1. The bottom of the cup, upwards: looks like a wolf face & downwards: looks like a bear face. Around the cup in general looks more of a forest scenery.

  2. Hi Amira
    Desperately looking for a new job. So so unhappy in my current work environment, very toxic. Does the ring coming full circle mean I must hang back looking for a new job until the Eclipse in January 2020?

  3. Love that donut on the plate. It looks like a fortress to me. Hope that signals protection for all of us from our guides. Thank you Amira. 🙏🏼

  4. Thanks Amira, for your coffee reading, I seen a horse shoe in the cup too , have a fantastic August too ❤️🌹

  5. Ty for the great reading..I wish I could learn this..I drink alot of Love and light❤☕

  6. Hi Amira. I subscribe to you. Im wishing you all the Best first. I dont know whats going on..but I have noticed that you do less videos and I did see a video of you explaining things may be difficult right now maybe…I adore your accent and your Presence in general. I dont know what is going on with youtube but a lot of good tarot readers are leaving and it feels like you are too. I hope you stay…but if you leave..know that I see and saw whats special about you. I am grateful for every reading. You are a beautiful resilient woman and Awesome reader..Karma and Goodness must see you in that way with Goodness and Love. Thank you Amira.
    Big Hug♈♏❤

  7. Thank you for great explanations! I see small 3 dodos going upwards the same size and they look lighter. Dose it mean something?

  8. It's interesting that you mentioned the ring of fire because this month there have been quite a few earthquakes relating to The Ring of Fire in August. Amazing.

  9. I see some people who are at a lake who are having fun in the deep part of the lake where there would be a diving platform -I see some people who are possibly out at a spot floating together talking laughing an having a fun silly discussion as they bob about keeping straight up in the water Like a family outing a picnic or reunion or at a beach where people are relaxing and mingling.I dont sea birds I'll keep trying though.

  10. Hi again. I am battling pneumonia right now!!! Also that funnel looks like a throat and yes those look like lungs Im also battling Barrett's Esophagus trying to keep the cells from changing into cancer my heart has been effected it races as i lay down and I am forced to sleep semi up and sometimes all the way up. As far as the Love thing theres no forward movement All online gibberish if im lucky I get 3 words Lifes a mess.

  11. Hello! I am wondering if I'm crazy but I actually see one of my photos/myself in the bottom of the cup, basically everything that is darker, including the upside down heart, looks like a photo of me I have, my hair and my hair line as well as my eyebrows, though they are a bit exaggerated in the cup but I am still shaken to see this, I never have before, would this mean anything?
    Thank you!

  12. Right before u started talking about the swans, right above it in a "U" shape,,,,,, it looks like a human face grinning. Two distintive eyes. Looking at it closely its a boy face between 2 trees looking into the future smiling. His hands are holding onto these 2 trees. All around the cup is like a traditional fence.

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