How to Make and Use Compost Tea in Your Organic Garden

Hi I’m Tricia a California organic gardner Years and years ago when I first head about compost tea I thought wow I’m really into this organic gardening, but I don’t think I can drink tea made of compost! and actually it’s not for drinking, it’s for feeding your plants! today Continue Reading

Best Hand Coffee Grinder Reviews 2017 – How to Choose the Best Hand Coffee Grinder

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What’s that smell? It’s Lavazza Gran Aroma (coffee review)

Hey welcome to Coffee Coffee Coffee this is our new set but we also like to call just our couch in our office and multimedia room right I guess there are a few computers in here I guess that qualifies as multimedia yeah and phones books yeah oh that’s right Continue Reading

Tribute To Cafe Coffee Day Founder VG Siddhartha|The Man Who Elevated The Coffee Drinking Experience

The sandwich is quite alright, but that bread certainly is interesting. The coffee is well made. Just the right strength that you want in your coffee. Hi folks, we’re on the Mysore-Bangalore highway. And we’re driving towards Bangalore. We’ve just crossed Mandya and we’re approaching Maddur shortly. Now a few Continue Reading

Rediscovering Euler’s formula with a mug (not that Euler’s formula)

It’s the holiday season, a time of year to bring people together and to do something a little bit different so Mathologer, here I’m Matt Parker from stand up maths. Hey, this Is sam from Wendover Productions and half is interesting hi everyone this James Grime from the singingbanana channel Continue Reading

Matcha Green Tea + Yoga: This 5-Minute Morning Routine Can Improve Your Entire Day! Exercise

We are here with Lau Lanes yoga instructor in Cancun, Mexico to talk about what simple routine everyone can do in their mornings. We recommend using this combination of Matcha & Yoga every morning to really awaken your body and kick-start your energy for the day. During my interview with Continue Reading