(Creole) Koman Ou Ye? I’m Jasmine and welcome back to my channel. Please subscribe please
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upload. Today I’m going to be doing something that a lot of people have been
doing as of late which is our baking they’re faced with some type of cooking
flour sort of thing but instead of using baking powder or like flour flour which
is like white and would make me looks just also ghastly you know what I mean
I’m going to be using some of my trusty cacao powder yes you heard that right
cacao powder because what because melanin is cacao powder is vegan it’s
cruelty free and it smells so good oh! It smells like chocolate in July.
I’ve already done some of my eye makeup I’m going to go straight into the face you
know this little talk through thing I guess I’m going to be using my NYX total
cover foundation this is in cacao those involve on cacao so I mean I think it’s
going to work out well I’m going to using this all over my face but before I
do that I think I wanna I wanna I wanna neutralize this spot right here because
it is just girl I was poppin I was doing just a naughty naughty things a little
better it’s going to look a lot better with coverage so I am going to apply
this I’ve already applied my primer the primer that I used today was my milk
makeup blur stick I don’t really think it’s a primer per se but I like it
because it helps to smooth out my pores and just makes everything quite alright
what I like to do with this total coverage foundation from NYX just put it
all over my face like so. I’m going to take this brush which is still fairly
clean alright Like spraying it was not pixie makeup
setting spray so good it helps to also spread the product all throughout so I’m
going to blend it in with my Real Techniques brush I have no idea what
this brush is called well I will put everything in the description box down
below in case you wanted to know now I’m going to be using my amazing concealer
my amazing concealer this is my amazing concealer this is any color deep golden
and I’m going to be applying that to highlight the center of my face as well
I’m not using much just you know just so that all that’s a little for me you know
a little that’s a little too. Now I’m going to be taking my Beauty
Blender and blending it all away okay alright let’s go.
Now I’m going to be taking my cocoa powder. I don’t know what – it should I don’t know what to expect
but this is what the color looks like right now y’all let me just Lord I’m
hopefully I don’t make a mess hopefully I don’t make a mess I’m going to bake
with this alright I’m going to be taking the same Beauty Blender because I
usually bake with the same Beauty Blender that I but highlight with her
whatever anywho uh yeah let’s see how this works out, um
I feel like this color is very close to my…..
skin tone Smell Meg good though I think it might
be a little…….. too deep for the highlighting bit, you know
just just a bit I’m just gonna come fake all over we’re going to go for it we’re
going to go all the way, all the way we’re going to go. Smells so good oh my gosh. Okay! You know we’re just going to, right, all right.
I’m going to, okay first impression um, it smells really nice.
Right! Ah, it’s a lot closer to my skin tone perfectly and I don’t know if the
highlight action is really going to be there for me you know what I mean but
we’ll see how it looks I’m gonna finish up the eye makeup so
yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna do that and.. Yeah!
Let’s, lets do that……………….. I don’t know all right let me let me finish up
this bake because um, you can see hump oh okay I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m going to
finish now I’m going to clean up the bake. With my, my……
– elf brush, I really don’t like baking for too long anyway Cause, I don’t want it to settle yeah yeah. The cocoa powder or the cacao powder acid say is their finely milled I know it so
but it did nothing to highlight….. my skin look, it’s alright we just gonna keep we
won’t keep rolling with it we’re going to keep rolling
I’m going to bronze I’m not going to contour so I a bit much now that I’m looking at it but I’m taking, my Becca
bronzer and Maui, just a little bit of warmth and going on or I’ll keep this
look supernatural being that the eyes are super, super dramatic
oh I sprayed with this makeup setting spray and know it’s me that’s afraid it
just like it smells like cacao powder even more transferring some more so
final analysis I don’t think it’s bad at all I just feel like I could be a little
brighter around the center of the face I have 10 it was my color I probably give
it a 9 right it was my color but being that I mean if
it was my highlight color I probably gave it a 9 but because it is the same
color as my skin I feel I would probably give it a I’ll give it a…..
7 because it is very finely milled it smells good and it looks good I feel like my chances a bit
lighter the change lighter than my face you know what I mean what can you do oh
my goodness that’s more like chocolate alright so that’s all for this video
today I really hope you enjoyed it and if you did please give me a big thumbs
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me to try next on my face I don’t really have sensitive skin but if there’s any
like household items that you would like me to try you know letter that are that
are vegan cruelty free and like safe to use on you
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