All 50 States Ranked. Nicknames

All 50 States Ranked. Nicknames

What is going on everyone? Welcome back
to the world according to Briggs and the final installment of all 50 states
ranked by their official nickname we’ve gotten to the best of the best these are
the most fitting well thought out and sometimes just plain cool nicknames
we’ve had some that are named after Native Americans after flowers after
animals and one that was given to a state by a king for being international
kiss-asses what will be the best nickname the top dog the king of the
hill the nickname that reigns supreme the one nickname that rules them all the
that’s enough number 10 Alaska the brave iation for Alaska’s ak’s in 47 the full
nickname for Alaska is the last frontier if you ever visit Alaska even in one of
the cities you’ll see how fitting this name is Alaska is called the last
frontier because this land is wild and actually so are the women really I went
to Alaska just this last summer there was a beer fest those ladies can drink
and they can fight I saw like three chick fights I can’t wait to go back to
tell you the truth Alaska was the second-to-last state to join the nation
and I can’t believe no other state snatched up the last frontier the last
frontier also reminds me of Star Trek yeah
Star Trek anyway they have two additional nicknames the first one is
land of the Midnight Sun and the other one is the North Star State which I
believe is Minnesota’s too it’s kind of weird that they both want that one the
land of the Midnight Sun is since it’s so far north they go like 30 days of
night you know and all this weird stuff it’s it’s hard to like I’ve said before
a one-night stand in Alaska could last three months
number nine Connecticut the abbreviation for Connecticut is CT and the fooled
nickname is the Constitution state Connecticut was officially nicknamed the
Constitution state by the Connecticut General Assembly in 1959 so not that far
back most historians say the idea for our constitution came from the first
constitution of Connecticut which was called the Fundamental Orders and 1638
now on January 9 1788 Connecticut was the fifth state to ratify the United
States Constitution the Constitution state is a solid name they are named
after one of the most important pieces of paper this country has ever produced
even more important than my cousin’s divorce papers now they’ve got a couple
other nicknames the arsenal of the nation okay that’s good the Nutmeg State
yeah that’s kind of weak but they also have one that’s interesting it’s called
the land of steady habits and that was a bunch of stories why that one’s called
the land of steady habits but here in Oregon I think that’s what drug dealers
refer to Gresham Oregon as number eight Delaware the abbreviation for Delaware
is de and the bull nickname is the first state out of all the original 13
colonies Delaware signed the Constitution first so it was dubbed the
first state Delaware was the first state and they took that leap into this
experiment first they were the first state and they promote the hell out of
it people from Delaware will tell you two things about Delaware number one
they were the first state and number two if your car breaks down anywhere near
Wilmington at night hide in the trunk until morning they do have some
additional nicknames one the diamond state and apparently they think they’re
Idaho because they also have the spud state know how they came up with that
but that’s kind of weird number seven Montana the abbreviation
for Montana is empty and the full nickname is the treasure state Montana
has had numerous gold and mineral mines throughout its existence the mountains
of Montana have yielded fortunes in gold and silver since the first substantial
deposits were discovered around the mid 1800s they’ve had their own little gold
and silver rushes over the years but the treasure state nickname is nothing
compared to their backup nickname and it’s what most people think the official
nickname is of montana big sky country everybody knows Big Sky Country this was
made popular by the Montana state highway departments promotion in the
1960s it originated a book by Albert Bertram Guthrie jr.
entitled big sky now they have a third one called the last best state but they
don’t need that the first two are all they need I don’t think I’ve ever heard
anyone say the last best state I’m sure most people in Montana are gonna be
shocked that I actually said that they had no idea either
but yeah it’s on your books as a back up nickname number six Nevada the
abbreviation for Nevada is NV their full nickname is the Silver State most people
think since city is Nevada’s nickname I’m not even kidding I read a whole
thing on that that most people think that counts for the whole state that is
Las Vegas nickname Nevada’s got its own and it’s the Silver State Nevada is the
heart of the silver mining industry the silver state nickname dates back to the
Nevada silver rush days in the mid-1800s at the time silver was literally
shoveled off the ground and about a heavy great crust of silver had formed
on the surface of the desert floor from you know over millions of years I guess
a lot of it was easy to find the sand and dust had polished it and so you
could see it shining in the sunshine so it was easy to find people just shovels
of silver if you have any plans of heading there to find your silver forget
it the territory of Nevada on the surrounding states were picked clean
within a few decades of finding it now they got a couple other ones that you
know they’re battle born state that’s kind of exciting but the one that’s
probably more fitting these days is the sagebrush state a lot of sagebrush
