All 50 States Ranked by Nickname. Part 3

All 50 States Ranked by Nickname. Part 3

What is going on everyone? Welcome back
to the world according to Briggs and our ranking of all 50 states by their
nicknamed series that is still a very long title anyway this is part three of
the series and if you haven’t seen the other two there’s a link below and my
only question is where you been we’ve been at it for three days now and you
finally show up do I have to send you an invitation or maybe an evite evite have
we had the internet around long enough that we can quit saying evite and just
tell people we sent you an invitation and they just assume it’s via email
because nobody sends anything through the mail anymore in the first two videos
we looked at a state that gets its nickname from a semi-aquatic rodent a
couple of states that take their name from something they pulled out of the
ground and a few that make very little sense including one that got its name
from a garden not a bunch of gardens just one in particular garden so why
don’t we get number three go in and check out the next ten states starting
with number 30 Kentucky the abbreviation for
Kentucky’s KY as in the jelly the full nickname of the state is the Bluegrass
State Kentucky’s nickname is based on the fact
that bluegrass is found in many of the lawns and pastures throughout the state
particularly in the northern part of Kentucky including like metropolitan
areas of Lexington and Louisville this is one of the most well known state
nicknames and like a handful of other states most of the Kentuckians take
great pride in this nickname my only problem with this name is they have so
many other options the Appalachian Mountains are here the Kentucky Derby
Abraham Lincoln was born here but would he expect from a state that has clogging
as its official dance have you ever seen clogging it looks like what happens when
Irish people get too drunk to Riverdance number 29 Hawaii the abbreviation for
Hawaii is high H aye that’s it the full nickname is the Aloha State Aloha is
Hawaiian for hello and goodbye so the state was nicknamed the Aloha State why
efficiency they have a single word that means two things is that good enough
reason to stick with it for a nickname may be hellos a nice word goodbye okay
whenever someone says Aloha I remember our friend in high school he got really
drunk at a party and tripped on something as he was walking towards the
front door he put his head into the front door like there was a hole in the
front door and didn’t go all the way through but one side of it was pressed
in he passed out and started doing that twitching thing we all freaked out
called 9-1-1 while we were waiting for the paramedics
this dude sits up and says Aloha means hello and goodbye we were all confused
we’re all looking at each other you know this guy’s just passed out twitching and
then he says it again and again each time getting more and more excited the
paramedics finally get there and he’s still saying this the paramedics thought
we were messing with them we had to talk the paramedics and didn’t really taking
a look at this guy and finally taken him with them they were pissed they thought
we were just playing some high school gag on him or something like that he
didn’t want to take a guy with serious head trauma because they thought a bunch
of high school kids were pranking them anyway I read on the state’s website
that Aloha is the essence of relationships in which each person is
important to every other person for the collective existence that’s a bunch of
hippie nonsense Aloha means hello and goodbye
they also have two additional ones that I don’t know about the pineapple state
that’s one of their backup names and the rainbow state
I think I’d stick with the Aloha State because it means hello and goodbye number 28 Georgia the abbreviation for
Georgia is GA and the full nickname is the Peach State Georgia grown peaches
are recognized for their superior flavor texture appearance and nutritional
qualities that’s what the website says for the state Georgia has also
designated the peach as the official state fruits and that was in 1995 these
people are all about the peaches seems like every other Street around Atlanta
has the word peach and at Peachtree peach juice something it’s always
peaches it seems like they’ve gone a little overboard with peaches I think
but at least it’s a good taste in fruit right additional nicknames for Georgia
are the Empire State of the South which is solid I don’t know if I’d go with
that one but it sounds better than the Peach State I think they have another
one called the goober state the goober State goober is an old word for peanut
they grow a lot of peanuts there too or they use two at least when I was in
school a goober was a guy that just wasn’t right in the head number 27
Florida the breviary Florida is FL the full nickname is the Sunshine State now
the Sunshine State was adopted officially by the Florida Legislature in
1970 this is just a thing they came up with for tourism Florida isn’t even in
the top ten when it comes to numbers of days with sunshine we did that list a
couple weeks back and I believe they’re around number thirteen there’s far more
sunnier states than Florida but they decided to nab this one to get people to
come in but it works everyone assumes that it’s nothing but sunshine and old
dudes and banana hammocks in Florida now they have some additional nicknames and
one is the one I think they should go with the orange state which is good they
have a lot of oranges there but also the Everglades state there’s no other
Everglades there’s just one and it’s in Florida and it takes up a good portion
of the state they should go with that one it’s more realistic than the
Sunshine State number 26 Colorado the abbreviation for
Colorado is CEO and the full nickname is the Centennial state the Centennial part
of Colorado’s name refers to the fact that Colorado officially became part of
the US one hundred years after Congress signed the Declaration of Independence
one hundred being the Centennial got it okay Colorado is unique in this being
the only state admitted that year they were the 38th state now it’s not bad
it’s a little obscure and a little smart all at the same time another well-known
