Chit Chat Q&A – Weight Loss Truth, Dating & More!

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today we’re gonna have fun answering all of these questions and you guys my trip
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I’m going to LA for those of you who don’t know are you guys all ready for
these questions okay tips for staying stress-free during the
school year while also working okay so fun fact when I went to school I did not
work at the same time I feel extremely thankful to the people who work and go
to school I give all the praise to you because I seriously don’t know like I
honestly cannot envision it I don’t know if it’s just because I take my work
super seriously and when I look back I’m like how like how how did people work at
the same time I think the key is seriously time management
get yourself a planner do I need to give up stuff on the weekends even with not
working time management was my best friend and the parents were like Oh
someone’s who is doing this this weekend or do you want to go over here do you
want to go out there and I had to say no 99% of the time because I could not do
it my program was extremely hands-on I took interior design and Sheridan
absolutely loved it but it was so time-consuming and I’m a perfectionist
so if you follow something on paper and you see something in front of you
written I feel like it’s much easier to follow
will you ever come to Austin Texas oh my god it’s so funny enough all of
you that are from Texas and that watch me first of all I love y’all I love all
my Texas babes and I want to come to Texas I don’t know if I should come to
Austin to Houston I don’t know how far apart they are but they’re probably far
one thing I hear is that you guys have like scorching scorching hot Heat like
how do you guys survive I do want to come out surprisingly for someone who
doesn’t like the Sun I can handle heat like I really can and I have a very high
like tolerance for things with I’m extremely adaptable but I also like the
stubborn part of me just wants to go to feel it like even if I come and I die I
just I just I felt it you don’t I’m saying I just imagine this very homey
place with a lot of very friendly family-oriented people that is what I
think of do you plan on getting any more houseplants in the future or soon girl I
just got one like two days ago I can’t stop this is a warning warning warning
do not start buying lids because you will keep going like seriously guys my
first one was Fiona Fiona’s my number one first baby my snake plant she’s a
sense ERL Lauren Eddie or Loretta right what okay because you’re starting to get
plans this is not answering the question but this is so typical stuff but I don’t
really know I don’t want to kill eggs I’ve killed my other planets and I’m
just like a plant killer definitely got the snake plant as your first starter
don’t you wish you guys could do though with kids like just give me a good kid
to begin with don’t give me the hard one knowing me I’d be like give me the hard
one I want a good challenge unfortunately we can’t do that the last
vlog you guys can actually watch it I was shopping around with Amy and I’m
like please give me one of Lander 3 so I just got a birth paradise she is like
the cutest thing but I got a baby one because I don’t want to have like this
massive thing to get some point in house too strong like I really do because it’s
awesome will it affect your nails getting brittle if you get acrylic
fillings regularly I feel like there’s a lot of myths and misconceptions about
nails like nails are dead like I’m just gonna
nails are dead I don’t take off my notes to get a break from like having fake
nails like for the health reasons I take a break because I want a break not my
nails I’m not doing it for my nails some people are gonna have thinner nails in
general other people are gonna have stronger nails your diet has a lot to do
with it as well I personally I’ve had nails I’m not joking you since I was in
grade six twelve years old I’ve been putting on fake nails where do you get
your inspiration from for clothing decor excess I love you thank you for
inspiration definitely 1,000% for my decor I go to Pinterest because that’s
just that office Lilly on my home screen and I look at it day and night like I’ll
be like watching the show and I’m like I’m on Pinterest I’ll go in there for my
plant inspiration decor inspiration clothes it’s almost something that I
feel if I get inspired of course by things I see on IG stuff I thought so
I’ll get inspiration from there like to kind of mix up my own pieces and do what
I imagined in my mind or sometimes I’ll be like oh I don’t know if that’s gonna
look crazy because that’s not try me but that’s who I am so I’ll do it anyways
love love Pinterest you guys have got to have that out we’re gonna be able to
find a plant called the snake plant thank you sure this a few times but IKEA
okay and I’m pretty sure they have IKEA pretty much all around the world I
believe the new IKEA has plans for the most like lowest prices plants can get
really expensive because people know that it’s trendy right now go there
because it has like two or three different types of snake plans or look
up a plant nursery around your area but I’m warning you that plant nurseries
will jack up the price and they also have fit Aleve thanks you guys if you
had two extra hours in a day what would you do with them guys when I has extra
time I just go to a plant nursery or shopping I just always loved looking at
things I don’t have to leave with anything but I just love things and I
love that I love looking at clothing now looking at decor because now I have my
own place always loved looking at decor but when you really need it now it’s
like it’s that much more exciting oh my god
my drink first I would seriously like go shopping more of my joking I could use
some more relaxing to guys I don’t do a lot of that as well so this is from a
