video. This one is about remote working and the equipment that I take with me if I’m going to work in a cafe, essentially. It’s basically my on-the-go kit for getting my job done. I guess, let’s start off with the backpack itself. Continue Reading

Boundaries: Real Talk with Coffee

Hi folks! Marie here for some real talk with coffee. I just wanted to hop in today to say that nobody can respect boundaries that they don’t know. And I’ve been thinking about this a lot; I have talked to a lot of people about setting boundaries, figuring out what Continue Reading

Malihom on the run in Bali|Luwak poop coffee plantation Ubud Bali|Fantastic Tegenungan waterfall Bal

Well! After tasting Luwak Poop Coffee plantation Let’s go see The Teganan water fall for cool off in Ubud Everyone!! Bali Trip it over Please follow us at Malihom on the run in USA see you soon ! Bye! Please subscribe for my channel Malihom Lihomonrun

$3 Ramen Vs. $79 Ramen • Japan

– Here we are. For the last three episodes of season three, we’re here doing Worth It Japan. We’ve brought our friend, colleague, cultural guide translator, tasty producer, Rie McClenny. – Hi. – Three foods, three parts, ramen, coffee, cake. – There’s gonna be trains, vending machines, walking, other b Continue Reading

Animator & Artist Boey talks Styrofoam Cup Art, Inspiration, & Happiness | Art Attack

-My name is Boey. I’m an animator, artist, and an author. And I am best known for my art on Styrofoam cups. I grew up in Malaysia. I moved to the States in 1997. I started drawing on Styrofoam cups when I was out at a café and I didn’t Continue Reading