Can Green Tea Help Treat Cancer?

[Music] tea consumption may reduce the risk of getting oral cancer not only made the consumption of tea boost the antioxidant power of our bloodstream within minutes of consumption and decrease the amount of free radical DNA damage throughout our systems overtime can also increase the antioxidant power of our saliva and decrease the DNA damage within the inner cheek cells of smokers though not as much as stopping smoking altogether so might this help precancerous oral lesions from turning into cancerous oral lesions with 900,000 people develop oral cancer annually worldwide with a 5-year overall survival rate of less than the flip of a coin oral cancer frequently arises from precancerous lesions in the mouth which each have a few percent chance every year from turning cancerous so what a perfect opportunity to see if green tea can help 59 patients with precancerous oral lesions were randomized into a tea group in which capsules of powdered tea extract were given as well as having the lesions painted with the green tea powder versus a control group that essentially got sugar pills and were painted with nothing within six months lesions in 11 of the 29 the tea group shrunk compared only 3 at 30 in the placebo group the results indicate that tea treatment can improve the clinical manifestations of the oral lesions the important question though is did it prevent them from turning cancerous but cost the trial only lasted a few months they couldn’t tell but when they scraped some cells off of the lesions there was a significant drop in DNA damaged cells within 3 months in the treatment group suggesting that things were going in the right direction ideally though we do a longer study to see if they ended up with a less cancer and while we’re at it how about a study where they just used swallowed tea components since most people don’t get finger paint with tea in their mouths we didn’t have such a study though until we did see team extraordinary clinical results with some precancerous lesions shrinking away and the study lasted long enough to see if fewer people actually got cancer but there was just as much new cancer in the green tea group as the placebo group so a higher response rate I mean the lesions looked better but no improvement in cancer-free survival which is the whole point and these days were done most on smokers and formal smokers what about lung cancer population studies suggest tea may be protective but let’s put it to the test 17 patients with advanced lung cancer given up to the equivalent of like 30 cups of green tea a day but no objective responses were seen another study 49 cancer patients 21 with lung cancer got between 4 and 25 cups worth of green tea compounds a day and again no benefits were found the only benefit green tea may be able to offer lung cancer patients is to help lessen the burns from the radiation treatments when applied on the skin as green tea compresses may be able to shorten the duration of the burns the protective effects of green tea applied topically was also seen in precancerous cervical lesions where the twice-a-day direct application of a green tea pointman showed it beneficial response in nearly three-quarters of the patients here at only about a 10% response in the untreated control group which is consistent with the anti-cancer effects of green tea compounds on cervical cancer cells in a petri dish but when women just got green tea extract pills to take the pills didn’t seem to help I’ve talked about the potential benefit of green tea wraps for skin cancer and is there any other cancer where green tea actually comes in direct contact yes colon cancer which grows from the inner surface of the colon that comes in contact with food and drink in the colon tea compounds are fermented by a good gut bacteria into compounds like 3/4 d HPA which appears to wipe out colon cancer cells while leaving normal colon cells relatively intact in vitro so 136 patients with a history of palm to random to get green tea extract pills or not and now this was a study in Japan so everyone was already drinking green tea so effectively this was comparing those who drank three cups a day to four cups a day but a year later on colonoscopy the added green tea group had only half the polyp reoccurrence and the polyps that did grow were 25% smaller that’s pretty exciting why hasn’t a larger follow-up study been done since perhaps due to the difficulty in raising funds for the study because green tea is a cheap beverage not a pharmaceutical but the good news is that thanks to a major cancer charity in Germany researchers are currently recruiting for the largest green tea cancer trial to date in which more than 2,000 patients will be randomized I look forward to presenting the results when they come in [Music] you

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