Macap M7D Conical Espresso Grinder Overview

large conical burs are becoming more popular among home baristas due to their relatively low retention and for the distinct flavor they produce the Macap M7D has been our most popular grinder in this category for the past few years and it continues to hold that spot today hi I’m Continue Reading

[ हिंदी✔ ] How to Make a Tea Maker or Water Heater at Home using Horlicks Jar.

oooh , you using the subtitle, thank you very much Hii friends ,welcome to C4U Today I am going to show you the simplest way to make a water heater or tea maker At the last i will tell you some important and interesting things on it In this place, Continue Reading

Tips Cappuccino & Latte Tanpa Mesin Espresso!

Today, we will make cappuccino and latte with Bellman. The required equipment are Flair for making espresso. And next the Bellman uses for steaming milk. First, we prepare the espresso with Flair. Pour some water until reach the limit and don’t fill too much. Then, insert the Flair piston. The Continue Reading

How to Make the Single Espresso : How to Tamp an Expresso Shot Basket for a Double Espresso

CLANCY ROSE: The next thing you do is take your tamper and tamp the coffee down. I do it in two motions. I like to do an initial lighter tamp, tap the coffee around from the ring of the screen of the portafilter and then retamp it and spin it Continue Reading


Hello everybody. This time we will also be making a dessert with chocolate. Let’s make the mille crepe cake. We will be using two different types of cocoa powder for our crepe dough, the difference in color also makes a very different scent. Sift the cocoa powder and all other Continue Reading

I Ground Cocoa Nibs into Chocolate Liquor for 24hrs

This video is brought to you by my own cookbook. Yes So I’m currently driving to La Chapelle in Paris, Which is the Indian district and probably the only place where I could find the missing piece of my puzzle. It’s the only way I can make good chocolate. In Continue Reading

La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine Review

for some the best home espresso machine is one that captures the atmosphere and the essence of the cafe experience and brings it into their home even better is a machine that packs commercial power keeping you confident that no matter how many guests you find yourself serving each drink Continue Reading

Ca(칼슘)과 B(붕소) 엽면시비, 과연 필요할까? S(황)설명을 포함한 업데이트 버전이 있습니다.

Hi, This is Youngsang Cho representative of jadam In this video I’m going to talk about Calssium and Boron Lot of people facese confussion while studying agriculture. Because of- Nitrogen, Phosphoric acid, potassium , Calcium ,sulfur Magnesium, Boron , cobalt Manganese, Molybdenum, Germanium and selnium. Which is needed in farming, Continue Reading

Black Tea: Sun-Dried Vs Air-Dried | A Morning Black Tea Party and a Short China Trip

Don Mei : Hey teaheads! This is Don from Mei Leaf. In this video : Sun-dried versus air-dried black tea. In this video we’re going to be turning the spotlight onto Bu Lang Hong Cha, a sun-dried Yunnan black tea, and we’re going to be doing a taste test against Continue Reading