Bean Can Cake Taste Test

(quirky music) – Welcome to Let’s Talk About
That, the show about the show. I’m Stevie, and if you would
like to speak to an operator, say yes now. I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. If you’d like to speak to
an operator, say yes now. This week’s guests are the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen of YouTube. Sorry, sorry I messed that up. This week’s guests are
the Mary Kate Olsen’s husband of YouTube, please
welcome Rhett and Link. (applause) – (chuckles) I don’t
understand this choice, which is saying a lot given
all your other choices. Hey guys! – Hey.
– Hey! – Welcome! – [Rhett] Letat. – [Link] Letat. – This week is all about a chinless tall man we know because it is his birthday weekend. – Yeah! Happy still celebratin’ your birthday! (applause)
It ain’t over. – Okay, okay, okay. I have some surprises planned and I’m very pleased with myself. – You seem to be. I’m not excited. – Oh no, you will be so excited. – You don’t like surprises, Rhett? – I don’t like the kinds of surprises that I get on this show. – You don’t feel like
you deserve surprises? – Not the kinds of surprises
that I get on this show. – You know, birthday boy,
you deserve surprises. – No, I’m being sincere. These surprises, I
think might be the best, the whole seven years
we’ve know each other, I’m goin’ out on a limb here. I’m very excited. – Chill out, Rhett, you deserve it. – I’m a little nervous. – You’re gonna get what you deserve. – The first surprise is
coming, don’t be nervous. A few years back we had
a bit of a viral video on Twitter where we made a bean cake, which was basically just
frozen layers of beans and it was all a joke,
but somehow it went– – Big.
– Big, yeah. – I remember that.
– Bread. – But I thought, what if we made an actual bean cake, beans
being Rhett’s favorite thing that was awesome and delicious? – Oh my goodness. Look at that, Rhett. – It’s kinda difficult for David to both show the audience and Rhett, but this is a cake, this is a cake! This can of Rhett beans is a cake. The whole thing is a cake. – That’s a cake? – [Stevie] This is a cake! – That’s a cake? – Yes! – [Link] Let’s rotate it here. – So make your wish so that it doesn’t melt on everything. – [Rhett] This is a cake. – Look at the freakin’
back of this cake, guys. It has ingredients. You see that? – [Rhett] Rhett’s best baked beans. Should I? Is that real beans? – Yes! It’s gonna be so, there’s more surprises. (exhales gently) – This is a cake? – [Stevie] It’s a cake. – Like I could cut it
and it would be a cake? – This is edible. – Yes. (chuckles softly) – I’m afraid, it’s so perfect! – This is edible. – Before we came out here,
David caught me in the hall and he’s like, “there’s
a knife under your desk.” And I was like, what?
(laughing) But then I remember what we were doing. – I’m so afraid.
