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In this video we’ll discuss the best teas
that you can use while fasting. Hi ladies and gentlemen. I’m Dr. Zyrowski and welcome back to the channel. If you’re new to the channel it’s a pleasure
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life. In this video we’re talking about the best
teas for fasting. Whether you’re doing intermittent fasting,
the one meal a day plan or you’re doing a water fast over a couple day period. These teas are really really great a lot of
people are sticking till coffee when they’re doing fasting but what you can actually do
is get some herbal teas and get a lot of health benefits and offer a little bit of diversity
in your day in and day out fasting. Let’s talk about some of the top herbal teas
that are fasting approved. First here on our list is going to be you
Oolong Tea and now Oolong T is really great because it’s going to reduce your blood sugar,
it also is going to decrease your insulin levels, it’s going to be very antioxidant
rich. Which is very powerful for boosting the immune
system and boosting the overall health of the body, preventing disease. So we want to make sure we’re getting those
antioxidants in, it’s also going to boost your metabolism. Which is going to support weight loss and
then also act as natural stress buster and there aren’t too many people that couldn’t
use that. So we look at Oolong Tea as a really great
one here. Next is peppermint tea. Now I like peppermint tea for a couple reasons
while fasting. First of all it’s going to act as an appetite
suppressant and a lot of people get cravings while they’re doing intermittent fasting,
one meal a day and so when those cravings come you can use peppermint tea and it’s going
to suppress your appetite. Now the other thing is that it’s going to
also offer some benefits to your overall gut health. It’s going to help decrease bloating and also
decrease gas. So some people actually I should say many
people have gut conditions today and so when we looking at using a tea to support gut health
peppermint tea is definitely right up there at the top of the list. Next is black tea. Now black tea is a favorite of a lot of people
and when we look at black tea you can actually use this because it’s going to support decreasing
that blood sugar so that’s the reason that we like the black tea while fasting. Next is green tea. Now green tea is a favorite of a lot of people. Now when we look at the green tea we do not
want to actually be adding honey to it or any other type of sweetener because remember
we are fasting. So when we look at green tea it’s great for
an appetite suppressant, it’s great because it’s rich in antioxidants, it’s going to boost
your metabolism, support weight loss, it’s going to improve brain function. Which is really powerful because a lot of
people walking around with brain fog it’s gonna boost that brain function. That even when we look at people who are suffering
from different brain conditions green tea has shown to be very powerful for that and
then also supporting weight loss. Once again people try to boost the metabolism,
shed some of that fat and that’s one of the reasons a lot of people are doing intermittent
fasting. Green tea is gonna support that. Next there is cinnamon chai tea. Now cinnamon chai tea is one of my personal
favorites. So I really love the cinnamon chai. it’s gonna
offer a appetite suppressant, it’s gonna help decrease sweet food cravings. Ok a lot of people who start intermittent
fasting, one meal a day are also starting a healthy diet and so they kind of combine
those two together and one of the things that comes along is going to be sweet food cravings
that cinnamon chai tea helped decrease those sweet food cravings and it also helped decrease
the blood sugar the cinnamon is very powerful for that. And then at last on our list. We don’t want to leave out the bitter melon
tea. Bitter melon tea is gonna support digestion. I already mentioned that’s very powerful because
so many people are suffering from digestive issues you can help lower the blood sugar
and also support weight loss. So these are some of the top teas to use well
doing fasting once again intermittent fasting, one meal a day, 3/4 day water fast. You can utilize these different teas and they
offer a lot of benefits. So I really challenge you to put down the
coffee and try some different herbal teas and see what it does for your health. Be sure to give this video a thumbs up and
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