X(singing): Sugar
A: Why are my bangs above the… Tiger Sugar~ PD: Hi guys! Hi! I love bubble tea as much as I love Pika and Jaymee, the cats in our office. Huh? The same?! Yes! I love Jaymee more. Huh really? Yes. Get her out! Whoo! I knew it! I knew it! Bubble tea?! This episode is on Bubble tea?! A: When they buy you bubble tea, X: It’s on another level, right? A: I’m like *surprised face* It’s like… proposing to you Brown Sugar Milk Tea! Recently, there’s the whole avocado thing, and then Playmade. The pearl has a different flavour How I found out about Tiger Sugar – was because we went Taiwan for the $100 Nomad. And then, I was just searching on Instagram – like what looks nice and then there’s this – magical magical thing called Tiger
Sugar! Holy sh*t, that is the best sh*t ever I’ve tasted! After weeks of anticipation, Tiger Sugar finally opens its first store in Singapore. Customers had to queue for hours just to
get their hands on their Brown Sugar Fresh Milk. To test if it’s worth the hype, our producers bought Brown Sugar Fresh Milk – from five different stores in Singapore
to do a taste test. Yes! OMG! Whoah! It’s a cutter for the metal straw Where? I’m sorry guys, where? Where is it? Ali are you holding to the cup? No! You are! You are! Eh?! Have you given it to us? PD: Yeah! You’re holding on to the cup! Can I say this packaging is really familiar! All I smell is like… sugar! (The brown sugar) Yeah! I can feel the pearls inside, they are huge. It feels like the top layer is just a whole layer of brown sugar. OMG! So nice! Mmm! It’s very milky, I feel like the amount of brown sugar in this drink is just nice. Ooh, very smooth! And it’s not very heavy as compared to the pearls. The pearls, they are the right amount of chewiness. It’s not overcooked too much on the outside. I think that it’s brown sugar pearls ’cause when I bite into the pearls, I can feel the sweetness. Why? Damn gao! If I go damn close to the lid, then I’ll smell something, which is brown sugar. Like it’s really like… Ugh! You know what kind of brown sugar this is? The TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) shop. Your mother bought the brown sugar for Chinese dessert. The consistency [is] a bit different. It’s a bit more slimy, I would say. It stays around your mouth, and I’m not sure if I like it or not. This just tastes like Sea Coconut (a medicine for coughs) I think the brown sugar is stronger, but it’s kind of like – you know when you cook sugar too long, it has a bit of a burnt sugar taste. I bet it’s not even white right. You know, in my head, I imagine this cup to be like really brown. I think the pearls are average for me, they are not too bad, not great either. It’s also tough, when you bite there’s something else inside. Honestly, it’s just a very mild smell. Yeah, I feel like it’s stronger than the second one. Seems like those Hokkaido milk, with the very milky taste. But I actually quite like it. The more I drink, the more I’m into this drink. The first [drink] was like fresh milk!(shouts) Fresh Milk! Then this one is like fresh milk! (whispers) The first taste wasn’t very nice. The first taste is like “Mmm?” But then as you drink it’s like… (hand action) I think the good thing about [is that] it’s not too sweet. It has just the right amount of brown sugar. I kinda like that [there’s] different sizes – like the small ones, and then the big normal one. The pearls have different textures! And then it makes this drink a bit more dynamic. Damn, I’m like walking into a bubble tea shop! Sea Coconut is back. This is not great. Wow! It’s damn sweet! For a moment, it tastes a bit like [chemicals] Yes I was about to say – it tastes artificial! If you thought that the other sweet one was sweet, this is like “boom boom boom boom” sweet! When you sip it, it’s quite pleasant, it’s sweet. But once you swallow it, it lingers on your tongue, it’s never gonna leave you. It’s like that psychotic boyfriend. I wanted to say sorry to your family, but I’m not really sorry. I feel like someone took my head, then force me into this drink. This brown sugar drink! But I think the pearls are fine. The pearls are nice! They’re the right size so you don’t feel like [you’re eating a lot of pearls] The milk tastes like fresh milk. None of the tastes are fighting against each other. It’s like really really well-balanced. I feel that the drink itself – it doesn’t have a strong brown sugar taste, but the pearls though. I think the pearls are the brown sugar star of the entire beverage. It’s not too sweet, and it’s not too tough either. It’s like both the milk and the pearls are – are infused with that caramel brown sugar taste. At first when you bite the pearl, you’d think “okay, not bad”. Whoah, then the adventure starts! Somehow when you keep biting, it will reveal more and more brown sugar. This is a good rival against Drink #1 (Liho) They decided to play the brown sugar game very differently. Drink #5 (R&B Tea) is like “I choose pearls!” And then Drink #1 (Liho) is “I choose Brown Sugar Milk” You know what? All these challenges, I always get them wrong, like everything’s wrong So this time, I have no hope. *screams* I am awesome! Is the small and big… A: It’s Tiger Sugar. PD: It’s Tiger Sugar. Are you serious?! OMG I’m so sorry! I gotta be honest though. I am really truly a bit
disappointed. Did they change the recipe or something?! My taste buds know it! I mean I usually drink Koi but – this one, I don’t know, really cannot. Yas! X: Liho!
A: You drink this, you drink this! You surprised me! I love Liho, I love you Liho! I’ve always loved you! I’ll buy this again. [Tiger Sugar] I’ll buy this, this and this. [Liho, Tiger Sugar and R&B Tea] I appreciate it when there’s a milky taste, but at the same time, there’s this caramelised kind of, brown sugar taste as well. I would buy Liho, hoping that it’s not too expensive, and I will also buy R&B. Because I feel like the pearls are the star of the drink. Yes! The pearls are really damn nice!

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