Canadian follower hey girl can you do a condo share with your
furniture now so I am gonna be doing like a full-blown video with all of my
kind of decor but it’s just it’s not ready yet and I was telling you guys
before it’s gonna take a while I just don’t want to show like a half version
of what I have maybe like in a vlog I could show you guys what I have right
now but it’s obviously not done yet and I thought some parts of it was done and
then I’m like no it could be better cuz I’m such a perfectionist that’s
definitely gonna be in that video where I show you guys a little full kind of
transformation it’s written in Portuguese but it says a video in
Portuguese question mark and a winky face guys you’re making me get all ready
there you guys can tell because I have makeup on but y’all are making me red I
don’t know what it is but when I speak Portuguese I get really shy but yet I
can do Spanish like I don’t know I guess cuz it’s not my language before cheese
is I do know how to speak Portuguese but I do get like I can’t way more like shy
and self-conscious when I speak Portuguese
I guess because there’s so much pressure because you are Portuguese or if you are
Spanish it’s like you must speak Spanish and it’s just all this pressure but I
think I couldn’t I don’t think I would do a video in Portuguese I think I was
so weird but I do know how to speak it though are you closer to your sister Amy
now that you both have moved and she first moved it was kind of like in a way
like we were super close but it was like kind of in a way I couldn’t relate
because I was still at my parents but now that we’ve moved it’s like it’s
funny because me and Amy we are in two completely different places in our lives
you know she’s been a committed sir solution ship and you know she wants
kids whereas I’m like sister that’s just like living her life
living her best life you go through different stages with your siblings and
you guys probably know that too where they’re at this stage and you’re at that
stage so my priorities are gonna be different than their senior name maybe
now I can relate to her because I am moved out you know what I mean and she
just got her new place you know but like her wanting kids I’m not at that level
but as you grow older and you realize like okay I’m living this type of life
and you’re living that type of life you kind of just realize that you kind of go
a little bit off in your separate ways and that’s okay there’s nothing wrong
with that I think for me I took it a little bit hard because because I was
kind of like not only a older sister to Amy but also like a mother figure to her
as well I think it was hard for me to watch them you know move on stuff like
that I’m not trying to do this today y’all you know and then when you hear
like they want children and they’re at that stage and you’re just not there you
know it’s it’s a little bit hard to do with it’s a little bit hard to swallow
that because this is just not what I imagined at 29 years old but I’m at the
stage and at this age where I’m like but this is where you’re at because you’re
supposed to be here there’s a plan I’m genuinely enjoying where am i it’s just
when you look back especially as you’re like approaching 30 you know and it’s
funny Kourtney Kardashian was talking about that when she turned 40 she’s like
this is not where I imagine my life are at a certain place now where I can
relate to her more because she is like doing a bunch of home stuff and then I’m
doing a bunch of home stuff so we get to relate on that we’ve always loved that
but when you’re doing it at the same time it’s actually quite fun how was
your weight-loss journey going so it’s a very it’s definitely weight loss
journeys are not this you know incredibly easy thing I told you guys
and was open with you bias that I did gain 10 to 12 pounds I around Christmas
time I haven’t fully lost that now because I did go through a period
especially with moving oh my god you guys it’s so stressful that there’s no
way in my opinion I could have made the gym and my fitness journey my priority
during that time it’s just insane I’m human I’m gonna fall and a little bump
was just also a part of my weight luster I recently was getting so back to the
gym and everything and I feel like I don’t know if it’s because like I’m
going away and traveling or I feel like a lot of it is my PMDD tomb it’s hard
for me to keep going with that and you guys have to understand that I haven’t
always had this thing as bad as they have it now you know it’s hard for you
guys to like get to the gym for just like normal reasons when people don’t
want to go so imagine that being like five times as words like when I don’t
have it I’m like let’s go to the gym let’s be fat let’s do this when it comes
around it’s like I don’t want to do it I have to watch everything else like my
diet and eating you can still lose weight by just watching what you’re
eating that I think a lot of people don’t know that these things they only
are going to make me stronger and if they happen to you guys are only going
to make you stronger to my weight loss journey was like going amazing I was on
fire at meet Amy we’re actually talking about this when we were together you
just wanted over the gym like four or five times a week and you’re so addicted
you’re so obsessed in the beginning you see all that happening but guys like
those things happen in the beginning so fast and so good because this is
something new to you and it’s so exciting after you’re doing it for like
two years that fire you can’t expect you to be the same a second a relationship
like do you get those same butterflies when you see your man after like being
with him for four or five years whereas before you like oh my god he’s coming
over and you’re like so excited you know what I mean so it’s the exact thing
eight the key is you have to find a way to
