Harihar Nagbansi Explain the Issues of Tea Workers at an International Conference

Namaste, I am Harihar Nagbansi and I am a community correspondent at Video Volunteers. Today, I am in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. I am here to attend a global seminar. This seminar is organized by the International Civil Society Centre I have been able to learn many new things here. Continue Reading

Japan’s Most Expensive Beef | Wagyu

If you watch a cooking show or anything on tv where food is being reviewed, you always hear that phrase don’t you, “melt in your mouth”. It melts in my mouth. It seems to be a substitute for actually thinking up an original opinion. I mean, Why bother thinking when Continue Reading

Tea Forté’s technique for great iced tea

– Today, we’re going to prepare iced tea with our Tea Over Ice pitcher set. So, first you pour the ice into the large lower pitcher. And then, you place the smaller pitcher with the tea infuser on top. Next, you’ll take hot water, just off a boil, and pour Continue Reading

Black Sea Turkey: Harvesting Hazelnuts and Tea – VLOG #394

good morning waveband today we have fun adventures planned for our last day and turkey so sad okay so bad news our camera battery is not charged therefore that it was charged and then we got out here – sighs one dick we mostly iPhone day we’re going to do Continue Reading

Masala Tea | मसाला चाय | Indian Masala Tea with Kitchen Spices | Ghar Ki Angeethi

Namaskar. Ghar ki Angeethi welcomes you. Today we will make Masala Tea Although Masala tea is all time favourite and it is the best drink in winters Please do prepare this tea So, let’s start

Mango Ice Cream Recipe | Homemade Ice Cream | Mango Icecream | Aam Ki Ice Cream

3 medium size chopped mango, 1/2 cup cream, 1/2 cup condensed milk , cardamom powder take a mixi jaar add chopped mango , blend it into paste. ( don’t add water) mango puree is ready now add all the ingredients and blend it nicely close the lid and blend it Continue Reading