Craft Brewery – Garage Brewing: Temecula – Cold Brew Milk Stout

guys what’s up it’s Saturday night it’s Saturday night we’re halfway through the the weekend I don’t have a hat on and I don’t care because we’re halfway through the weekend and guess what? We’re heading back to Temecula we’re gonna head back to Temecula check out this small brewery Continue Reading

Not So Berry: A Little Bit Mint\\ Maia ages up!

hello everybody welcome to the channel I am Noobsie and I’m happy to see you how are you all today we have another episode of not so very a little bit mint and today we are going to be celebrating another birthday and this time it’s going to be Mayas Continue Reading

《超簡單》莓果瑪芬蛋糕 | Triple Berry Muffins | Homemade Muffins

a. Thaw and mash the frozen triple berry blend b. Cut the candied orange peels into small pieces c. Melt the unsalted butter and let it cool d. Line the muffin pan ; Preheat the oven to 190˚c e. Mix the baking powder with cake flour Sift the flour mixture Continue Reading

Kandi Burruss Gets The Tea On Porsha Williams’ New Man | RHOA: Season 11, Episode 3 | Bravo

what i eat in a day + some korean recipes | basically a cooking with nina

Hello my friends good morning or good evening depending on where you are in the world it’s Nina and today I’m going to show you what I eat in a day This has been one of my most requested videos for a very long time I’m surprised I still haven’t Continue Reading

Senate Votes Against Witnesses in Trump’s Impeachment Trial

-Guys, I’m very excited about this. Super Bowl LIV is on Sunday. [ Cheering and applause ] So many exciting questions. Who will win? Who will lose? Most importantly, who will take the hint when the game’s over to leave my house? [ Laughter ] I’m actually having a big Continue Reading