Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Reconstructurizer, Pro Vitamin Leave in, & Curlific Texture Treatment!

Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Reconstructurizer, Pro Vitamin Leave in, & Curlific Texture Treatment!

hey everyone a check money get him to be
doing a review are Apogee kid heating VT Reconstructor Anthony it be at Apogee pro vitamin leave in conditioning and
the Apogee color like Chi so I think what impact these remarkable
sadly I’m on I was originally seen at home
watching YouTube videos and I’m to any peachy it had never heard he member plant like
members that I can you live like I never know 81 that
him even when I’m younger and still I decline guided the the two that treatment and my hair was
fun I felt like a little your help here
headed DT right after which she hit batter and
then am mi mama later I the horrific treatment and when I didn’t did like okay happen I but yes so I he you this believe and I only use day
about one weekends a month I watched my nephew sunday for them my
latina each condition and asking about maybe
twice a month 21 when I have any condition I would
definitely be this is the whole bunch it the 16 planted and this is the new
black tea friendly who knows how long how but that might
have been my yeah a a little bit about Mike and Haji provide a min leave in conditioner
and that’s because I’m whenever that my hair gonna and draft a cut today even night not only here now bein may opt in whenever he might be
punishing I still wanna make sure that I’m not
like counteracting Matt by using because that’s the lottery that’s right out was here lot and a that way here if I the only one actually chaotic I use this one public I every time down the hatches british chick fil
like munching 3 maybe about the respect that
every time I my hair with only minor track medal at three sprint he that and it nearby sometimes trying to do when
product line that we do something like that but for
the most high maybe how one I use it tonight to you 3 at work acting and I think replenishing County
so I know you know that much that never release protein I didn’t think he’d be a
problem it can be map it might help you then at back like healthy and allow much day home there was one how their product
id: had protein in it and would-be be. Shea Moisture and had great and I happily not so between those products hand be Prada they had a night game repair yeah
I definitely my favorite band protein be managing him well I hope you like
this video hand help you you tried any now let me
know having for you and always Holly 08 when I’m playing hooky in mind here I
make sure that there’s something very much driving dampening my hair so how it happened I wouldn’t just like put them haven’t issues like this even and that
it might have to make sure that whatever style and easy or whatever I don’t think I’m using
in-flight like a milk or like that unlike cremation much tracking product in with that so
that with Hannah not be protein overload but if you do
have protein overload and definitely might not want to let you see
products they update Anna but i dont have out the end video like comment

9 thoughts on “Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Reconstructurizer, Pro Vitamin Leave in, & Curlific Texture Treatment!

  1. I've recently been seeing & low key stalking the green tea aphogee reconstructor . But I've never done a protein treatment either lol.

  2. I mix mine with water & almond oil in a misto bottle use every night with wild growth mixed both wild growths together .

  3. it seems like your nervous of using a couple of these products more than a tiny bit but that you love some of them a lot. this was a great and informational vid gorgeous xo I want to try the anti breakage mask

  4. I've never heard of using green tea in your hair lol but do you still use those products or would you recommend something different now?

  5. hello 🙁 i would like to join ur giveaway! i want them all but i want the #1 prize the most! ily! and more subscribers to come!! 😀

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