Afternoon tea in London – a delightful experience

Afternoon tea in London – a delightful experience

One of my passions, is really to surprise
the customer, surprise the guests. We are always looking to play with different
flavours, different textures, different types of items. I love to surprise our guests with special
creations, made of classic ingredients with a little
twist. From the moment you walk through the doors,
it is like a luxury palace. Walk in, and you can feel the luxury, you listen to the beautiful music, you taste
the beautiful food, you smell the beautiful flowers. You’re well taken care of. The music hasn’t stopped; it just tinkles
in the background as you enjoy your luxurious afternoon tea. We put a lot of love into the creation of
our afternoon tea. To treat them with the best quality they could
expect from a five-star hotel in London. At every stage there’s a new surprise, it
really is the most fabulous treat. Something people should do more often. It’s just really nice to be able to make
that moment special for them. The flavours of everything we cook at cookery
school are really wonderful. At home I adore trying to recreate what I’ve
found in restaurants or bakeries. It makes me very happy. It has to look pretty, and it has to be delicious, but it has to have that kind of refined look
and feel and taste to it so, hopefully that’s what we’ll be recreating
in these tasks today. Fresh ingredients, local ingredients, like
the flour we get comes straight from the mill, the eggs come straight from the farm, the
butter, it’s really good old-fashioned proper food. It’s just the smell of everything, it just
smells amazing. It’s hard not to lick your fingers! If you use wonderful ingredients, you get
wonderful food! Cheers!

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  1. The best place to have afternoon tea in London is Harrod's ! I like the service and the luxurious refreshments a lot.

  2. The best place for afternoon tea has to be The Chelsea Harbour Hotel. Staff are amazing and the tea service is so English

  3. My favourite place to have afternoon tea is Pret a Portea at The Berkeley hotel. It's such a special experience, with most of the food themed after designer clothes, handbags & shoes. They're very generous with the food and it all makes for such a special, unforgettable experience.

  4. I'd love to go to London for tea. On my only trip to London was cut short when I tripped on a brick sidewalk and broke 2 fingers.

  5. The best place to have Afternoon Tea is the Ritz – tradition at its best! The best bit….the salmon and cucumber sandwiches…yumy!

  6. My favourite place to have afternoon tea is The Dorchester. It was the very first place I ever had afternoon tea and since then, I've been lucky enough to have festive and special occasion teas there as well. Afternoon tea, regardless of where you have it, makes you feel like the Duchess who is credited with it's creation. One is always treated like royalty and, this combined with the beautiful dainty sandwiches, scones and pastries, makes for a memorable day!

  7. My favourite place for afternoon tea in London is Claridges.  Having afternoon tea in such elegant surroundings is truly wonderful and it is delicious too!  

    What I love most about afternoon tea is the tea, sandwiches and the cake, cake, cake, but also the opportunity to sit and natter with my friends!

  8. I have only been to one place in London for afternoon tea and that was the Ritz.  It was a special ocassion birthday and we all had a great time.  I think afternoon tea is a special time to relax, try good food and have a good chat.

  9. Has to be Jumeirah Carlton Tower in Knightsbridge. I had the Cinderella Afternoon Tea there last week and it was very special, the detail the pastry chef has added to the sweets is out of this world! The sandwiches and scones are delicious too. What I like most about afternoon tea in London is the tradition – coming together with friends and family in the late afternoon to relax and chat whilst enjoying sweets and savouries is just bliss!

  10. I love the Pret a Portea afternoon tea at The Berkeley. Definitely one for the girls as it mimics the latest fashion trends and designers. The attention to detail is outstanding. Very generous tea and a lovely takeaway box if you cannot manage everything. Extra special when you also indulge in a glass of champagne.

  11. Well I'd like to have tea with the Queen 😉
    But the best place for an afternoon tea in London is probably the home I'll buy there one day <3

  12. I have never had the pleasure of having Afternoon Tea in London, but on my visit to see Hamlet this year we are looking for the perfect afternoon tea experience for my mum and myself. We have been considering Afternoon Tea on a London Bus or on the river. So thank you for the inspiration, and I hope this still qualifies as an entry as it would be a wonderful introduction to both afternoon tea in London and to the joys of the capital itself…my favourite afternoon tea outside of London is Rocke Cottage in Shropshire. The old world traditions and the debate of cream or jam first! The whole experience of afternoon tea is wonderful, a little break from modern life.

  13. My favourite place for afternoon tea is Selfridges, and my favourite part about it is the wide variety of foods to try and to pick at and the whole thing is just a lovely experience and very memorable.

  14. I've never had afternoon tea in London before, but have always wanted to try afternoon tea at the Ritz as it is I imagine like stepping back in time.  My favourite thing about afternoon tea is real tea in china cups and scones with jam and clotted cream mmmmm….

