Why Nespresso Is Recycling Its Coffee Pods

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Nespresso is the first single-serve coffee company to develop a facility dedicated to recycling their own coffee pods, but why? – Because we have a coffee-pod recycling problem. – [Narrator] Single-serve coffee machines are really popular. About 1/3 of all American coffee-drinkers own one, and more Continue Reading

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2019: Freshly Brewed | Melissa Villaseñor Clip | Netflix

– How did you learn to do Natalie Portman? – I watched Garden State, she does that thing where she’s, You wanna listen to some music? I like music. Everything so amazing. Wow, things are just so crazy. (gentle music) (chuckles) You want Christian Wigan too, and that’s a subtle Continue Reading

The fastest way to cool coffee?

The physics of cooling down your cup of coffee. Okay.. so you’re ready to drink some hot coffee or tea and-… it’s to hot. So what’s the best way to cool it down? Well I know one way with liquid nitrogen but let’s say you don’t have liquid nitrogen what Continue Reading

Inkjet Napkin printing prep | How to apply it to a cup

got your napkin unfold it and remove the inner layer this is what you’ll be using especially if you have a decorated napkin that has the design on the outer layer flatten it out and make sure that it’ll fit on top of your paper overhang is okay we’ll take Continue Reading


Pd: Hi guys! Rainier: Hi! Ra: Hello! Both: Hi! Rainier: Oh my God! Ra: Oh my God, you were just talking about Shihlin Chicken! Ra: The absolute favourite snack that I had, were this like, sweet potato balls. Fried chicken for me. You wanna guess mine? I know Chiara likes Continue Reading

Flying a Drone in a coffee shop… (Definitely Clickbait)

– We’re gonna fly a drone in a coffee shop. (smooth stomp echoes) We just found this dope location in Princeton. We’re just scouting. Got this cool lake behind me. Waterfalls. We’re gonna fly some drones over it. (smooth electronic music) Drone’s in the air, but the issue is that Continue Reading

Indian Coffee House Style Masala Dosa || പ്രിയപ്പെട്ട മസാല ദോശ || Special Masala Dosa || Ep :373

Hi.. Namaskar.. How are you? Hope all are doing good. Here I am fine. So today we are going to make our Malayalees favourite recipe.. Masala dosa! That too which masala dosa? Our Indian Coffee House Masala Dosa. For me its a part of my nostalgia. You all must be Continue Reading

Manual Coffee Maker