ASMR Let’s drink tea and spend the night together. 오늘 같이 있어요

ASMR Let’s drink tea and spend the night together. 오늘 같이 있어요

Why are you looking so tired, my dear? I know …you had a hard day but don’t worry It’s only today tomorrow, I promise I hope… no, I promise tomorrow will be so-so-so much better You know why? Because I will stay by your side I will stay by your side I will stay… I will stay… by your side so at least did you ate well today And I… was waiting for you and maybe after we can go out and eat something I don’t know Maybe pizza? Or… sushi? Or maybe we can have some… bottle of good red wine and cheese and we will spend this evening with each other and enjoy it and you will feel definetly much better and now just… relax just relax relax and enjoy… your fresh made cup of tea And I… will help you to get your tingles and now relax it’s my new kitchen table i like it so much so maybe you have other plans for this evening do you wanna eat something else? or… you wanna stay at home if you don’t wanna have a walk outside it’s ok it’s ok it’s ok it’s okay it’s oookay ok I know hard day… much stress I don’t know, maybe… maybe it’s because… you’r working so much You should take care of yourself You definetly need some relax Don’t tease yourself Your health is more important than work or money health is more important maybe or maybe maybe, maybe next weekend we can go… somewhere else we will just take a car or rent a car if you can’t drive yours and we will drive far-far-faaaar away and spend time in some quite place and we can build some good memories that would be great that would be awesome but don’t worry don’t worry relax relax relax relax relax relax everything gonna be okay even after a hard day you will spend a best time of this day because I will be here right by your side don’t worry please, don’t worry Your Cupcake is here your Cupcake and I hope after that you will be able to have the best sleep of the week i really like this sound it makes me feel so calm or maybe we can go to the cinema wich kind of movies do you like do you prefer I like trillers or sometimes comedy but actually… it really depends on how i feel it depends on… it depends on my mood So if I feel happy i like comedy and if I’m sad… I kinda prefer more trillers or horror movies You know I’m glad you here I’m really lucky to see you to have you by my side I missed you I missed you sooo much day was so long so long… and time passed so slowly slowly slowly slowly but now I am happy And I hope you too because your Cupcake Cupcake Cupcake Cupcake Cupcake is by your side Cupcake is here Cupcake is waiting for you How was your tea I have some water with lemon wenn it’s cold outside I really like this combination hot water and lemon taste really great or sometimes it’s great to have some coffee with irish… cream That would be awesome right now So maybe I can massage your ears here a bit and here and here don’t be upset or mad just relax just relax everything gonna be fine I promise you LIfe is like… zebra it have black and white strips Anyway Don’t worry Don’t worry and relax you are my precious human And i am really glad you are here I’m really appreciate your presence in my life you are the best you are the best you are the best you are… you are… you are… yes… you are the best and most important so don’t worry and relax relax relax relax Like this your face looks so much better Let me take your worries from you I will take them I will take all of them I will take take take take take and throw them away like this Now I feel much better I hope you too And i wish you for the next day(s) all the best and luck, and… that you won’t have so much stress anymore but if you will… I will stay right here right here for you I will stay right here And wait for you and… if you are not in a good mood I will fix that I will wait and treat you well after you came back to me so please don’t worry please don’t worry don’t worry don’t worry don’t worry don’t worry my dear don’t worry my sweetheart don’t worry Catch your relax take good care of yourself and enjoy your evening Don’t think about your work about all the troubles or about bad weather outside everything gonna be fine and if you if you will belive in that the universe will hear you and will help you or at least I will try to do that and maybe now now we can go out and drink some good wine and we will spend the best evening of our life or we can just if you don’t want stay here, and have some cozy evening at home you prefer that more? okay Anyway, I like your choice don’t worry don’t worry I’m still waiting for your decision okay great choice! Then I’ll prepare myself will see us later and now wait for me

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  1. 한국어를 하실 수 있는건지 아니면 따로 한국어 번역가분이 있는건지 궁금하네요 영상 잘보고 갑니다~♡ 꿀잠!!

  2. Обычно отписался от канала да. Ну потом видео всеравно выходит и ютуб предлагает к просмотру . Ты жмеш не интересует и все . Больше ютуб видео с этого канала не предлогает . Почему каждый раз жмеш не интересует и ютуб всеравно , потом опять предлогает твои видео . Показалось что то рисует , нажал да , а там просто стол и просто стакан . Ты как энерегию с меня тянеш . Дурацкие видео прекращяй делать .

  3. Hey guys, you might be feeling lonely and even depressed, just remember there's always hope and someone who loves u

  4. Спасибо за приятный романтический вечер, но хотя бы воду предложила бы мне тоже… (

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