Liz Lemon Makes Sun Tea – 30 Rock

Cocoa and Strawberry Trifle

Kids parties are traditionally laden with unhealthy food. You don’t need to be the fun police, but with a few simple swaps, you can make really delicious options that still taste like treats. I love a trifle. All those delicious layers to dig into. But traditionally, they are epically full Continue Reading

Starting a Coffee Shop Business: Part Five (Growing)

– [Women] We want to manage growth better. Part of growing is just having really good, well-performing cafe. So, you know, to grow fast, you know, it is almost better to just slow it down a little bit. Make sure everything is right. – Like, things are going to take Continue Reading

How to brew ground coffee? Tips from My Cafe: Recipes & Stories and JS Barista Training Center

In my previous video we’ve learnt how to choose coffee – Robusta or Arabica So let’s move on! this time we’ll talk about different grinds and brewing methods! Hey everyone, I’m Ola and I want to make recipes from the game My Cafe: Recipes & Stories. I’m a newbie in Continue Reading

Blake Lively Severely Broke Her Hand Punching Jude Law

-I want to talk about your movie “The Rhythm Section.” Big action-packed spy thriller. You’re fantastic, as always, in it. It’s great. You got a lot of injuries during the filming of this. Why would you do your own stunts and do things? -I need to get another profession. This Continue Reading

Kaffee – Genuss für alle: Vom fairen Umgang mit der Bohne

Nespresso Vertuo Next – First Use

This tutorial will guide you through the first use and phone pairing of your new Vertuo Next Machine First, rinse and clean the water tank and lid before filling it with fresh drinking water. Put the water tank in place and make sure it is properly attached. Ensure the capsule Continue Reading

흑당 버블티피자?? 이건 또 뭔데??

(Have you subbed to me?) (Oh, you haven’t? If you~ haven’t~) (Would you click down there?) (Sub to me~) (Else I’ll keep nag~naggin~) (YangPang YouTube) (Looks worse for wear today…) I had the flu this morning. I really couldn’t move. I’ll make this quick. I’ll do it real quick. (Transforming) Continue Reading