they’re number five New York the abbreviation for New York is NY and the
full official nickname is the Empire State probably one of the most well
known state nicknames in the country most people today associate the nickname
with the Empire State Building that’s wrong the nickname came way before the
Empire State Building was built the actual origin of New York’s nickname is
unknown some sources credit George Washington who referred to New York
State in December of 1784 as at present the seat of the Empire meaning it was
pretty much the head of the country at the time now it does have an additional
one that’s equally as famous the Big Apple the Big Apple’s everyone knows it
by that the shirts it was big campaign it was first used as a reference to the
city’s prominence in horse racing by John J Fitzgerald during the 1920s but
made popular by a 1970s advertisement campaign so they have two incredibly pop
nicknames number four South Dakota the abbreviation for South Dakota is SD it’s
like a little memory stick the full nickname is the Mount Rushmore state
when all you have is one of the most photographed monuments in the country
you got to run with it I guess Mount Rushmore is breathtaking it is one
of those things you look at and think that is when we’re at our best at a
country when we made that they have room for a couple more presidents I think I’d
put FDR up there that’s that’s why I think they should
put up there were ever gonna put anyone else up there that’s who should go up
there in my opinion who do you think remember where you put in there they
have to be deceased don’t put living people up on a monument
the official nickname of South Dakota like I said is Mount Rushmore and it was
designated in 1992 the nickname appears on South Dakota State flag now they used
to be called the coyote State they scrapped that for the Mount Rushmore
state they also have a third one the Sunshine State and they stoled it from
Florida I think number three Tennessee the abbreviation for Tennessee is TN and
the full nickname is the Volunteer State Tennessee has had several nicknames
during its existence but the most widely known one is the Volunteer State a
nickname earned during the War of 1812 when thousands of volunteer soldiers
from Tennessee played a serious part in this war during the Battle of New
Orleans they made their presence felt and may have changed the course of the
war this reputation for volunteering was reinforced during the Mexican War yeah
we had a Mexican War when the Secretary of State asked for 2800 Tennessee
Volunteers that’s what he was hoping to get he got 30,000 the dudes were always
up for a fight one of their congressmen the famous Davy Crockett the
frontiersman they made movies about him he went down to help out at the Alamo
when we were again fighting Mexico it didn’t work out for him too well though
he was killed when the Mexican army over round the fort they had a whole bunch of
other nicknames but when your official nickname is the frickin Volunteer State
that’s all you need to know number two West Virginia the full
nickname of West Virginia is the Mountain State being part of the
Appalachian mountain system the entire state is filled with hills and old
mountains you look at a topographic map of West Virginia it looks like the skin
of a 16 year old french fry cook at mcdonald’s who’s never heard of an oxy
pad these mountains have stories and history that you could spend a lifetime
learning about John Denver wrote songs about this state parts of The Deer
Hunter were filmed here parts of a beautiful mind x-files the Mothman the
list goes on and then the literature is amazing how many things have been
written about West Virginia and mainly West Virginia’s mountains and the people
sure they’ve had a rough patch last decade or so but these people get
through it they’re that type you live in this type of environment you could
pretty much handle anything now they do up at an additional nickname that you
know this is what I do I study this stuff and I’ve never even heard of them
having this one but apparently at one point they’ve used the Panhandle State
and number one Michigan that’s right everyone your winner is Michigan the
abbreviation for Michigan is MI and the full nickname is the Wolverine state
that is a cool nickname Michigan’s traditional nickname is the
Wolverine state there are many theories as to how Michigan came to have this
nickname Wolverine has reputation of having a vicious disposition and very
destructive capabilities I watch this thing on Animal Planet about Wolverines
this is an impressive predator they will chase a rabbit in the snow knowing full
well it’ll never be able to catch the rabbit when the rabbit passes a good
hiding spot Wolverine will hide there because he knows the rabbit will follow
his own tracks back to his home genius ain’t no the rabbit comes by thinking he
lost the Wolverine and surprised your dinner Michigan University uses the
wolverine as their mascot now it has two other nicknames that aren’t official but
sometimes people use them and they suck and you don’t need them when you’re the
Wolverines right one is the mitten state and the other one is the winter
wonderland so yeah like I said Wolverines all that matters that is the
best nickname in the United States obviously in my opinion what’s your
favorite one I’d love to hear it in the comment section below all right so that is our video that is
our series five days in a row list it all 50 of them I hope you guys enjoyed
that I had a good time doing these ones it was kind of reinvigorated myself to
making these videos anyway don’t forget all the links below give the video a big
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everybody have a great day be nice to each other you