nickname they have is colorful Colorado that’s on a lot of different touristy
things that’s because the state has great scenery of mountains rivers and
Plains they really do it’s a really colorful state and very nature focused
now the one that’s obvious is they also have the Rocky Mountain State because
Colorado is the Rocky Mountains pretty much and that’s a little more fitting
but I also think it’s too easy you know it’s just like a layup on on their part
if they use that one all the time but I like the Centennial state number 25
Arizona debris VA ssin for Arizona is AZ and the
full nickname is the Grand Canyon State Arizona’s home of the Grand Canyon which
is probably the world’s most famous hole in the ground the Grand Canyon was
formed by the uplifting of Colorado’s plateaus and the erosion caused by the
Colorado River over the period of six million years so it took a while
prehistoric Native Americans built settlements within the canyon and in its
many caves the Pueblo people considered the Grand Canyon a holy site made
pilgrimages to it all the time centuries later station wagons filled with
screaming kids and angry fathers made the same pilgrimages I’m sure some of
the fathers would have been more than happy to leave some of the kids in the
caves but they didn’t at least not a whole bunch sure one or two did so this
one is a major landmark and I get why they named it the Grand Canyon State I
mean state nicknames are all about tourism but they have a better one they
got a really bad one and then they have a better one they have another one
called the copper state they need to throw that one out because it sucks but
the one that’s good that they probably should use is the Apache State I think
that’ll bring people in more than the Grand Canyon the Grand Canyon kind of
sucks I’ve been there 10 minutes want to get back in the car in the
air-conditioning and leave that’s just me
number 24 California the abbreviation for California’s CA and the full
nickname is the Golden State in 1848 Californians struck gold during the gold
rush then they built a bridge and called it the Golden Gate Bridge these days the
gold part is in reference to needing a lot of gold to pay your frickin rent
this place is expensive now this is from their website between California’s
explosive growth following the discovery of gold in 1848 the fields of gold and
poppies that appear each spring throughout the state the Golden Gate
Bridge and the clear golden coastal sunsets over the Pacific yeah that’s all
a big lie the state sucks for the most part these days it used to be a great
state now it’s a joke and sadly that is their best option for a nickname they
have a couple other ones one is the grape state and that’s in reference to
their wine country and their raisins that they grow and all that good stuff
they have another one that’s the land of milk and honey
the land of milk and honey doesn’t sound like a state nickname it sounds like
something a creepy old guy would say about a cheerleader camp number 23
Alabama debris vation for Alabama is Al the full nickname is the yellow hammer
State this one isn’t about working as the word hammer might imply there’s a
bird known as yellow hammer the bird was on the uniforms of the Confederate
soldiers that were from Alabama during the American Civil War
so it’s named after a little-known bird it does have some history being on the
uniforms and all but it’s a bird it’s not even a cool bird like an eagle or a
falcon this is like a little sparrow looking thing that’s yellow they need to
go with their secondary one the Heart of Dixie Dixie is the south and they’re
smack dab in the middle of it that’s what I would go with the Heart of Dixie
the yellow hammer thing makes no sense to anyone outside of Alabama and
historians so all you historians that want to jump up my butt right now keep
it to yourselves stop typing number 22 main depravation for Maine is
Emmy as in me the full nickname is the Pine Tree State Maine’s nickname is just
plain boring there’s no getting around it they have so many other things that
could be used as their nickname and they settle on a freakin tree they have a
serious history with the ocean and fishermen why not go that direction you
know why because they’re boring they’re boring with great lobsters they have
moose nobody’s using that in their nickname they’ve landlocked salmon
landlocked salmon are subspecies of the Atlantic salmon that never migrate to
the sea they live their entire lives in freshwater lakes in the northern United
States and Canada that’s sort of special why not go that way they have Hermits
living in their woods so many options in Maine and they settle on a tree anyway
the pine tree is featured on Maine’s flag they’re sealed those special
quarters they had out a while ago also the white pine is the state tree tree a
pine tree at that not even oak and number 21 Kansas debris VA ssin for
Kansas is KS and the full nickname is the sunflower state Kansas sucks because
they have a really cool nickname that most people think and use as the
nickname but it is as the official nickname most people think Kansas is the
Jayhawk State the Jayhawk is cool it’s actually a mythical bird it’s also a
mascot for a college in Kansas and it’s what some soldiers were called around
the Civil War period in the Kansas area the term came from the Missouri Kansas
border about 1858 during the Kansas territorial period the term came to be
used to describe militant bands normally associated with the Free State cause
they found some journals from around that time that characterized these
soldiers and called them jayhawkers now that is so much better than the
sunflower state Kansas has a bunch of sunflowers they’re freaking everywhere
I’ve been to Kansas few times there’s just fields of them everywhere
I’m sure they’d like to get rid of some of the sunflowers but they don’t they
got it as the state nickname if they were smart they would go to with the
Jayhawk thing and get a little street cred to Kansas you know all right so that is today’s list I hope
you liked it hope you got some information out of it we’ll do the next
ten tomorrow this is a five part series that was number three so four is
tomorrow if my math is correct don’t forget all the links subscribe if you
haven’t everybody have a great day be nice to each other