– So when you cut it, cut it towards, I know
this is a tall order, it being your birthday and all, but I want you to cut
it towards the camera because it’s one of those, I think they call them surprise cakes. Have you seen those videos
of cutting into a cake and then a bunch of M&M’s comes out, or whatever. It’s like that, but with beans. – Dang, Stevie. The cake is a surprise,
there’s a surprise in the cake. – [Stevie] Yes! – So just cut all the way down it? – Yeah, cut more towards the center and just like a huge slice. I don’t know why we
have these tiny plates. (Stevie laughing) – [Link] Gosh, look at that. – [Rhett] This is a thick cake! – [Stevie] Our friend
Kevin Rygg, his wife, and her handle is @cakesbylacy. She made all of our cakes
for 100 Years of Cake, that episode, and she makes amazing cakes, and she made this amazing cake so please go check her out. – Even the spoon is cake! – [Stevie] Yeah. – And I’m serious. – Yeah, it didn’t seem
like a joke, that one. Sorry, it’s not your birthday. (chuckles) – Watch out, watch your hand. – Cut through the spoon, too. Just to prove it. – [Rhett] That’s fondant. – [Link] Look at that. – [Stevie] Here’s a scooper. – Do I have a plate? – [Stevie] Yeah. – I mean can you tell me, you seem very stoic right now, but I was expecting you to be– – I’m very excited! – Rhett has no emotions
to be in touch with! – Look, look, look,
look, look, look, look. (high-pitched grunting)
(Stevie laughs) Hold it, hold it down. (high-pitched grunting) – Now don’t, come on now. Do this right. – I’m trying. (Steve laughs) – [Link] Okay, here it comes,
here it comes, here it comes. – [Rhett] Hold on, hold on. – [Link] Don’t mess it up now. This is what the internet was made for. Don’t screw it up. You need to get the bottom part up. (high-pitched grunting) – I can’t, what’s happening on the bottom? ‘Cause it just wants to go like this. – [Stevie] Yeah, just do that. – [Link] Look at that. – There’s beans on the inside. – There’s a bean core! – [Rhett] There’s more
beans on the inside. – [Link] Look at that, it’s a bean core! – It’s a pork-and-beans-flavored cake with maple syrup frosting. – Yum! (chuckling) – Well I think it’s gonna
taste really good, actually. – Okay. We can all eat off of the same plate. – [Stevie] I think. – Did you say carrot cake? – No. (chuckles) – ‘Cause I smell carrot cake. I smelled a carrot cake. All right. Did you get some beans in it? – [Rhett] A couple. – Is it good? – It’s very good. I got some of the… – [Stevie] Frosting? – The chocolate. I’m just amazed by the craftsmanship. – I mean, isn’t it just the
best cake you’ve ever had? – I’ll tell you right now, I’m eating beans on the
cake and it’s amazing. – Look at my fork. – [Link] Beans don’t mess it up. – I had nothing to do with that. – (chuckling) What in the hell
kinda messed up fork is this? – I don’t know why I’m
on my knees eatin’ cake. – This cake has brought
you to your knees, man. – [Stevie] That is good cake. – That’s really good cake.
– That is good cake. – [Rhett] It’s very moist. – [Link] Oh yeah, very good. – [Rhett] Can you just eat
the side of the tin can? – [Stevie] Eww, what is happening? – [Link] I’m tryin’ to get some beans. – [Rhett] Look at that, look at that. The craftsmanship, look at that. And then there’s just a chocolate layer. So you can just grab that, and just eat that. – There you go, Rhett. – Aww. – It’s not as good as the cake, but. It’s edible, but it’s not as enjoyable. – I like it. – Sugary. All right, that’s all we’re
doin’ for my birthday, right? – Are you feeling better? Are you feeling? – Yeah, I mean I thought there might be… – I told you it was good surprises. – Somethin’ bad in there and you was gonna hurt my feelin’s. – No! – ‘Cause I’m so old and irrelevant. – Crew, you get to taste
this when we’re done, because I commit to not
doin’ anything to deface it. – Okay, so we’re starting with that. I just wanna make you comfortable ’cause I wanna see you
get more and more excited. – Okay. – Why don’t we take a
little bit of a break from your birthday, because one of my favorite segments that we’ve done on the show is reviewing doppelgangers of you guys. So since I did the last one, which I think was in the tenth episode, there’ve been a lot more doppelgangers that have come through to us that I wanted to review together. – Yeah? – Okay, this first one says, this email says, I saw
this dude spelled D-O-O-D in a Staples a while back. Looks kinda like Rhett
if he let himself go for a few years or so and turned into one of those uncles that’s never invited but shows
up to everything anyways. From ya boy in Wisconsin, Ray. – [Link] Oh yeah, let’s himself go. His beards more trimmed that yours now. – I’m currently letting myself go. And so that might be my future. – I just really like the
lengths ya boy went to to take this photo. Pretty good, good start. (chuckles) This next one. The guy who sent this one in, his name is Rhett James Butler. So he has the Rhett James, and
then he has the Rhett Butler of Gone With the Wind. – And that’s not made up? – Well, I mean, that’s
what he said his name was in the email, I don’t know. I didn’t think people could email lies. (chuckles) He says, found a funny photo (chuckles) of a Link look alike, perhaps
without his glasses on. And then he links to, or has a screenshot of a photo in an article,
I’m about to show you, and the headline is, man
covers himself in peanut butter and goes to dog park after losing bet. (chuckling) And this is the photo. – [Rhett] (laughs) Wow! – [Link] We have a similar build. Like from the neck down,
we look a lot alike. – Hold on, no, no, no. You’re not seeing something. – Especially when I’m
covered in peanut butter. – Take your glasses
off and make that face. – You think that looks like me? – [Stevie] Yeah. (chuckles) – It actually looks more
like your dad than you. – [Stevie] Take off your shirt. – [Rhett] That looks like you, man. – [Stevie] (chuckling) It kind of does. – Does it?
