What time to start eating when doing time-restricted eating | Satchin Panda

[Rhonda]: Another sort of question that sort of relates to this is, and people ask this all the time, is what about people that are…start eating later in the day? For example they wake up 8:00 in the morning, but they don’t eat until noon. So let’s say they eat Continue Reading

Time-restricted eating and the effect of late night eating | Satchin Panda

[Rhonda]: I guess, also, what I was wondering is if you think about it, like, so the minute you start your metabolism clocks in your liver, for example… [Satchin]: Yeah. [Rhonda]: …the minute you start those metabolism clocks by your first sip of coffee and breakfast, the clock’s ticking and Continue Reading

National Cream Tea Day – Simple Strawberry Jam Recipe For Clotted Cream or Cream Tea

Hi, it’s British cook, welcome to my British Royal wedding Wimbledon picnic [INTRO MUSIC] Hey, welcome to British Cook, today, I’m gonna be showing you how to make strawberry jam at home. It’s really quick , really simple So easy You won’t believe it. It goes with your clotted cream Continue Reading


What’s up, guys! Welcome to Stan’s table. Today I gonna recreate we gonna recreate dreamy cherry pie and drowning in darkness coffee from one of my favourite games, Alan Wake, and one of my favourite TV-series Twin Peaks. We gonna start off with shortcrust pastry, combining in the food processor Continue Reading

Should you avoid starches all-together? | Dr Berry explains keto diet 2019

hey this is dr. Barry let’s talk for just a few minutes about the topic of resistant starch this topic has been concerning me for a while in this video is specifically for people with diabetes type 1 and type 2 with pre-diabetes and with insulin resistance you guys really Continue Reading

ASMR GREEN TEA ICE CREAM, CREPE CAKE MUKBANG 오설록 녹차 크레이프 케이크, 나뚜루 녹차 아이스크림 먹방 緑茶クレープケーキ 디저트 먹방

Green tea chocolate cookie ice cream Ugh? I’m embarrassed by the unexpectedly heavy sound. The outer part tastes like sweet green tea chocolate. Ice cream has a strong green tea flavor and is soft. It’s really delicious. It’s expensive, but… it tastes good. I like it because it’s not too Continue Reading

Ketogenic Cocoa Powder – How to Make Keto Easier!

Nothing like a hot cup of cocoa, to get you through the day. Now, I know, it may look like I’m betraying my keto fam and giving into my cravings. But I swear, it’s additive-free, sugar-free and best of all – guilt-free. Keto Cocoa makes it possible to live your Continue Reading