Be the Coffee Bean – Lead Before You’re a Leader

Be the Coffee Bean – Lead Before You’re a Leader

Hey, what’s up heroes? Another week has passed. I’m now 30 videos into this channel so there’s
plenty of great stuff out there for you. This week I’m going to talk about how to lead
when you’re not in a leadership position, so make sure you stick around and check that
out. Hi. My name’s Roman Ryder, and on this channel
I’ll help you unlock your powers and be the hero of your story. If you’re new to my channel make sure you
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want to miss out. I was thinking back to some stories that really
were big life changers for me. The first one is a story of the coffee bean. If you’ve ever heard that it’s basically if
you take a pot of boiling water and you put a egg in the water the egg’s going to get
hard. If you put a potato in the water the potato’s
going to get soft. But if you put a coffee bean in the water
the coffee bean will change the color of the water, so it’s going to change the water. You want to be the coffee bean. That’s a great story. I love that. It’s just kind of a simple reminder. I remember having “Be the coffee bean!” written
on my whiteboard back in the day. That brings me to another similar story. If you’ve ever seen Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement
speech, it’s amazing. I’m going to link to that video in the description
below. Steve Jobs talks about basically everything
that’s out there was put in place by people no smarter than us. There’s nothing we can’t change. He also talks about doing great work. He says, “If you’re going to spend a large
portion of your life going to work every day, so why not do great work.” By being the coffee bean and trying to make
the changes in the world, changes in your job, changes in your company that you want
to see and trying to do great work, you can be a leader while you’re still not in that
leadership position yet. That’s my message for this week. If you take a look in the description below
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  1. I’ve never heard the coffee bean story either- maybe because I’m not a coffee drinker? Lol. I get it though. Thanks for sharing.

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