  15. My favourite place for Afternoon Tea is The Langham London … it is just such a very special treat and while you are experiencing it you feel so privileged and special! I loved it so much that I recreated it for my daughters 21st Party in a local hall- we had Afternoon Tea for 50  and it was a tremendous success – EVERYONE loves Afternoon Tea and I would love to experience it at The Landmark !

  16. I had a very special afternoon tea at The Ritz in May 2014. I travelled to London for the first time from Australia. It was such an elegant and gentle experience. The musicians were beautiful. Everything was perfectly lovely. Such friendly staff too.

  17. The thing I like most about afternoon tea is it's the chance to spend it with friends. It's great if it's served in china cups and saucers with scones and cream, so it feels like a real treat and it's kind of like a ritual to the whole thing. Very meditative

  18. The best place to have afternoon tea in London has to be Cake Boy, the home of the wonderful Eric Lanlard. His cakes are to die for and he is delightful !

  19. My favourite place for Afternoon Tea in London is the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington – it's lovely to look out over the park whilst a pianist plays in the background. I haven't had the opportunity (yet) to try Afternoon Tea in any other 5 star hotels in the city. Maybe this would be my only chance.  In addition, I love afternoon tea because of the  tea, of course, sandwiches and the cake, cake, cake, but also the opportunity to sit and natter with my friends!

  20. My favorite place, for afternoon tea is:  just about anywhere, in London!  I've enjoyed a great quiet tea moment, in Kew Gardens, but haven't been to anywhere famous for tea, in London yet!
    What I like most about afternoon tea is:  being surrounded by tradition & historic architecture, where my imagination is awakened!

  21. What I most like about afternoon tea is not just the idea of it or the lovely food I can consume but also the rich tradition of memories it evokes for me.

    Starting as a young child, I remember coming home in the afternoon and mum would have lovely snacks ready for me and my younger brother. We'd get milk and jam sandwiches, while she would drink her tea and sometimes my nan would pop around. Then in my teenage years, I mostly remember wanting to escape the grownups gatherings in the afternoon on the weekends, and rather than tea, I'd rebel and drink coffee instead. I even once attempted to make "special" brownies and get them out to be served to the relatives, but lost my nerve at the last minute. 

    Fast-forward to my 20s and then my work's weekly afternoon tea held on Friday's would serve to bring my team together, and we'd have a nice chat with colleagues working in other sections and it was all just so lovely and civilized with a competitive undercurrent as the bakers would get a chance to show off cooking skills. I loved it as I would reap the benefits of eating an amazing variety of snacks. I'm in my 30s now, and working in Belgium and there isn't really a concept of afternoon tea as such, so I indulge whenever I get across the channel. Thank you for the question – it really bought up some wonderful nostalgic memories.

  22. The best place to have afternoon tea in London, for me, is Liberty. I had an amazing tea there while studying abroad in London and won't ever forget it. My favorite aspect of afternoon tea is a difficult choice between the tea itself and scones! It's not easy to get a great scone in America that isn't covered with sugar crystals or icing. 

  23. I especially love how magical the settings in which it can take place can be! Thinking about experiencing afternoon tea in one of London's finest hotels transports my imagination back in time, when the upper class stepped into opulent hallways with wooden staircases, dressed in glamorous clothes & about to enjoy a mouthwatering feast in the Palm Courts. Even quaint little teashops that offer the afternoon tea experience open up a door to your very own fairytale. 

    Afternoon tea is a wonderful celebration of taking time for each other, whilst enjoying the good things in life. 🙂 At home it's a special treat, but outdoors (and at the right venues) it's more like stepping into an artwork which plays on your senses!

     I'm keeping my eyes closed & fingers crossed…very tightly! 🙂 x

  24. My favorite place to have afternoon tea is The Dorchester. I love afternoon tea because it allows you to stop and enjoy yourself, your tea mate and have a wonderful scone with cream and amazing tea, something that is very hard to find here in the states.

  25. My favorite place for afternoon tea in London is the Savoy Hotel and I love the combo of the clotted cream mixed with the jam!

  26. What I like the most about afternoon tea are the savory treats–tea sandwiches and cheesy tartlets. A close second is anything with clotted cream.

  27. I had a fantastic afternoon tea with a friend at the Conrad London St. James hotel, and we were both a bit tipsy afterwards because they kept topping up the Champagne! What I like about afternoon tea is that it is so British and sophisticated. Even when getting (slightly) tipsy!

  28. Tra the Victoria and Albert museum cafeteria, scones seems rocks but instead are very good and the setting is lovely, of course!

  29. The thing I like most about Afternoon Tea is all the little sample sized pastries.
    I love being able to try so many varieties and stay within my diet 😉
    (What diet!?)

  30. I love Afternoon Tea at The Royal Opera House in London. Fantastic delights to taste in a Art Deco room full of light.

  31. The best place to have afternoon tea in London is The Cafe at the V & A Museum, because it's very good and lovely treat after viewing the amazing exhibits.

