ASMR EXPERIMENT CHALLENGE: Do not speak and drink green tea

ASMR EXPERIMENT CHALLENGE: Do not speak and drink green tea

[BEFORE we started the ASMR series, the Director of Ask Japanese just told CathyCat to sit down in the studio and not talk.] [The director is writing “DO NOT SPEAK” on the white board] “What am I supposed to do in this video?” “Hey hey can I at least drink my tea?” “Do you hear me?” “Hey notice me! I can’t talk!” “NOTICE MEEEE” “Can I drink my tea now?” “What is this video about? ” I can? Thank you!” “That’s good warm tea there…” “Why are we filming this?” “Maybe in this video I need to drink the whole tea?” “No maybe that’s not it.” “So what happens now?” “That gulp was kind of loud. I am getting self conscious.” “What I should keep drinking?” “Why? What video is this?” “And now?” Director: Keep drinking. “Yes but why?” “Ok let’s do this.” “I am kind of getting full now.” “Is that enough now?” Ok bye…. What was this video all about? Oh dear…. “I am gonna try make sounds with the bottle if I can’t speak…” “Tapping it with my nails…” …Ok another sip can’t harm… “Let’s tap a little bit more.” “It’s empty now…” “I’ve finally finished it!”

43 thoughts on “ASMR EXPERIMENT CHALLENGE: Do not speak and drink green tea

  1. I could never do this because you instantly become super self consious of the noises you make while eating, drinking or doing random stuff.

  2. Kawaii Cat you need to use two mics side by side for stereo effect. Pan one left and right on mixer.

  3. 毎回思うけど、このシリーズは凄いフェチな内容だよね。

  4. 最近意味の分からない動画ばかりだねw ほんとCathyCat さんの仕種、表情って日本人ぽい。俺の昔の同級生の女の子にCathyCatさんそっくりの子がいるんだよね~もちろん髪の毛と目の色だけ違うけど、、顔立ちがドイツ人っぽくないwもしかして日本人か東洋人の血が混じってる?

  5. Omg! This is like a dream come true! Cathy Cat ASMR!
    I love it. If you want, you should make more videos like this! ASMR really helps me relax, and stay focused too 🙂

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