Batwoman 1×08 Extended Promo “A Mad Tea-Party” (HD) Season 1 Episode 8 Extended Promo

Batwoman 1×08 Extended Promo “A Mad Tea-Party” (HD) Season 1 Episode 8 Extended Promo

50 thoughts on “Batwoman 1×08 Extended Promo “A Mad Tea-Party” (HD) Season 1 Episode 8 Extended Promo

  1. It's already 8 episodes? Wow, I didn't even notice, I'm enjoying this show so much and I remembered just how much I used to bash this before it came out.

  2. I'm loving the series so far. After a slow start, Batwoman has certainly been an entertaining series. A great addition to the Arrowverse indeed. Of course the haters will hate all because of their own agenda and insecurity. All because Batwoman represents the one thing that they fear – change.

  3. Alice is kicking it up a notch and I'm ready for it! Its definitely going to be a night to remember with her and Mouse psychotic games! This might be the sister showdown we been waiting for right before the Crisis!

  4. seriously, though, those missions impossible masks are not a real thing and, even if they were, they wouldn't change your height, weight or voice

  5. Wow 😮 what an intense episode this is going to be 👍👍 To be honest I really like the character developments and relations. It's really deep. I hope it gets a 2nd season. And I do wonder if mouse will be transformed into the claface we know by the of these season? Because he is a version of him. What do you think? And what do you want to see happen this season? 🦇🖤😊

  6. If Alice wants revenge on anyone it should clearly be on the stepmom cuz it’s her fault he stopped looking in the first place

  7. Well, what are the odds Kate's sister becomes an Arkham resident pre-crisis? She might even make a friend in Psycho-Pirate, should things need to be…. convenient

  8. Sorry but why tf would you ever talk to Sophie after all that 😂 I swear her character is just there to piss people off lol

  9. I watched the exstended version and mouse had sophie and Tyler in Jacobs office held at 🔫 point and its pointed at Tyler,plus remeber Alice already tried to kill sophie and she doesn't do the same thing twice so yes it's Tyler.

  10. So yes she's gonna need someone to lean on and its gonna be kate that she go's to for comfort because she still loves kate.

  11. This what's I think is going to happen kate gonna go to sophie and she's gonna give her a look ,and kate gonna say ok I'll leave and she's gonna either gonna say kate stay,grab her hand for her to stay,or blows up at her cause she's sad.

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