Bacon, Eggs, and Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy

Bacon, Eggs, and Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy

22 thoughts on “Bacon, Eggs, and Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy

  1. I personally know two mothers who have had LCHF/Paleo pregnancies and were healthier and had no complications than regular SAD diet pregnancies. How do you explain this?  I consider this "broscience".  They both had daughters who are happy, healthy and the most well adjusted kids you've ever met!

  2. Just remember, any video with "egg" in the title is bound to attract throngs of angry Weston Pricers and Paleo dieters. Never say a word against the holy egg. If you don't eat three egg pastured omelettes fried in coconut oil daily your cell membranes will collapse from cholesterol and saturated fat deficiency. CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSATION. THEY'RE JUST OBSERVATIONAL STUDIES HERP DERP.

  3. Good to know.  Interesting findings on such a serious issue.  So many factors at play, I look forward to seeing more studies on this subject along the way.

  4. The nutritionist in the hospital told my pregnant wife to eat eggs, meat and fish and drink milk to get her calcium. Also a maximum of two small apples or clementines per day as fruit. But keep some hours between the 2 apples otherwise you will get gestational diabetes she said!
    Austria, Europe, 2014 and not doing a thing of what our nutritionist is telling us 😉

  5. Someone should explain to Dr Greger that:
     1) Correlation is NOT causation, and that epidemiology alone (as in the Harvard Nurses' Study) cannot provide any evidence in favour of a given hypothesis. At best, it can provide indications of future directions for research. 
     2) Data can be made to say anything if it is tortured sufficiently; the data in most of these "studies" has been wrung dry over and over again, and endless subgroup analysis is an extreme example of data torture, which should be made illegal under the Geneva Convention.

  6. Do you know what else contributes to GDM? Eating sugar and a reliance on grain products. Source good food no matter what you eat.

  7. What a total load of vegetarian bull pucky. It wasn't untll we increased our carbohydrate laid to ridiculous proportions that diabetes incidence started to rise. Just what gumball machine did you pull your medical license out of?

  8. Bull shit I ate meat befor my pregnancy & was no where close to having gestational diabetes real tired of every thing being blamed on red meat.

  9. If cholesterol is a pregnancy issue, why does mother's milk if full of cholesterol and saturated fat then?

    Doctor, I LOVE YOUR videos, and I watch every single one of them, but this is way too much tendentious.

    Smoke and Alcohol its a bad thing, but eggs causing diabetes I… I… I can't see the connection. I a woman already has Diabetes what an egg would do to her?

    Please, keep doing your videos, but as a nutrition studant, i'm gonna always question you when i believe you're beeing extremist.

  10. If you or someone you know is preparing for pregnancy, you won’t want to have missed this week’s video on avoiding gestational diabetes by avoiding meat and eggs:

  11. Such bullcrap… one study says that. 20 others say something different. and healthy diet with everything in moderation

  12. Youtube/user/ DETA ELISLviv – bein diagnosed and treats all, kills worms in organs – they in uterus eat the brain of the embryo and make baby ugly, down, miscarriag.DETA ELIS – do not use during pregnancy.Albendozol – toxic, efect 50%. The acurasy of the lab. analyzes only  60%.You can get pregnant after one year  after albendozol. Meat is a cancer ( gormons, ant-s).

  13. Hi hi! There are sure a lot of ways to go with this. But, have you thought about – the Curesal Rapid Diabetes Reversal program (just GOOGLE it)? I have heard some amazing things about it. My dad got great results in winning trades with it. I am going to give it a try myself.

  14. …. More Internet junk. Eat whole foods and lay off the hormones, pesticides, GMO's, food coloring, SUGAR, soda/fruit juice, … Stop eating packaged foods. Eggs are good for you if they are hormone free from free ranged chicken that are allowed to eat bugs and not the vegetarian feed aka cheep feed. Animal fats are good for you. Again as long as they are from animals on a natural diets and not pumped full hormones. Take care of your body. It does a lot to take care of you!

  15. This is very old and poorly researched. They have taken all of the wrong statistics and are giving the wrong guidance to sure the problems. Raw egg yolk from grass fed birds us one of the earth's most healthy foods, hands down, This is Abcel Keen rolling in his grave from fifty years ago and yelling "right on." There is nothing here worth repeating or following. Look into the Ketonic life style and especially if you are about to give birth.

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