3 Flavors Mix #17 – Forest Green Tea (2 Recipe Special)

3 Flavors Mix #17 – Forest Green Tea (2 Recipe Special)

Welcome to this weeks episode. I still haven’t found enough time to finish
my flavourart tobacco overview video and since I didn’t want to leave a 2 week gap between
my uploads. I decided to dig in to my personal recipes
book and share yet another simple but full of flavor eliquid. So this is today’s recipe the forest green
Tea. I used to make this recipe very often when
I had a small of bottle of flavorah’s green tea on hand as a sample. It was the only recipe I could make it taste
good without being too floral and overpowering everything else with a mild grass like flavor. I couldn’t find any strawberry potent enough
to cover so Flavourarts forest fruit seemed to be the only flavor from the ones I had
at the time that could pair well with this green tea flavor. So after this short intro, here is the recipe
too. It uses flavorahs green tea at only 1.5% together
with 3% of forest fruit. This combo has enough flavor as is but if
you want add even more then start but raising each flavor by 0.5% at a time. And last there is a flavor from my last boosters
video, TFA’s quince. This works really good in this recipe even
at 0.75% but I just ended up round it to 1%. In any case quinch works well here as an accent
to add a mild sweetness and some extra mouthfeel to the very light tasting almost flat like
tea and fruit flavor combination. All together this sits at only 5.5% of total
flavot without sweetener which I would recommend adding but that’s up to you. And now if you don’t have any of these flavors
for this recipe, I made another recipe with flavors I think are a little more common. So here is the alternative version too. It uses tfa’s green tea which is a little
darker tasting than the flavorah but still works. Then capellas harvest berry is the main fruit
of this recipe which is similar to forest fruit since it is also slightly sour and not
that sweet of a flavor. And last is flavourarts pear because again
I think more people would have this one over quince. For steeping give any of the recipes at least
3 days of steeping and that should be enough. Now as for nicotine, these are light or no
nicotine recipes so if you doo decide to add some try to not go higher than 6mg/ ml. If you make any of the recipes here or for
anything else leave your thoughts in the comments. Happy Canada day tomorrow and also happy 4th
of July for all of you in the states. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you
next weekend.

11 thoughts on “3 Flavors Mix #17 – Forest Green Tea (2 Recipe Special)

  1. I find a big difference between forest fruit and harvest berry. Harvest berry is not very good at all imo. I chucked my harvest berry out.

  2. Heads up John. The fruit Quince is pronounced with the "Q"..uince. Rather than C or K 👍🏿 Thanks for sharing the recipes.

  3. Thanks for this recipe. I mixed it with 2,5 % TFA Green Tea, 3 % FA Forest Mix, 1 % TFA Quince and no Sweetener and after three days in a warm place I tasted it in a RDA – I love it! (I'll also leave a comment with the Watermelon Juice (#02)).

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