Best Stretch Marks Cream | Palmer’s Cocoa Butter | BIO OIL

Best Stretch Marks Cream | Palmer’s Cocoa Butter | BIO OIL

if I’m how are you all hope you’re doing good and everything is good at your and and if you are watching myself for the first time when people hit the subscribe button if you liked my video share it with your friends and hit the like button let’s get started to the video today I have come up with the range of which works on stretch marks and what why I thought about this is this product and using from couple of months and now i see visible difference in the stretch marks so I thought of sharing with you all are all this product because they are really working so the first product which is there is this family massage lotion for stretch marks now this has become an equalizing laughing and she but oh and it is having advanced forum allowed by OC last day something and it is to be used all over your body so what’s the favor you can replace your moisturizer that this and you can you will get tries to be it’s not that you should only use it on York of stretch marks only if you can use it all over your body because the typical cover from the lightness of good lotion so most part of stretch marks years it works and but only thing I what I feel about this is you have to be applied this the longitudinally problem in there it will not last for long and that’s why I didn’t like this product my output this what I thought is it easy has a pump because I’m lock a lock and locked facility and it’s quite a handy so I thought okay easy 24 and just apply so i took this but then our it’s very soft the product is very good the only thing is you have to be applied so but what actually practically happens we apply only ones and then we don’t apply it again I’ve been right because the time or the practical is not possible so if someone wants something with the life you know like with moisturizer on a lightweight product and they don’t want anything heavy on the stretch marks and like can go for this I quickly show you have actually looked like this is pretty takes consistency and when you apply it all my god as somebody go it’s so soft you send off for a purpose and it just meant down to your skin and your skin that area skin cancer so supple and soft I don’t have any other worlds than that that you will just three awesome and if my love is too good the taxes she cocoa butter she a comforter or something like that and it’s totally a nice i mean that’s not too heavy and too my little perfect of blend of fragments and I like it what actually the strange has is it has a massage lotion it has a massage cream and then it has become Ibaka so they have this three products and what this is that you can use try study to see the better reserve massage screams little heavier side and that also you need to apply it and massages you have to give some time to massage the product and the last thing is this tell me but all this is for intensive treatment because it is very rich very high we will talk about this let’s finish talking about this this also is the mythological tested it doesn’t have patents in it and this is report ranked 5 rupees for 250 men so you can go for their if you want like that you don’t want an intensive treatment or even want anything extra stretch marks are not that heavy then you can go for this that’s all about this product let’s move on to the tummy bottle i love this color timing it’s like light stretch marks heavy stretch marks any stretch marks you can use this and you can see with the different administration my civilian one month and it is very actually reaching high because it has this kind of love but and have to scrape of the bureau you know what you say hand and then applied I just show you your we have taken listen now you can see little shine we can see that the coca the lotion has quickly absorbed but this hasn’t machine it hasn’t degrees because it’s for intensive treatment and it’s actually world i’m in this gives you enough for socialization enough hydration to that ad of it is actually required so I love their centers business doesn’t feel for long for few seconds of minutes you will feel bad Christina but doesn’t require on the tummy on the ties on but also anywhere you want to apply this it will just work wonders so I just love this product it also has the same kind of fragments that has elution they are smells like and don’t this stuff lasts for long actually guys because we don’t need much if you see I have to consistently better and it just worked for this much idea i just work a leica magically on that idea will need extra product so this also have agonized I’m annoying to being on door collecting lasting and everything in LA and this is 45 70 rupees for like of the quantities 125 grams so I seen this last long ok lot of product is by oral and this everyone knows now nobody is that they don’t know boy again this world portraits most wonderfully I just don’t like or in kind of things nowadays I don’t know why earlier I used to use it very much i used to three water’s offered but I’ve seen the quantity is very less and of just finishes within 20 to 25 days the bio-oil actually books on scars stretch marks uneven skin tone aging skin and dehydrated skin so basically this book for also this is all around the product you can see it so if anyone wants to move for again a good stretch much product i would recommend this both products and you can choose according to your or you know style if you want always if you want but I based the both are good and one thing i have observed if you apply it regularly to three weeks then you will see that is the flaking out on those areas because it actually started working on your body so it’s actually good to see that kind of reason i want to tell you one more thing about stretch marks now which must have developed by many things it’s not only because of pregnancy if you have the fluctuations then also you get stretch marks and this products are not only for pregnancy stretch marks or please see that if you want something to work on your stretch marks because of weight loss certainly became our ever for any reason you have stretch marks then you can use this product even though there are things like shown on this black lady with the dummy and all it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to use it you can use it anyone can use it with a stretch marks that’s what about that that’s all I want to say about this product and if you have liked the video then hit the like button and subscribe to my channel by clicking the circle photo of me and keep connected with me let me know what you want to be more and take care line

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  1. thank you for sharing that information I didn't know much about these types of products I've used up first one that you showed that wasn't very effective but next time I'll go for the other two that you mentioned. Thank you for sharing!

  2. thank you so much for checking out my channel! this is very interesting! i will have to check this product out!! (:

  3. Great video! Thank you for stopping by my channel earlier! I liked and subscribed back :o) xo

  4. You did an amazing job on your video, can't wait to see more! Until then hope to see you on my channel too!

  5. I have used argan life Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treatment for stretch marks and I believe that it really works. Obviously I wouldn't continue to use if it didn't.

