Aldi Barissimo Breakfast Blend Coffee Review

Aldi Barissimo Breakfast Blend Coffee Review

– Hey, welcome to Coffee Coffee Coffee, your place for average Joe coffee reviews. Get up, it’s time for breakfast! (upbeat music) – Today we’re reviewing
Barissimo’s breakfast blend, which is a medium roast. – That’s what you call a alliteration. – Barissimo breakfast blend. Yeah, that is.
– Right? Hey, mom, I learned
something in English class. – (laughs) His mom was an English teacher. – Yeah. – Yeah, so, it’s a breakfast blend. I don’t eat breakfast but, you know. – Your coffee does. – That doesn’t make any sense. – Blends up eggs and stuff. – Right, so Aldi has this
coffee for cheap like– – For Cheapo. – How much, three. – 79.
– $3.79 a bag. So super cheap. The question though is “Is it good?” It’s 100% arabica coffee. Is it any good? – And is it just for breakfast? – We haven’t been drinking
it just for breakfast time. – No, that’s not how we
do things around here. – No. – We’re not communists. No offense, to all you communists. (laughing) Actually, yes, offense. The smell is.
– The smell is like doesn’t really entice me, but– – Yeah, it’s not good, not bad. – Not a turn off. It’s just like I wonder what
this coffee’s gonna taste like. I feel like I look like
a walrus when I sniff. (snuffles) I don’t know. – Yeah.
– Maybe. – So, this coffee to me, there is a slight bit of
that dry mouth thing going on that we’ve had with the other Aldi’s, but it’s not as noticeable, to me, at least. It’s a little earthy. A little nutty-ish. Nutty.
– I’m gonna say that’s got some nutty flavoring. – To me this is better than the others, aside from Guatemala. It might have been slightly better. – It’s a little nutty. You taste the nutty. Yeah, I think you’re right. – It’s not my favorite coffee.
– Not much better. – Yeah, not much better,
but more enjoyable. Like a two and a half. – I think so.
– Two and a half stars ’cause it is so cheap. I don’t think I’d really buy it again. – No, ’cause they had other
flavors that we liked. – Yeah, Guatemalan. – And if it’s available,
then why not, right? For about the same price. – Yeah, I mean it is– – Six of one. – It’s definitely, these are worth trying to see if you like them. ‘Cause they’re not
offensive, but just that dry, the dry mouth thing
that I just can’t past, but this one’s like meh, it’s like– – But maybe you’ve got
a lot of extra saliva and you don’t gotta worry about dry mouth. (laughing) I don’t know. – Where’d that come from? – I have a lot of extra saliva. Every time I go to the
dentist, they’re like “Wow. “You got a lot of extra saliva.” And like, “Could you use the child size x-ray panels, please?” – He has a horrible gag reflex. – They don’t do that. Like, “I’ll be done in a minute.” Okay. – So, fun facts about us today. Well. – [Both] Yeah. – I think that sometimes
this tastes better at different times.
– Yeah, at different times of the day, we’ve definitely noticed that. Sometimes the coffee that
tastes good in the morning, in the afternoon it’s like not so much, and then vice versa too. It can be the other way. – Oh well, maybe it’s different for you. At this time we’d like to
thank you for joining us for another coffee review, and remember to leave comments
below about your experiences with Barissimo coffee or other coffees that you’d like for us to try. – Yeah, so if you’ve tried
it, let us know what you think in the comments below. – Yeah, and until next time– – Keep grinding. – [Man] Hey, thanks for
watching our reviews. Please be sure to subscribe and check out our other reviews here.

4 thoughts on “Aldi Barissimo Breakfast Blend Coffee Review

  1. Breakfast blend coffees vary in roast darkness. This one happens to be a medium roast. Do you like breakfast blend coffees? What's your favorite?

  2. From what I've observed, a lot of Americans swear by Breakfast Blends and Medium Roasts, but this flavor tasted awful to me. Now, you guys should try the Honduran and Peruvian single origins from Aldi. Those are whole bean, so you will need a grinder, and I recommend grinding it down super fine. In my experience, neither of those coffees get bitter, no matter how much I overbrew them. Also, please try Barissimo's House Blend, because there are absolutely no reviews for that coffee anywhere on the internet, and I cannot decide whether I should return the bag I bought or not. Maybe also try French Roast, but I'm not sure if you guys can enjoy an extra dark roast like that.

  3. The best arabica coffee value at Aldi, is the Specially Selected German Roasted Coffee. It claims to blend beans from the best growing regions of South America and East Africa. It is available in Light and Medium roasts, and it is $4.99 for 17.6 ounces. Also, I noticed that you guys found most of the Barissimo coffees to have a dry mouthfeel. Well, according to what I've read, Honduran coffee is supposed to have a very good mouthfeel. So, I hope you guys will like that one.

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