4 x 3 Ingredient recipes 2 try 1 time in your life! Part 12

4 x 3 Ingredient recipes 2 try 1 time in your life! Part 12

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  1. Full recipe / write up https://barrylewis.net/recipe/4-x-3-ingredient-recipes-2-try-1-time-in-your-life-part-12/

    More 3 ingredients recipe inspiration on the 4,3,2,1 playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JnHI2dKlDc&list=PLfItiEY3o1mvBZFJOaU79HvGLK69xpY_s

  2. I bake chicken with soup quite a lot… I usually do the chicken raw in a casserole dish so you don’t get the skin… it’s great!

  3. The whole 3 ingredient thing just fails for me when you start using frozen vegetables packs and mushroom soup. It's not in the spirit of 3 ingredients! Might as well but a frozen pizza and say you've made a 1 ingredient dinner! … I think a better approach would be to set a budget, say 4 course for £3 2 try 1 time. That way, you don't have to cheat!

  4. My mother used to make a similar chicken dish. She’d mix rice, peas, and corn with a bit of chicken stock (and maybe cream of mushroom soup? I can’t quite recall) in the pan, then put raw chicken on top… and bake it until the chicken was cooked through. It wasn’t bad but I prefer the idea of baking the chicken first. No salmonella roulette that way lmao

  5. My family loves to make chicken quarters on rice covered with cream of mushroom soup all the time. We add season salt on top and sometimes we season the rice with chicken bullion cubes

  6. We’ve made an almost identical version of the chicken and rice bake with uncooked rice for nearly 40 years, but we have never pre-cooked the chicken. I really think you can save yourself that step so long as you cook the casserole for at least an hour or longer.

  7. The potato thing is close to my childhood comfort food. Just potatoes, sausages and eggs fried together. Even better with veggies but that's not dad's way

  8. Barry you've let us down. When you put the sparkling water in the drink you made it 4 ingredients. This was a deliberate attempt to undermine us viewers and establish yourself as the supreme overlord. I'm onto you.
    Yours Truly.

  9. Totally off subject but I just want to thank you for introducing me to Stuart's channel! I've been binging his videos for days now!

  10. if you gave the drink a gentle stir it won't feel too diluted … as when you put the sparkling water in it remained on top, so that's basically what you're drinking 😅😂

  11. Just thinking, how about you let people vote on the courses you do like starter, main pudding and drinks then whatever one wins you can put as much ingredients in it as u want.

  12. The chorizo, potato, and zucchini is always my favourite thing to put in an omelette, super good brunch vibes. Great video as usual Barry!!

  13. This playlist is so fantastic. Tasty and easy recipes fit for people on a budget and are tired of eating only pasta or rice 😁

  14. The brownie ice cream is my FAVOURITE me and the boys always argue over who’s having it… I hide it behind the frozen veg 😂😂

  15. Love that chorizo hash. Going to try that and the chicken. ATM Asda’s own cream of mushroom soup is only 37p a can for us budget conscious retired folk

  16. I've only seen 2 episodes of the mandalorian to be honest. It doesn't live up to the hype

    Can't believe the ovens still broke

  17. I think maybe if you stirred the drink after you added sparkling water, it wouldn't have tasted too watered down. The fruit was heavier than the water and looked like it didn't really mix.

  18. sear a beef roast, mix a can of cream of mushrom soup and a packet of dry onion soup and a can of water, whisk together, pour over the beef roast, cover and cook in a low oven all day, serve wityh mashed potatoes it's so good and so eady!

  19. The sparkling water probably would have work if added to the bottom of the glass, or if you had given it a stir. I watched the water just sit on top of the berry mixture (Barry mixture?).

  20. The issue with the drink is all the fruit puree was in the bottom and the top was mostly just the sparkling water with a touch of flavor, needed to give it a stir first in order to get the puree mixed with the water completely

  21. You should try making sausage stovies – it’s a Scottish dish and it’s delicious – especially in a folded over slice of warburtons toastie with lurpak.

  22. Hey @Barry – I only just discovered your channel like a few weeks ago, but Im amazed at how many years you've been doing this. I think youre a really funny chap and I find these and your other videos just plain fun. Thanks so much!

  23. So caster sugar in the UK is different than the US? I was making an Eton mess and it said use caster sugar so I looked it to make sure I used the right one and the internet said it was powdered/confectioner’s sugar which confused me because the recipe used caster and confectioner’s sugar for the meringue/whipped cream, respectively

  24. You can top the chicken mushroom dish with biscuits or bisquick mix and add another delicious texture like pot pie. Yum!

  25. I can't wait to make these!! I will absolutely try all of these recipes soon, I will make the starter tomorrow! Yum! My family will love these! Thanks Barry! 😀💜

  26. Take away the squash and add 1 finely chopped onion. And u just made swedish pytt i panna a beloved and easy leftover dish. Onion potatoes and any left over meat.

  27. You know, normaly for Italian meringue (the one you want to use for that kind of dish), you are supposed to make it with warm sirup instead of caster sugar. It will half cook your egg whites, and give you a way smoother meringue, and like that you wont be eating raw egg white (because as you do in the video, the biggest part of yours are still raw…) You should try it once!

  28. Amazing as always. Should of got a bag of mixed frozen berrys. Then you have another 2 ingredients to play with

  29. Tell you what Barry, the company thats dealing with your oven is not getting very good advertising here. Feel like thats been broken for ages now.

  30. Level Up Stonking: Give the baby baked Alaskas a cookie crumb & butter base, or a baked meringue base if you want to stick to the three ingredient metric.

  31. It shouldn’t bother me but it does that the 2 in the 4321 is to so is 431. Not hating on Barry or these videos just my issue lol

  32. The beginning of this video 'I think I may have made a mistake' is me every time I watch your vids as the next time I check the time it's 4am lol

  33. This is THE BEST easy chocolate mousse, everyone I've made it for loves it
    The raspberries count as the 3rd ingredient 😉

    400 grams milk chocolate

    400 ml cream

    Raspberries to top

    Whip the cream into soft peaks.

    Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 20 second bursts, so it doesn't seize or burn.

    Fold the chocolate into the cream.

    Pour into Martini glasses and top with grated chocolate and raspberries.

  34. Sorry but that is in no way a baked Alaska. There needs to be an insulating cake base, plus the ice cream needs to be covered with banana then the meringue. I understand you’re doing this with the least ingredients, but this desert is a staple and I used to cook it at aged 15, I’m a bit older now though. Much respect and love the channel.

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