  6. Ohhh thanks for sharing. Ive been a fan of coco butter for years. I've subbed to your channel, come check out my and sub back love!

  7. I've tried almost everything and gave up in the end. Now I just regularly moisturise my skin and the stretch marks have faded, but then again they do tend to fade over time. Great video though, I liked and subbed 🙂

  8. i've tried bio oil and palmers. i'd choose palmers over bio oil. the fragrance is to die for 🙂
    nice video 🙂

  9. nice tip after having a baby i still have some little trace of stretch marks left on my belly, now i know what to do. love your video. kisses

  10. Very helpful video I'm getting a lot of stretch marks so I would really like to give it a try see if it works for me!

  11. These are my two favorite stretch mark creams! Pregnant and not pregnant I use it… only bad part about palmers is, in the summer in NYC the bugs take advantage and eat me up because of the smell. But it works wonders on my skin. I recommend!

  12. hello I have stretch marks on hip,biceps and chest of weight gain of gym plz tell me that palmer lotion is best or cream?

  13. Thank you for sharing these products. Im searching for the reviews and I will buy for sure..

  14. hi….can u plz tell me that from where i can buy this cocoa butter for tummy online….plz share me the link.

  15. Monica m gym krta hu mere chest aur bicep pe aa Rh h starch mark wo thik n ho re sab kuch kr Lia y tak ki bio oil b laga Lia

  16. Hi I impressed your video… I was using a cream product which u have shown firstly.. It didn't work to me, I have 3 years old stretch marks it's a heavy stretch marks too… Which product do u suggest me…

  17. First product is very nice and effective . Result will show after applying 2 tubes continuously .bio oil is very greescee I don't like . thanks for sharing .

  18. mam Maine tummy cocoa butter one month se use Kar rahi hu but. koi result nhi dikh Raha h kab tak lagane se eske fayda millega please reply

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  20. Hi Monica, I m a man from India, got stretch marks due to gym, they r 10 years old, should I try tummy butter, will it work for me??? Thanks

  21. Hi.. I am currently 8 th week pregnant… So when should i start using this bio oil r tummy butter?

  22. I have spent months researching treating stretch marks at home and found a great website at Vals Vanish Roadmap (look it up on google)

  23. I am 22weeks pregnant so can i use it…now??plz rply..i bought tummy butter stretch dis a ryt time to use it..

  24. Does Femalix Secrets really help to completely erase your stretch mark naturally? We have learn many good things about this popular stretch mark remover method.

  25. don't use anything without taking permission from your doctor…sebamed cream is best…

  26. place AP Hindi mein video Banaya kijiye Meri mom ko apka video bahut pasand un ko English nahi aati Mujhe Hindi convert KR k btna hota h please Kam English ate h

  27. I must say that sebamed anti-stretch mark cream is best to remove stretch marks and scars, you can use it without the prescription. i purchased it from

  28. aapka make up look share kijiyena aapka make up bahot achha hota hai i like it ur hair style and hair cut is nice love u mam

  29. Does Femalix Secrets really work? I notice many people keep on talking about Femalix Secrets. But Im uncertain if it is good enough to completely erase your stretch mark naturally.

  30. A really good product for stretch marks that’s 100% natural is sold by a company called lulu skin care. They’re New York based .The products are their tumeric soap and almond butter cream Check their Instagram

  31. Hi there, I want to know if Femalix Secrets, will work for me? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about this popular stretch mark reducer method.

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  33. Guys. completely reduce your stretch mark naturally doesn't need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I'll give you some advice now. Get a popular stretch mark remover method called Femalix Secrets (google it). Thanks to it I have completely erase my stretch mark naturally and eliminated my embarrassment for good by using natural approaches. I probably should not even be talking about it cause I do not want a bunch of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I'm just simply in a great mood today and so I will share the wealth haha.

  34. Is palmer strech mark lotion effective for indian skin or it gives side effect as it is not indian product?

  35. I blessed with a baby girl 1mnth back
    …nd i hav lot of strech marks on my tummy ….can i use tummy cream nW

  36. Has anyone tried Femalix Secrets? (do a search on google) We have noticed numerous amazing things about this popular stretch mark erase method.

  37. Hello there, have you considered Femalix Secrets yet? Simply do a search engine search. On there you'll find a great suggestions about how you can completely remove your stretch mark safely. Why don't you give it a shot? perhaps it'll work for you too.

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  39. After weight loss i hve white stretch marks can i get rid within 6 months ? N how can i apply ? And massage lotion or massage cream?

  40. Hi there, I want to know if Femalix Secrets, will work for me? I notice many people keep on talking about this popular stretch mark reducer method.

  41. What is the best product or brand to completely remove your stretch mark safely? I read plenty of great opinions on the internet about how exactly Femalix Secrets can assist you completely reduce your stretch mark naturally. Has anybody tried using this popular stretch mark reducer secrets?

  42. Does Femalix Secrets really work? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Femalix Secrets. But Im uncertain if it's good enough to completely erase your stretch mark naturally.

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