Chicago’s Best Cookie: Cocoa + Co.

Chicago’s Best Cookie: Cocoa + Co.

(upbeat music) We love it when you
guys are super elaborate describing the spots you love. But we also enjoy it
when you’re super simple, just like Marisa on our
app when she described Cocoa and Co. in Old Town
with just one word: chocolate. Oh, and a bunch of
exclamation points. (upbeat music) Kim, do you love chocolate? – My god, need you ask? – After three, let’s see
who loves chocolate more. Out of a scale of one to
ten, one, two, three… – Twelve!
– Twelve! (laughing) Oh! I love chocolate! Like it were a mistress of mine. But there’s always
that stain on my shirt. – It’s telltale giveaway. That’s why we’re
always in black here. – That’s a smart move. How did this place
come to fruition? – [Kim] I had to find a
legitimate source of income for my chocolate habit. You can come here and
you can fuel your passion with chocolate from all over and all different kinds
and all different people. – Cocoa and Co. is
one of the best finds in the city of Chicago. – The selection,
the wide variety of different chocolates
that she does have. – I didn’t even know
that there was chocolate from different parts of
the world that were made. – It’s not just your
everyday chocolate or just your grocery
store chocolate. It’s really special. – [Elliott] Why are you
Chicago’s Best for chocolate? – Well, let’s talk about
our twice chocolate cookie. – Why haven’t we talked about your twice chocolate cookie yet? – You had to sort
of earn that right. Think of it as like the
chocolatiest chocolate cookie you could ever have. – Do we cook them here? Where do we make them? – Expensive real estate,
no room for a kitchen. We have a wonderful partnership
with Naha restaurant, and their pastry chef, Craig,
makes all of our baked goods. – Why don’t I take the
Jeep Compass down the street, bake, and then safely
return your cookies to you. – [Kim] Thank you. – There may be some missing. (laughing) – I can’t guarantee anything. So I’ve left Kim, and
now I’m with Craig, and he is the chocolate master. – I am; we begin with butter. – Every hero’s journey:
Star Wars, butter. The lady of the lake
holds up the butter. – Forrest Gump– – He was running after
butter, wasn’t he? – He was running; he was
running after butter. – [Craig] I’m gonna work
this, ’cause I don’t trust you with the power of the mixer. – I don’t trust myself. I’m gonna put this over
here so it’s protected. And I’m gonna use
this as a barrier so I don’t touch the chocolate. I feel like I’m at home cooking
with my parents right now. – Oh yeah? – How long ’til they’re ready? (makes airplane noises) I want cookies! Finally, the chocolate
chips and pecans. I can stand here and stare
at this like all day long. Like Ferris, look
at the art down here. -[Movie] “The sausage King
of Chicago.” – [Craig] Get a good scoop. – [Elliott] About there? – [Craig] Sure. I’m really OCD about this. – So this is tough
for you right now? – Yeah, oh, man. – After a quick
bake in the oven, it’s time to safely bring
these cookies back to Kim. They arrived in one piece. Roll food porn. Describe that
little beast to me. – There are no words to
express how good they are. – It’s gooey; it’s
rich and amazing. – This perfect balance
between gooey and crunchiness. It’s really delicious. – I don’t know what
it is about it, but whenever I eat chocolate, just like every
problem doesn’t exist. – [Elliott] I’m
a man of my word. I delivered, in perfect
condition, your cookies for you. – I noticed one or
two were missing. What’s that little
crumb right there? – Oh, nothing. -Clink! It’s an exquisite
chocolate cookie. It’s still so soft. Those chocolate buttons,
which have melted and just propped
themselves up inside. – Can’t put a bad chocolate
chip in a good cookie. – I have that
tattooed on my butt. – You know, I figured you
might be that kind of guy. – [Elliott] I’ll do anything
for a free chocolate cookie. (laughing)

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  1. Does anyone like these kitchen segments? I find them to be utterly pointless 95% of the time. Just show the food porn.

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