How to Make Chocolate At Home With Cocoa Powder

In today’s video we’re in the kitchen and I’m going to show you how to make chocolate at home with cocoa powder. It’s super easy to make it’s healthy it satisfies those cravings and can even help you in the weight loss Department Hi I’m Linda Poirier with Bodies After Continue Reading

زيارة محل AYA COCA

And after November bakery project, we will highlight another project Here in Aya Cocoa chocolate shop, we can take some elements and have them in our kitchens or houses why should be stick to white, black or brown color in kitchen? it is beautiful to add green touches, as you Continue Reading


Hey, everybody! WWWWHOA!!! No intro! * *T-H-E-M-E—M-U-S-I-C * * Today we’re going to try suh.. suh.. We’re gonna try a cup a… we’re gonna try a cup of Joe. Nice guy. Real good. Real niii… I mean we’re gonna…nice guy. I haven’t had coffee in 6 months. No caffeine. Why Continue Reading

[Premed] Doctor goes high on caffeine and spills the beans (about premed) in 3 minutes

Kia Ora, Dr Jae [Jae is a junior doctor working in New Zealand] If we get to 1000 subscribers, I’m going to Jump off the harbour bridge, NO I’m going to do a live seminar All your questions about premed and medicine Subscribe and get your friends in it! Jae’s Continue Reading

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge | Founder of Caffeine Celebrates Google Doodle

Today the Search Engine Google is celebrating Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge’s 225th Birthday with animated Doodle in few countries. Today’s Doodle celebrates Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, a German analytical chemist whose place in history resulted in large part from an accident followed by a chance encounter. Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge was a German Continue Reading

Caffeine Pills For Weight Loss Review – Best Weight Loss Pills That Actually Work Pt. 2

Hello Guys! Welcome to the 2nd Part of best weight loss pills that work and today we will be talking about caffeine pills. Caffeine is the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance in the world. It is found naturally in coffee, green tea, and dark chocolate, and added to many processed Continue Reading

How to Make a Compost Pile & 5 Tips to Make Compost FASTER

hi everyone welcome to the side of my house where I do all of my composting this is where the black gold magic happens now a lot of you might be wondering what’s the big deal about compost doesn’t it take a long time to break down don’t you have Continue Reading