8 Things to Know About Coffee Kombucha (Koffucha!)

8 Things to Know About Coffee Kombucha (Koffucha!)

it’s been about a year since I made my
first coffee kombucha video which has actually been my best performing video
I have some things I’ve learned along the way that I’d like to share today so
today I have 8 things that you should know about coffee
kombucha KOFFUCHA welcome to my kombucha channel my name is Liz on this
channel I like to provide tips and tutorials to help you make awesome
kombucha while also having hopefully a little bit of fun number one is that you
can reuse the Scooby I found that for me the way the coffee kombucha ferments
I like a Scooby about yay big and I’ve used it up to eight to ten times and
everything was fine around ten is when it started to taste a little bit
different so I just toss that SCOBY and grabbed a new one from my
kombucha tea number two is that a new Scooby will form on top through the
fermentation process cellulose is released and that’s what builds up on
top of kombucha and that’s what the Scoobies made of cellulose so kombucha
does that also to protect its brew so it’s pretty smart so it makes that like
a protectant plug on top to protect to keep unwanted organisms from getting in
so that’s what the Scooby is I’ve seen them I always see a new one when I hit
make when I make my coffee kombu to but it’s usually thin and I usually just
toss it because it’s not really thick enough to use for another bacterial
number three is that I recommend that you taste your brew everyday coffee
kombu to permits a lot faster than kombucha tea and depending on what
climate earring or if you’re in a hotter climate then it’s going to it’s going to
ferment a lot faster so I usually start about day two and then primary taste it
every day because it won’t take long for it to ferment too much and then you
might not like it that leads me to number four and that is if you like the
way it tastes I recommend bottling it the reason I say
that is I came across several people that have reached out to me and said
they were so excited to things they love coffee and kombucha meone going crazy
right and excited along the way never tasting and
it’s so good it’s gonna be so good and then they bottled it and they hated it
but they liked it at one point so if you like the way tastes go ahead and bottle
it next time maybe you can wait a little bit longer to see if the stronger permit
is something you like but if you like it bottle it and that brings me into number
five and that is come for coffee kombucha I believe is more of an
acquired taste unfortunately I don’t think everyone’s going to like it and it
reminds me of a story so I’m a little story time here when I was in my early
20s I had some roommates and one of them was from Russia and very funny girl but
she always talked about in caviar and I had never eaten caviar those for rich
people but she liked the red caviar so she’s talking about good it is blah blah
blah so we went up to the Russian store and we got some got home and I could not
wait to try it she’s throwing my help pops and it was
disgusting I mean it was so gross and I tried it again because for some reason I
Blake wanted to like it didn’t like it a couple months later I started to crave
it and I thought that strange so I tried again and I absolutely loved it and I
still do although it’s been a long time since I’ve had any however bring it back
that remember bring it back reel it in I do believe it’s more of an acquired
taste when I first had it I really liked it but now I love it
number six is that I believe the easiest way to do your second ferment for coal
future is to just use a teaspoon of sugar in your 16-ounce bottle and the
reason I say that is when I made my first video I had only been brewing all
future for a couple months so I was playing around with some different
things and I was using even maple syrup or xylitol to do my second permit and it
was pretty good and then I realized well if the me if the food source for my
coffee job is table sugar then maybe I should stick with table sugar that way
the bacteria nice in the call is already used to that so it’ll eat it
up better and what I found is that it is much better it’s more effervescent and
it just has a smoother taste number seven is that if you use a creamer of
any sorts when you drink your coffee food yet it’s the milk is gonna curl and
I’m going to show you so I have some coffee feature right here this has only
been sitting for like a day or two so it’s not extremely effervescent but it’s
still good and I like to use heavy cream I’ve also tried coconut milk almond milk
regular milk and my favorite is just a little bit why not
so the stronger the coffee futures mean the longer you let it from it the more
it’s gonna curdle so I’ll go ahead and zoom in here but you can already see
like little kernels coconut milk curls big-time but that’s the canned coconut
milk I haven’t tried box program still tastes great I like to take some in the
car like after I get out of the gym showered and pick a little bit to enjoy
on my way home and I just shake the bottle up everything is fine fine fine
the last thing you should know about coffee future is that this second permit
battles can explode this blew my mind it blew the bottle but it also blew my mind
so what happened is and I just want to say I remember making kombucha for seven
years and I’ve never had a bottle excluded and it was a year before I even
knew that that could happen I accept all my bottles in the counter no clue
so I’m playing around with some different flavorings to make a video for
a second second firmance to make it just a little bit more enjoyable and I had
made a caramel sauce and I wasn’t sure if the bacteria yeast would be able to
consume the sugar in the caramel because of the molecule changes that would
happen during the boiling process so I put some caramel in the bottles and then
I also added a teaspoon of sugar I grabbed one one day it was about half
full and I don’t know if it’s in there a couple of days maybe four I was over
here at the kitchen I opened it up handful and exploded all over the place
all over the place I didn’t my hair my eyebrows my eyelashes twelve feet across
the room I mean it was everywhere all over the ceiling it’s still there
they’re still marks this story continues it’s not told my husband about it
said I think I have one more so I looked in my cabinet and I thought I got all
the bottles out and we opened them outside I had my husband video in case
it like exploded maybe would be a cool shot and none of them did so I was like
all right why I guess I drank them I thought I’d have one more next day
hanging out in the kitchen with the kids and I hear something plays like a metal
sound and I asked if they know what happened they didn’t
a few hours later I’m over here this might call Kombucha corner and I smell
call food channeling look you said opened up my drawer the bottle exploded
so at the bottom popped out but it also sprayed and it was all over my cabinet
so just a warning a Morgan you can’t explode that’s why I like to keep my
bottles in my cabinet but it hasn’t happened since and when I have used to
caramel I didn’t add additional sugar so those are my eight things I think you
should know about coffee kombucha and if you’re still with me thank you
if you enjoyed this can you share this video share with all your friends anyone
you know that might like coffee Fujin you know what there might be people out
there that have never even heard of kombucha that might be interested in
learning about coffee kombucha so you know I know I’m just gonna say they
might be seduced but I could seduce by coffee kombucha whoa maybe I can
actually see that happen it is pretty seductive Ryu Scooby ball on you would like your
pilot Ryu Scooby ball my new one taste it every day if you like it bottle
it bottle bottle

6 thoughts on “8 Things to Know About Coffee Kombucha (Koffucha!)

  1. I still want to try this. I almost made it a month ago but that's when I was having water issues. Now I'm feeling fired up again lol. The basil flavoring was really good. Actually better than I expected but it didn't bubble up the way it does with fruit.

  2. I still haven't got round to making some Kombucha 😩 I think I'm missing out. I don't drink coffee or hot drinks. Thanks for sharing Liz 😊👌🏼

  3. Loved the cavier story Liz, it's so funny how we can acquire a taste without constantly trying. The Koffucha sounds cool except the exploding bit! Fully enjoyed and have a wonderful new week 🙂

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