J Reviews – Reign Inferno Red Dragon

Reign has released some of the best tasting sugar-free beverages on the market. Not just energy drinks, I’m talking about beverages across all categories. I don’t think that there is a line, Bang included, that really competes with what Monster has been able to do with the Reign energy line. Continue Reading

เห็ดเข็มทองทอด ฟักทองทอด : Crispy Mushroom & Deep Fried Pumpkin by จี้จอม

deep fried mushroom and pumpkin fried crispy flour, pumpkin, soda, mushroom

しゃっくりを炭酸飲料で一発で・必ず止める方法 How to stop hiccup by drinking soda しゃっくりの止め方

I will show you how to stop hiccup. I’ve been hiccuped for about 5 minutes. Wait for next hiccup. All I use to stop hiccup is this. It’s a bottle of soda drink. Strong soda is better for stopping hiccup. Hic. I’m hiccuped! So, here we go! Put soda drink Continue Reading