Best Out of Waste Christmas Decoration | Paper Cup Craft Ideas

Best Out of Waste Christmas Decoration | Paper Cup Craft Ideas

How to Make a Beautiful paper Cup Christmas Decoration Things You Need… Paper Cups, Glue, Dry Glitters, Decorative Object, Beads Lace & Stars, Raw Pasta, Glue Gun, Colors & Brushes, Thread Take paper cups of different sizes as shown here. Draw the design on the paper cup as shown. Paint the design with red color. Color the outer portion of the small cup with green color as shown. Now decorate the cup with lace. Further decorate the cups with stars as shown. Similarly, decorate the bigger cups with colorful stars. Now take some glue and dry glitter. Apply the glue and glitter on the beads as shown. Now take the silver color and color the thread as shown. Color the raw pasta with different colors as shown. Sprinkle the dry glitter on the colored pasta as shown. Similarly, color the other shapes of pasta and sprinkle the dry glitter on them of the same color. Let all the objects dry completely. Now make a hole at the center of the cup and pass the thread through it as shown. Now take the decorative baubles and fix them to the thread as shown. Take the decorative beads, colored pasta and fix and paste them on the thread like this. Paste the colored objects and make the hanging as shown. Paste the small cups together as shown. Now make the second hanging as shown Attach all the hangings as shown. Your beautiful hanging craft is ready for Christmas.

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