My friend is addicted to water and coffee! [Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.11.12]

“His Addiction.” Hello. I’m a 23-year-old girl. I have a guy friend. He is addicted to something and does it 24/7. Her guy friend. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” “What is it? What’s wrong?” “I can’t take it anymore. Gulp, gulp, gulp. Ah, that feels good. Water is the best.” My guy Continue Reading

Easy to Make Coffee Table with Lift Up Top

Today’s show is sponsored by Microjig maker of the gripper. Work safer. Work smarter. And Bora. Tools that perform. Hi, I’m David Picciuto and today I’m going to show you how I made this coffee table out of walnut plywood, aluminum legs and this cool lift top mechanism. Check it! Continue Reading

[Official] [Eng Sub] Cafe Wingcle | Muffin’s Coffee Bean Treats | Stop Motion Animation | Episode 2

Cafe Wingcle Muffin’s Coffee Bean Treats Roasting coffee is not an easy task. A little change can make all the difference. But for Wingcle, this is what he loves to do. My, my, looks like Wingcle has a customer who loves coffee beans. It’s none other than Muffin. Actually, Muffin Continue Reading

Filter Coffee/Kapi +4 types of Coffee House coffees—How to use a South Indian Coffee Filter at Home

Filter Coffee made popular in Calcutta thanks to the large South Indian community in the city In this video, we make 5 different coffee preparations—which all originate from a single strong ‘decoction’ or liquor. It all starts with good coffee—that is, actual coffee beans, roasted and ground, and not instant Continue Reading

Roaster Stories: The Barn Coffee Roasters | European Coffee Trip x IKAWA

– If we keep coffee prices at the level where they are, globally, that’s a disaster. That’s not why I’m getting up every morning. We really are here to make a change, and make a difference. (upbeat music) My name is Ralf Ruller, I’m the founder of The Barn Coffee Continue Reading

Animator & Artist Boey talks Styrofoam Cup Art, Inspiration, & Happiness | Art Attack

-My name is Boey. I’m an animator, artist, and an author. And I am best known for my art on Styrofoam cups. I grew up in Malaysia. I moved to the States in 1997. I started drawing on Styrofoam cups when I was out at a café and I didn’t Continue Reading

Best Organic Coffee Shop in San Diego | Cafe Moto

Come on in My name is Jessica Peters. I’ve been with Cafe Moto for 25 Years. I worked for the original owner and founder Bob Sinclair. He started roasting coffee in 1968 and he opened Pannikin Coffee Are you familiar with Pannikin ? Pannikin Coffee is one of the very Continue Reading

Random inspections to prohibit use of disposable cups inside coffee shops and fast food restaurants

Korea is taking stern measures to become less dependent on plastic. The environment ministry began carrying out random inspections in coffee shops and fast food chains… to make sure they are complying with new regulations designed to help reduce the use of such products. For details let’s turn to our Continue Reading