– Yeah! – [Rhett] Yeah, I think so. – [Stevie] Yeah. – Can you prove that that’s not you? – And that looks like a
Big Jade, and a Barbara. – [Link] That looks nothing like me! – Did you take Big Jade and Barbara out and do something without… (chuckling) – And is that dude
completely nude, because… – It could be. Big Jade is blocking it. (laughing) – Big Jade. – [Rhett] How? I think that’s a pretty good one. – That’s good. – Nah. – [Stevie] Okay. – You make that face a lot. I think that’s what it is. – Hi GMM. Sorry this isn’t business, comes in through the business account, but I found Rhett and Link’s
collective doppelganger. I was watching this show One Day at a Time and there’s this actor, Todd Grinnell, that plays a character named Schneider. – Schneider. – He has Rhett’s hair and beard and Link’s glasses and hair color. He also has extremely similar
facial features to them. It’s crazy! This is from Hannah. You kinda have to… – [Rhett] Okay. – [Stevie] There, oh my gosh! You knew I was gonna say that. I can see this. – So if we ever have a love child. – [Stevie] Mm-hmm. – If they figure out how to do that. – Now, I’ll say the original
One Day at a Time Schneider looked more like what I picture, I think he looked like my dad. – I don’t know. – But I don’t remember
what he looked like. – He’s much cooler than this version. – [Rhett] I think that guy’s pretty cool (Stevie chuckles) – I mean he does look like
the two of you put together. – I would say if this guy’s not cool, we’re definitely not cool. In terms of using a point of reference. – Yeah. – You don’t think that guy’s cool? Well, we’re real far from that. – I don’t think we’re cool. – Okay, we’re not cool. News flash, we’re not cool. – Okay, this one’s from Kelly. You know Kelly. (chuckles) – [Rhett] Kelly’s always sending messages. – Found these Halloween wigs at Walmart that look like Rhett and
Link, especially Link. And then she attached the photos. Here’s the one she
thought looked like Rhett. – [Rhett] Okay, that doesn’t
look anything like me. (chuckling) Good try. – And then she says, remember
in her message she says especially Link’s. Here’s Link’s.
– Can’t wait for this. (Rhett chuckling) – [Rhett] You know what, I’m
not gonna to say anything. I’m gonna let the photo speak for itself. You can respond all you want. I don’t comb my hair that way. – Then I looked at the links, too, that said the name of the wigs, and Rhett’s is called MC Poser. And then Link’s is just
called Gray Old Man. (all laughing) – Yeah, yeah. – Those are our rap names though. – Aren’t you having a good birthday? – Gray Old Man. – MC Poser in the house,
with Gray Old Man. – This is an interesting one from James. Found these sweet swim
trunks at the Idaho date, I think he meant state, swim meet today and tried to take a pic. – A date swim meet, that
would be interesting. – Without being the
creepy dude taking a photo of a swimmer’s backside. (snickers) – [Rhett] Oh, okay. – He looks a lil’ like Rhett, Rhett’s on. – That looks like you from
the So Dang Dark video. – Well that’s what I’m gonna look like about seven months after I die. (laughs) Which I now give you
permission to dig me up and take a photo, just so you can come back
and compare it to this. – [Link] That guy’s got some, I’m lookin’ at that guy’s back. He’s got like some ripples on his back. – Okay, we’re not here
to judge this man’s back. – I just got an idea, run it by you guys. If one of us dies before the other, is it okay if we take that guy and put him in something and it’s like leaving Link in vinegar for a month, and I do an episode, but it’s just me? – Are you asking for yourself?