  32. My Favorite place for high tea in London is at Fortnum and Mason! Its the only place that I've been for high tea in London so it may not be so fair to say that it is a favourite, but the experience was divine. I love the tradition that lives in the culture of high tea, only unique to the British, and this makes the whole experience all the more meaningful to me 😉

  33. The best place is Lords Cricket Ground" the wonderful long room overlooking the pitch with the added bonus of a tour of this historic sporting venue..even more magical at Christmas with the hugest tree and Carol Singers. And friendly waiting staff and knowledgeable tour guides.

  34. My favourite place to have afternoon tea is The Langham.  Exquisite attention to detail on everything, make you feel like royalty – very special!

  35. My favourite place for Afternoon Tea is Palm Court at the Langham where the decadent surroundings and indulgent delicacies served on up on delightful teaware takes me back to a more elegant era.

  36. The Savoy is lovely for afternoon tea and I like the luxury of the little sandwiches, the glorious cakes and pastries and the lovely tea and elegant china.

  37. My favourite place is the Ritz Afternoon Tea. The best thing about going for a formal tea is taking my 12 year old son and the fantastic conversations we have whilst we have nowhere to be except afternoon tea. Magic memories!

  38. I love reading everyones answers to where they like to go for afternoon tea. My husband, two teenage children and I are visiting London for the first time in June. We are excited to have afternoon (or is it high?) tea in London! I'm trying to decide where to go. It sounds like there are so many great place for afternoon tea! 🙂

  39. I like the afternoon tea at the Fan Museum in Greenwich. Great value and a little off the beaten track. The thing I like most about afternoon tea is that it is a little indulgence which takes you away from the pressures of life.

  40. I've never been lucky enough to have afternoon tea in London, but I dream of one day having a visit to the Ritz.

  41. A few years ago I won a champagne afternoon tea at the One Aldwych hotel, it was a delightful experience.  Really loved their sandwiches.

  42. The Goring Hotel.  The atmosphere of the hotel is really relaxing and the service of the staff is excellent. I love the small dainty sandwiches the best.

  43. my fav place for afternoon tea is Harrods! it was so elegent and luxurious and so yummy too! i love the tea part as  its my fav drink lol

  44. The Grosvenor Hotel Victoria has a wonderful afternoon tea in a wonderful quiet atmosphere. I found it better and quite less expensive than The Ritz London.

  45. Such a wonderful recollection of afternoon tea in London, reminds me of so many occasions! The atmosphere of this video really embodies what tea is about for me – the experience and the 'tea lifestyle'. Yulia.

  46. Wow! Great video! Thanks for sharing! Also found this amazing afternoon tea video! Check it out! It is a real treat!  🙂 

    👉 👈

  47. The most wonderful Afternoon Tea we've EVER had, has been at the Inn on The Biltmore Estate, Asheville, N.Carolina, USA. We have been going to the Inn since it opened in 2001. (The Main House, on the Estate is formerly the home of George Vanderbilt!) Every thing is English Style! Each August we go to stay at the Inn during our Anniversary! This yr was 50! Because we are allergic to dairy, soy & wheat, the staff make us the most wonderful tea free of allergens! We sit in the Inn's Library Lounge, looking thru the window at the huge castle-like house on the hill to across the way, while truly being spoiled by scones, muffins, chocolates, strawberries, tiny sandwiches and other wonderful things, made fresh especially just for us! And the Tea of your choice is accompined by champagne as well! A server will be constantly at your side to see that everything is perfect for you!
    Truly a Delightful Experience!

  48. 😍This is beyond beautiful! I hope to go visit. I own many teacups and saucers and have tea time with my darling family. Send your pastry chef to my kitchen please so I may learn. Winter in Arizona is wonderful, btw! 🌞

  49. I am a little surprised that these tea rooms are so huge and boisterous with so much activity, clanking of dishes and silverware, murmur of conversations interwoven with piano music. It destroyed my preconceived notion that I got from British TV that HIgh Tea was a much more intimate and calming experience. Another myth busted as I sit here consoling myself with a cup of Lipton and some Little Debbie cakes!

  50. Visiting from Montreal I celebrated my 50th birthday with an afternoon tea at The Wolseley and it was perfection.

  51. Wrong!!!!!! The cream was in the cup before the tea was poured. Tea first, then cream, that’s the proper way. I’m poor and I know that!!!! Ugh….

  52. One of my goals is to go to London and just have nothing but an amazing experience of the culture, food, tea. Just everything about London I just want to learn everything about it

  53. Thanks for sharing the video. This video has definitely motivated me to try the afternoon tea once again. I used to be a frequent customer of most well-known places but with time things have changed. Now my primary focus is on my family and I rarely get time to spend with myself but its ok, maybe I should bring them along for the tea. Back then we used to share so many things during the afternoon tea and it was a lot of fun.

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