Alat kopi sekecil ini bisa membuat fine espresso! [MINIPRESSO]

Alat kopi sekecil ini bisa membuat fine espresso! [MINIPRESSO]

For those who like you camping or picnic or to hangout anywhere. And for those who can’t leave espresso or coffee, I have a small exciting equipment to take any where which is very practical. As you can see in my in front, have tiny body that looks like a joystick. This equipment has very lightweight body with approximately 360 gram. And the length is 17,5 cm and 6 cm diameter. As you can see, With this small body, does the equipment even able to make espresso? Of course it can ! Let’s see what is inside this Minipresso ! Okay, inside of the Minipresso has the cup and the basket. And in the basket also comes with lid. The center of this Minipresso is the body. This is the pressure part. And the last part is, And the very very last part is, Have beautiful spoon that can be used to scoop the coffee and also tapping. As you can see all the six parts of the Minipresso. one, two three, four five, six. So, we just directly brew the coffee with Minipresso. The espresso coffee that we need to use in this Minipresso is a smooth coffee And to use, The Minipresso needs 7 until 8 gram of coffee. And i have finely grinded. The model is smooth powder in fine. You just need to turn the basket. in the top of spoon. Then, turn it. Knock in 3 times or in many times until the powder has gone into bottom to the basket. Actually I have ever seen, on comment or suggest that can not able to tamp. Actually you can tamp, but just lightly tamp. But don’t use, Bodybuilder energy. Just use Hello Kitty energy. Because if you really tamp with, That super power, your coffee powder will, Become so solid and will be so hard. To get coffee with Minipresso. Just lightly tamp, so the surface will be flat. Insert the basket into the top of, Close it then. Remember to close tightly. So, will not drop out. Pour hot water into this water tank. This water tank can fill about 70ml of water. And make sure the hot water will not pass the circle inside this water tank. Highly recommended to not pass the line in this water tank Because if you pass the line, will be messy as the water will spill out. when you pump this Minipresso. Okay, about the pump, i have prepared the cup from this Minipresso And then just, Remember to turn first. Turn and okay, it has come out the button. Next, turn the Minipresso like this. Press in several times as the water from the water tank can flow and go into this basket. Just let it infuse. If it doesn’t come out, its okay. Don’t be panic. Because it needs some proses. Press again and again until it comes out. It seems like it has come out. Press slowly. See, the crema comes out beautifully. The process uses usual pressure, with approximately 8 pressure bar. Able to produce about 40 – 50 ml espresso. It takes time around one until one and half minute. Okay, it has come out all the espresso. From the espresso, you can see the crema. Okay, see the produced crema from the espresso. Not bad when using with this Minipresso. Able to produce espresso. Of course. With quite satisfied crema. Okay, this is the espresso from Minipresso. Yeah, you can say that its not really espresso that comes out from the real espresso machine. This is manual, of course. There is the difference, also with the price. And this coffee uses Minipresso with 8 pressure bar only. Able to produce like this espresso. Really not bad. Absolutely, don’t compare with another great and expensive machines Just now, we have made espresso with Minipresso. Now, we want to make cappuccino with also from Minipresso. This is very perfect option when you don’t want to choose espresso but prefer cappuccino. It also can use in manual only. I have prepared milk. The process is so easy with only use, Put the milk frother into the milk. Turn on the milk frother. The frothing process takes time only 30 seconds until one minute. After you feel enough for the frothing and also for the milk, you can stop the frothing. It seems like my frothing have not enough yet and I still need some time. And for those who have not any machine. Don’t be sad. Just use this Aerolatte Milk Frother. See, it comes out milk with the foam. As you can see, this is what I meant like toilet swirl. The milk frother has been enough and comes out beautifully. Have shiny milk and the frothing was good. And the foam also, Very very perfect for cappuccino. The next part is espresso. So, you just press this minipresso and the espresso will come out. Because I have prepared anything with coffee powder inside. Just press the minipresso and will come out the espresso. Actually I’m very excited with this cappuccino. The milk looks so tempting. moreover, the espresso. Good ! Press again ! This is the last drop of the espresso from this Minipresso. The cappuccino has been finished but it still has not enough yet. You also can add some sprinkles of chocolate powder. Sprinkle as how much do you want depends on your taste. I like to have many of them. The chocolate powder able to make the cappuccino more beautiful. Have very aromatic smell. Looks so tempting to try my cappuccino. Very delicious ! Really ! It is very delicious ! I even can feel the foam. Very texturize. To have like this cappuccino, For the basic, to use these manual equipment like Aerolatte and also Minipresso. You have beean able to make a cup of cappuccino ! For the videographer, you also even want the cappuccino, right? So, making espresso and cappuccino with Minipresso are very simple, moreover using Aerolatte. It was very very amazing ! Even though the Minipresso has shaped like a submarine, also able to produce a good espresso. So, I want to get some comment on how making espresso with manual equipment. Maybe you have different version, then lemme know some too ! Don’t forget to subscribe for those haven’t subscribe yet on Otten Vlog Channel. And also don’t forget to like this video if you like this video. 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69 thoughts on “Alat kopi sekecil ini bisa membuat fine espresso! [MINIPRESSO]

  1. biasanya ak bikin cappucino 2 kali pompa. cara bikinnya sama si kyk di vidio ini tp espressonya ak 2x pompa

  2. Espresso yg di hasilkan crema ny bagus tapi warna espresso ny gak hitam pekat y, apa karna alat ny manual atau kopi yg di pake bukan jenis kopi espresso umum ny ?

  3. beda hasil espressonya dari minipresso sama nanopresso jauh gak? dan dengan mempertimbangkan harga, lebih worth it yg mana?

  4. kami dari kopi solok radjo dan kopi pendeka..
    kami ingin semuanya mencoba kopi kmi. untuk pertama bagi yg mempunyai coffe shop kami akan mengirimkan secara grtis sebagai sampel… kualitas ekspor.

  5. Harganya berapaan mba? Beli dmn yg asli? Soalnya di toko Online harganya ada yg 800, ada yg 400.. yg mahal kemahalan atau yg murah pemalsuan..??! Hehehehe

  6. Ukuran kehalusan bubuk kopi nya ngaruh nggak sama minipresso nya ??? . MISALNYA : kalo bubuk nya terlalu halus entar minipresso nya bisa cepet rusak ????

  7. Awam.kata2nya susah di mengerti kak.soalnya bahasonyo campur ada inggrisnya gitu.coba bahasanya indo berbahasa indonesia yg benar kak.klo gak bahasa inggris smua sklian.awam bungung dengarin bahasa campur2 gitu kak

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