– Well it’s me, too. – [Stevie] Oh, you’re
asking if Link will do it, but you will. – I’m volunteering. You can take parts of me,
you can take my hands, my feet, my face, my nether regions. – This sounds like a song. – And you can go through
each one, you can be like, what happens to Rhett’s knee
when it was left in vinegar for a month? Or any liquid, any liquid you want. – [Stevie] Yeah. – ‘Cause what else are
you gonna do with us? – I don’t wanna donate my body to science. I wanna donate my body to this show. – Internet science.
– To science. – (chuckles) Internet science. – Okay, great, I’m glad this led here. – [Rhett] Okay. – Of course, no one comes
close when it comes to Rhett to the Supercuts guy, unless it’s the Blue
Cross Blue Shield guy. – [Rhett] Who is a different guy, right? – Here’s the thing, we did some stalking. That’s the same guy. – It’s the same guy. – And we did more stalking. His name is William Arthur, and here’s his page on
Wilhelmina, he’s a model, so we stalked him to his model page. – [Rhett] Wow, he’s doin’ some
things that I’m tryin’ to do. – [Stevie] Yeah. – [Link] Like, model? – [Rhett] No, I’m sayin’
like with his hair. That’s what I’m goin’ for. – [Stevie] Yeah. – [Rhett] This is givin’ me a north star. – [Stevie] You can see
kind of from the photos the similarities, but it’d be way better if he was here in person. – Oh, gosh. – Wouldn’t it, though? (claps) – [Will] You guys started without me? – Hey, Will. Willy, good buddy. Yeah, good to see you, man. – Good to see you again, hey!
– Good to see you! – Hey, man!
– Meet my friend, Rhett. – Nice shirt, man. – Dude, you too, I like the jeans, and your face, your hair and your beard. – Wow.
– Wow. – Yeah. – We do look alike. (laughs loudly) – Happy birthday! – See, I told you! – It’s Will, my true best friend! – Well, you know, I try. – See, you really didn’t
wanna wear that shirt, but you had to. (laughing) – It’s a nice shirt, you
don’t like the shirt? – Did you pick this shirt out? – I didn’t. – Okay, but you like it? – I do.
– I guess I like it, too. – Feel like it brings out the beard. – Oh my god, I’m so excited
still, it’s happening. – You’re a good lookin’ guy. – You are as well. (Stevie laughs) – Hey, man. – [Stevie] Also the thing about Will. – What, about me? – Will plays the guitar. (laughs) Link and Will have been
preparing a lil’ song for you. (laughs) – Here’s the thing, grab your guitar. – My old trusty steed over here. Let’s keep it over there. – Will and I, we been
hangin’ out on the weekends. He’s been meeting all of my
friendship, emotional needs. – I do my best. – We just like to jam. I let him use your guitar. – I see that. – There’s just something about it. It’s like when it’s yours, it just, it really feels good. – It really suits you. – Thank you. Well, we did prepare a little number. – We worked long and hard on this one. – Feel free to sing along if you know it. It’s a classic. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Rhett ♪ Oo, nice harmony. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ And many more ♪
(applause) – That’s an original.