100 thoughts on “All 50 States Ranked by Nickname. Part 3

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  4. I live in Georgia, and there are not any peach trees within a hundred miles or more of my home..
    Maybe I'm too close to Atlanta and about the only peaches I find around here are partially eaten and left in hot dumpsters.
    P.S. The "Goober State" was likely in honor of the former US president, Jimmy Carter. He was (and I think still is) a peanut farmer.

  5. Mr Briggs OMG Kentucky like KY jelly 😂😂😂😂😂😂👊 nice OMG nobody could have thought about that only you .

  6. Hawaiians do talk about the spirit of Aloha….it is supposed to be much more than hello and good bye. Most Hawaiians would be deeply offended by reducing Aloha to a greeting. It's something to do with the divine breath which gives love and compassion toward their "ohana." And Ohana extends well beyond immediate family. Basically, it all comes from their pagan roots and the Hawaiian culture they've tried to preserve. Just sayin.

  7. Georgia the peach state? A couple of years ago we were in Savannah and stopped at the famous Leopold's for their homemade ice cream. Peach being my favorite I asked for a double scoop and was told they didn't have it because the crop was not good that year. What the heck! So, they should change their name to the "whenever peach state".

  8. Mr Briggs I still use the USPS for 95% of my mail !! LMAO , I moved to Maine in 1987 to 1995 and damn there are a lot of trees but how about the Snowmobile State or something to do with winter activities or fishing !!

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    My favorite states I visited (regardless of how cringy the nicknames might be) were Utah, Colorado and Florida.

  11. Aloha means alot more than hello and goodbye. While it is a welcome and parting word, it is also the word used to express love and kindness. Just a lil islander fyi for ya Brigs.. Aloha!

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  14. Ok I dont know how PA has made it this far some this list . Really need to hear the reason for this . I live here and I personally think our nick name is stupid .

