Chia Seed Pudding 3 Ways (Easy & Healthy Breakfast Idea) | Homemade Food by Amanda

Hi, this is Amanda. Welcome to my
channel. Today we are going to make chia pudding with three of my favorite
flavors, and I even give them names. They’re Very berry, Tropical heat and Mocha love.
I like to have chia pudding for breakfast sometimes because they’re very nutritious and they keeps full for quite a long time. They’re also very
easy to make! What I usually do is to make a basic chia pudding, leave them in the fridge over night and then the next morning I’ll mixes with whatever flavor
I feel like having that day. And of course you can play with your own
combinations. Now let’s get started! Let’s start with the basic chia pudding. You’ll need almond milk, chia seeds, maple syrup, and a mason jar. I’m using a 500 milliliter jar.
When making basic chia pudding, the best chia seeds to liquid ratio is 1 to 6. Add
maple syrup as sweetener. Use a fork to give everything a good mix then we’re
going to seal the jar and then leave it in the fridge for at least 4 hours to
overnight. After 4 hours when chia seeds absorb all the liquid, it should be
looking like this. The first flavor is one of my favorite, Very Berry!
Ingredients you’ll need are some frozen berries, water and yogurt. In the blender
I’m mixing all the ingredients together. You can also use coconut milk or almond
milk instead of yogurt and water. Now we’re going to combine everything
together. Add 1/2 cup of basic chia pudding then add the berry mix. You can
always add a splash of maple syrup into the berry mix. I like to add some walnuts
on top. That’s it! the second flavor we are going to make is Tropical Heat.
So of course you need some tropical fruits, frozen bananas, yogurt and water. Add everything in the blender and give it a good mix. I love using frozen
bananas not only its natural sweetener, it also gives the smoothie a right
consistency. Again we’re going to assemble everything together by adding
1/2 glass of chia pudding and 1/2 glass of mango smoothie. You can garnish with
some fresh fruits and mint. Last flavor we are going to do Mocha
Love. Ingredients you’ll need are some cocoa powder and cold coffee.
In the blender, I’m adding three tablespoons of chia pudding add cocoa
powder a splash of cold coffee and blend everything well. Assemble everything by
adding the basic chia seeds and the mocha chia mix. If you like your stronger
you can blend more chia pudding with coffee. That’s it three flavors of chia
pudding for breakfast give it a try and let me know in the comment which is your favorite flavor! Don’t forget to subscribe. See you next time!

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