– Happy birthday! – Happy birthday, Rhett,
we wrote it for you. – I’m glad you invited me
to sing along with that. – We’ve practiced a lot. (laughing) We can do it again? – No, I want it sung to me
and that’s what happened. – Yeah, it did. – I really appreciate it. – Had you caught wind before the team reached out to you about any of this doppelganger
stuff that was happening? – I have, actually, I believe
I’ve actually commented on one of your photos,
but he didn’t respond, so that’s cool. Yeah, actually, the
Supercuts thing was really, everyone was like, yo, Rhett, I didn’t know you started modeling. And they would be
commenting this on my page. (laughing) Well I’m Will, and Rhett,
you seem like great guy, obviously doin’ well for
yourself, so hey, you know. – So you had to look up,
you were like, who’s Rhett? – Yes, I did, and then
I was like, wow, dude, we do look alike. You’re funny and you
seem like a class act. – I do my best. – You’re so much nicer. – Oh, thank you.
(laughing) – Your demeanor is just much brighter. – Would you want me to be that nice? (chuckles) I mean? – Well he’s still here,
I’ll tell ya later. (laughing loudly) – You see, I feel like you’re
always playin’ both sides of this, Link, ’cause when we’re alone he’s sayin’ how great I am
and how he thinks I’m awesome and how you got to go. – That’s true, I actually
feel like the weird woman in the middle kind of thing. – It’s tough. – Whatever you feel. – [Will] We do dress alike, look alike. – Stop fighting over me, boys! – I’ve just been spiraling this whole time and going like this. (chuckling) – What are you doin’ later today? – Til’ later? (scoffs) – We’re hangin’ out. – I’m totally free. I was hopin’ to maybe link up with Link. Yeah, link with Link. – When you drive through downtown, you’re still up there, right? – I am. – Your face is like downtown LA. Every time I go to the airport I’m like, – Oh gosh, I’m so sorry. – Can’t get away from this guy. Meaning him. – I feel like I need to
confess something to you. At this point, so many people
say I saw your billboard near the Staples Center,
that I’m just like, thanks. (laughing) – That’s the right answer.
– It’s simpler, right? – Yeah, you’re just, oh. It’s just like, hey, it’s my face. Yeah, it’s an interesting
thing when you look up and you’re like, wait,
I recognize that face. It’s mine. Cool. – So Rhett said that
he’s lettin’ things go. – That was the other thing. Will was so nice to answer our outreach and play music and come in. And the other thing
that we notice is, yes, he has the hair that you want. – I’m gonna try to take
out all these bobby pins. (chuckling) – Give him a second. – I got some flow, we
used to call it lettuce. – What time period has
elapsed between that length, which is pretty close to
where I was very recently, to where you’re at now? – That’s about two and a half years. – Two and a half years? – That’s about two and half
years, I remember that day. – This is quite a commitment. – How long is it, even if you can’t– – This is a perfect segue to the surprise. – He’s droppin’ bobby pins. Shout out, Mom, bobby pins. It’s comin’, guys. – What if it didn’t take
two and a half years. What if it didn’t take
two and a half years because I have a plan
for you to get your hair and beard extended to
what it would look like in two and half years, so you can see what you’ll look like when you get to this point. – Is that gonna happen as
a exercise in Photoshop? – Nope! It’s gonna happen right now! – You’ve got a great beard,
god, I keep lookin’ at it. – Oh, man. – Come on, this is best birthday ever! – Now it’s free, except for the top. – Oh, there you go. Don’t you want this right now? – Yes. (laughing) – All you have to do is walk right over to that barber chair that’s been covered, that you don’t know
what it is, and you get, – [Rhett] I think it
might be a barber’s chair. – To fast forward. (exciting pop music) Aah. – You’ve traveled to the future. – Wow. Look at that. – Has your voice changed, too? – I am a man of peace. (Stevie chuckles) – Oh, I thought you’d
just be reduced to grunts. (grunting) I’m a cave man. – I do think that,
having looked at myself, that there is a fine line
between homeless and Jesus. (laughing) – Yeah, this is like five years of growth. So what we are going for– – Is he homeless, or is he Mormon Jesus? – If you guys haven’t
listened to Ear Biscuits, you might be maybe a little bit lost, but, Rhett’s growing out his hair in the photo that he showed his wife, Jessie, to kind of convince her that
this was gonna be a good idea. I texted Jessie to get that photo. This is the model that you showed Jessie, that she was like, heck yeah. We dug him up, his name’s Ben Dahlhaus, and he’s letting us use this photo. – Come on in, Ben! (chuckles) – That’s why we went a little
bit longer with the hair ’cause he has a little bit longer hair than our friend William who’s left during this time period. – Willie told me on his way out, we’re gonna get together later. Pretty much every day over the weekend. – You mean both days? – Both days. (Stevie laughing) – If it’s a three-day weekend, we always hang out for a third day. He said that this dude cut his hair. – Yep, so somebody’s gotta fill his place. – When you say it like
that it makes it seem like he cut Will’s hair, but
that’s not what you mean. – No, Will goes to Supercuts. (laughing) – Every three years or so. – This guy’s even bailed
on that look, now. So I don’t know if that
opens up the door for you and Will to compete.
