3 Vegan Blended Coffee Drinks

Here are three easy vegan blended coffee
drinks. I’m normally a tea drinker but sometimes I still love to have coffee
and I love to have it a little bit more fun. So I’m going to start off by making a
traditional iced coffee with milk. This is just going to serve as the base
for all the other blended coffee drinks ahead. So I’m filling two ice cube trays,
one with soymilk, one with coffee. And then popping those in the freezer.
Once these are frozen I put equal parts of the coffee and milk
in a cup and then top it off with some fresh brewed coffee and some more soy milk.
For the first blended drink I’m making a date caramel blended coffee and I’m
starting off with the date caramel which is dates, some hot water and agave. Then
just blending that together And then I’m going to set this aside then in another
blender I’m mixing milk cubes, coffee cubes adding more milk and more
coffee and then topping that up with the gate caramel that I just made. Blending
that all together and there you go. for the dark chocolate fudge i’m going
to start by making the fudge using milk melted coconut oil agave and cook
brother letting that together until it’s really smooth and then i’m going to use
the ice cube tray and put that in there making cubes and pop this in the freezer wow that’s being frozen i’m going to
make blended drink keeping mouth grabbing and cocoa powder first going to
blend that together so just the powder gets mixed in then again putting in my cube and adding
the coffee and then i’m going to get my fudge once you spend in the freezer for
a little bit and put that in there and just lightly pull that in and that’s it
i’m making a chocolate caramel fudge this is a combination of the first two
started with the file demo1 milk coconut oil lobby and cocoa powder blending it together until smooth and
then popping out again into the people and then i’m going to make the day
caramel again using states and hot water but keeping me about this time placing
that on top of the other budget that I just made and probably again in the
cruiser then making the base again using the coffee and milk cubes for more soy
milk and more copy and then I’m going to take that fudge caramel fudge and just
put that in there and I saved a little bit extra to put on top and also
sprinkle cocoa powder so if you liked this video hit subscribe and leave me a
comment below thank you so much for watching

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