  15. Here's Part 3…
    30. KY – The Bluegrass State
    29. HI – The Aloha State
    28. GA – The Peach State
    27. FL – The Sunshine State
    26. CO – The Centennial State
    25. AZ – The Grand Canyon State
    24. CA – The Golden State
    23. AL – The Yellow Hammer State
    22. ME – The Pine Tree State
    21. KS – The Sunflower State

  16. You want a good idea. Use the for grading travel sites. What there is do . What areas are not safe, which area are good. An idea would be Myrtle Beach, another would be Williamsburg. With the question why go to a certain place. This country is loaded with places to go.

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  18. Seriously: How did you find a hill in Kansas? I've been across the state a couple of times and never saw a hill. I have seen a rise, but I can't recall an actual hill. Do they have a monument to it?

  19. Thank you for mentioning KY jelly. I think of lube every time I see those initials and I didn't know if I was weird or not.

  20. I am surprised CT has not been mentioned yet. Constitution State seems about as mundane as the Centennial State for Colorado.

    Good video, learned about landlocked Maine salmon.

  21. I live in Kansas and as annoying as it is that people make wizard of oz references the land of oz is a better nickname than what we got. I’m also allergic to sunflowers so I’m biased

  22. In the beginning, it looks like the modern day Mr Rodgers neighborhood. But Mr Briggs Neighborhood sounds better, Great Stuff!

  23. Visit northeastern KS during late summer (aug-sept). The fields of sunflowers are beautiful and illuminate a type of joy found no where else 🙂. Also a lot of interesting history in this part of the state that’s worth checking out if you get the chance.

  24. I personally love our sunflower nickname. I feel like it’s fitting. A lot of people think Kansas is a boring flyover state, and despite that negativity, like sunflowers, we keep our heads raised high. But you should rank state mottos as well, because “ad astra per aspera” is such a beautiful phrase imo. I might be a little biased though 😂

  25. I would argue that Alabama's nickname actually is "The Heart of Dixie." That phrase appears on all Alabama motor vehicle tags, as required by Alabama state law. The yellowhammer is a cool bird (a species of woodpecker,) but "Heart of Dixie" is where it's at. Actually, there is a third alternative Alabama nickname – "The Cotton State," but I don't think anyone actually uses that anymore.

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  28. Wild Wonderful West Virginia is probably my favorite, especially for a state that pretty much sucks. (I know. I used to live there.)

  29. The Garden state got its name because of the truck farms in the coastal plain that produced 5 vegetable crops a year on the same field

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  31. Good job, Alabama! You made it to the top 25! I like "The Yellowhammer State" as our nickname, but I prefer "Heart of Dixie" over being named for a woodpecker. Alabama football fans embrace the bird when they chant "Rammer jammer, yellowhammer, give 'em hell Alabama" at Alabama football games. Roll Tide to that, I guess…

  32. You should really put Colorado & California higher up. Colorado is the best besides their Nickname the Centennial State & California is great too. California has Venice Beach, Hollywood & a lot of other things. So those should really be in the Top 10. As well as Florida that’s home to Disney World!

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    Rev George

    Rev George

  36. JayHawk state would be a great improvement, I lived in KS 9 years. Also people call BlueJays, JayHawks where I lived in KS.

  37. The Yellowhammer refers to the Yellow Shafted Flicker, which is a kind of woodpecker, and is native to Alabama (as well as much of the rest of North America) There is also another bird native to Eurasia called the Yellowhammer, but Alabama's yellowhammer is the woodpecker

  38. I live outside of Wichita. I don't see fields and fields of sunflowers. I wish I did. I think they are more common in different parts of the state. I mostly just see fields of wheat etc. Btw, I do like the name the sunflower state. But think the jayhawker or the air capital state would be much cooler!

  39. Maine has another nickname "Vacationland" that is on the state license plate due to all the activities you can do in every season. Some have changed the word Vacationland to Taxationland on their license plates to protest Maine's last place ranking in disposable income!

  40. I can see why they would think of California as the "land of milk and honey, as it's the number 1 dairy state, and because of the produce, we have a lot of bees and honey, hence, "California honey"!

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