– I think it does. It’s a vacuum. The vacuum of long-haired, bearded boys (laughs) needs to be filled. And I’m in line. – Maybe get on your phone. Here, use my phone. Get on the phone, that’ll
make you look more modern instead of instead of caveman. No, don’t talk on it, text on it. – Hello, children. You’re all my children. (snickering) – Act like you’re texting on your phone so you seem like a modern dude. – What? No! This guys is cool. This guy doesn’t text from phones. – This guy shuns phones, man. – He’s on the phone in the photo. – [Stevie And Rhett] No, he’s not. – He’s looking at a piece of dust. – [Link] He’s looking at a dust? – To dust I shall return. – I wanted to do a side by
side, so please do give me your best Ben Dahlhaus so we can just see how close we got. – Which side of the face? – Well you’re gonna need a phone. – He doesn’t have a phone, man. – Okay, whatever. – So weird.
(chuckling) You thought he had a phone. – I thought he had a phone. I thought he was like
lookin’ at Instagram. I mean, face it, this
guy’s constantly lookin’ at himself on Instagram. – Okay, did we get it? We got that? For a side by side? – Am I facing the right way? – He’s more at peace, he’s
lovingly looking at it. You’re studying it a bit too hard. Just admire it, the speck of dust. – I think you gotta look up a little bit. You gotta look above your fingers, and give a smolder. I can’t see if you’re giving a smolder but I’m just gonna think
that you nailed it. Okay, cool. I just really want, Jessie, I want you to keep this on (chuckles) and then just go home with it. – I don’t think I could get it off. – [Stevie] (chuckles) Okay. – I need professional
help to get this off. – Well Stevie, do you
want footage of something? – Kind of, but I really did
want footage of Jessie reacting, but then I was like,
that steps on our rule that she’s not allowed to be on camera. – She’s not allowed. – But, you know what I’m saying. Then I wasn’t gonna ask for it, but I personally do wanna see it. We’ll talk about it later. Happy birthday, Rhett, thank you so much for enjoying all of these big surprises that I planned for you. – I feel like a Muppet,
do I seem like a Muppet? Like, like I’m, does it scare you when I move because of there’s a lotta hair? You know what I’m sayin’,
like if I was a large Muppet? – [Stevie] Are you scared of Muppets? – Yeah. (chuckles) You’re not? – Seem more like a guy
on bath salts to me. – You seem like we put you, yeah. – I escaped! – [Stevie] We put you in
the woods for a long time and forgot about you and then you emerged. – Glad to have me back? (chuckling creepily) Are you glad I’m back? (chuckling creepily) You still doin’ the show? (crazed chuckling) Like that, is that what you mean? – That is what you’re going to become. – [Stevie] Yep. – Happy birthday. – Happy birthday. Now for our final line.
– Here’s to many more. – [Everyone] Until next L-T-A-T, keep on B-Y-M-B. – F-O-S-H-O. (quirky music)

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