29 thoughts on “All 50 States Ranked. Nicknames

  1. Wow I can't believe that Michigan is number 1. I grew up there. Congratulations. Its also called Great Lake State and Automotive state.

  2. In Florida, one of our unofficial nicknames is "The Gunshine State." The newspapers have used it more than once.
    We keep earning that nickname too. Jacksonville has a shooting or two almost every single day. Sometimes more.
    I would like to see a top 10 states and cities where crime is increasing significantly. So basically a trend.
    It would be interesting to see how current top great states are headed down a bad path. And because I keep hearing
    crap about (insert whatever political party isn't yours) is to blame maybe reference the party the state belongs to.
    I am an Independent, so just interested in the facts.

  3. The Sioux called Mount Rushmore Six Grandfathers. White man changed the name and stole it. It was a sacred site to the Sioux, Lakota, and several other Native American tribes. A New York City attorney named Charles E. Rushmore on a whim in 1884 called it Mount Rushmore. IMHO, no one else should be put on it. The sculptures on it were never completed as they were supposed to be from the waist up. Behind the sculptures is a chamber called “The Hall of Records" including an 800-foot stairway with a large bronze eagle – who’d have a 38-foot wingspan — at the entrance was designed by the monument’s sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, who envisioned it as a room dedicated to the history of the United States. It too was never finished. Two World Wars and the death of the Borglum hindered the completion. His son, Lincoln, finished the faces.

    Another side note, the Lakota are building an equally impressive sculpture of Crazy Horse. When finished will be bigger than Mount Rushmore. Located about 17 miles from Mt. Rushmore. Privately funded with the first blast was on June 3rd, 1948.

    Rev George

  4. Thanks a lot mate. Thanks to your channel I will never live in America. It seems like a shit hole. Take care. I'm making other plans.

  5. Land of entrapment. Don’t visit for more than a day. You will be stuck and have to leave on foot without your belongings. That’s how much a black hole NM really is.

  6. Michigan, the wolverine state. I can’t believe you didn’t
    mention the movie “Red Dawn” even thou the movie tuck place in the small town of Calumet, Colorado.

  7. Happy you are humble enough to actually put us in the top ten however you have a lot of things about Nevada wrong we still produce silver, I know this because my father worked in Silver Mines and mines are still open. We also still produce gold and copper. We're also about start mining some other minerals. We actually have the largest silver mine in the world. On your picture you showed of Nevada didn't even show Sagebrush that was scrub brush And Joshua trees.

  8. There are no Wolverines in Michigan and it's been that way for over 200yrs. That's why we go by the Great Lakes State.

  9. The great lakes state is what I always thought our other nickname was. Never heard the mitten state because that leaves out the UP. Though I do admit to using my hand to show a location lol

  10. Alaska, the "North Star State"?!


    -A Minnesotan

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