create some sort of fire excitement back again that’s the honest truth guys it’s
not as easy as it was in the beginning it’s really not you know I’ve recently
just got over it and now it’s like I feel like I’m in the mood to go back to
the gym so sometimes it’s a lot of pressure because I’m here trying to
guide you guys but I I can’t make it look like this perfect journey to you
guys I cannot because you guys are gonna be like how come is so perfect for her
and so easy for her when I’m having so many challenges and I feel like I’m a
crazy person well you’re not crazy I’m going through crazy things too it’s not
as easy anymore in just the truth are you talking to anyone
I have to ask um possibly you guys I’m so like private about that part of my
life like I seriously am and I’ve already told you guys like when that
person comes along I think I’m gonna be like extremely private and I don’t want
you guys to be like you know well she shows us everything else but she’s not
showing us this part of her life well it’s a very private part of my life and
I’ve even promised myself this time even with family I’m gonna be very private I
want to take my time before I even bring this person you know Nate mean up to
everyone else because that’s just that’s just how I want to do it I don’t want to
do it the same way I’ve done it in the past well yeah I am I’m definitely open
to dating and finding my friends terming that’s how I’m gonna answer that
question what was your job before YouTube would you do go to college
university if so for what so I went to interior design was for college and my
job before YouTube was a regular nine-to-five and I worked at a furniture
manufacturer it was kind of like along my field since it was kind of you know
into interior design somewhat and I loved I got to work with fabrics which
is like I love working with fabrics who like I am like obsessed with fabrics
that’s what I used to do do you go on dates so another fun fact is I cannot
stand going on dates I’ve described it as going on an interview before I can’t
stand it I feel like it’s so not it’s like when you meet a friend you don’t go
what’s your favorite color what’s it with that I feel like I hang out with
that person and I slowly find out about them I don’t like to grill them and ask
some questions and I feel like that’s what a date is so I personally can’t
stand it I’m just not gonna enjoy myself and I kind of tell them straight up like
listen if we’re gonna go on a date don’t interview me like this is not like we’re
not doing that I just tell them to straight up off blunt about it let’s go
out and do something fun and see how we work together cuz that’s important too
and you’re gonna find out from there I’m gonna open up more organically but if
you sit me down like at a coffee shop or something I’m gonna be extremely shut
and interrogation how do you do with anxiety and low self-esteem so funny
thing about PMDD it makes you feel like you are extremely extremely alone that
stuff’s just the beautiful part about it I think if you already have a low
self-esteem it’s got to be tough for you guys like I really feel for you because
I don’t I wouldn’t say I have a low self-esteem there’s things that I have
low self-esteem about and there’s other things I don’t like when I walk outside
the house I feel completely confident for my physical self and I’m fine with
it on the inside I wish I didn’t overthink so much and feels so much
anxiety I have a lot of social anxiety if I probably don’t think that but I do
I have a lot of social anxiety I feel super awkward talking to a group of
people I feel extremely uncomfortable and that is I feel conscious when I’m in
a big group of people and people are like asking me questions I’m just like
the pmed also gives you a lot of anxiety as well so that’s why I’m bringing it up
because that’s when I feel my most anxiety and the thing I feel I need to
do is I can’t be around people because I can’t be worried about how I’m making
you feel and how I’m feeling at the same time I need to focus on myself I need to
make myself okay you have to find what makes you happy because when you’re
having anxiety it’s like your mind is trying to pull you down whatever you
tell your mind and whatever you allow your mind to believe you have no idea
how much power that has so if your mind is telling you you suck you’re not good
enough you’re not pretty enough you’re ugly you’re skinny you’re fat whatever
it is that your mind is trying to tell you if you start to even believe that
imagine it being like a seed and then growing into a planet if you feed that
seed it’s only going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger do not put
yourself around people that make you feel this way if taking a poisonous pill
and being like yep I’m gonna be around this music helps me a lot it is a big
escape for me last time I had anxiety I was like cleaning out my kitchen and I
did an organizing video I had so much anxiety that day
did that video I let all that energy out and by the end of the night I’m like I
feel so good I think you need to take that big ball of anxiety and release it
some way or another and for me it was that way breathing is also really good
meditation is really really good worrying is doing absolutely nothing
that’s why I really try to not get anxious about something that I shouldn’t
I’m getting anxious about the fact that I haven’t even packed yet I can’t tell
you how much anxiety is giving me but I tell what do I do I tell myself this is
literally what I do you guys I tell myself you’re gonna get it done you
still have time to do it it’s gonna go great I told myself three positive
things you know what I could have done I could have sex myself oh my god
you only have stolen so days left and how are you gonna get this done do you
think this is gonna feed me the proper things I need the proper fuel that’s
what you have to do same thing with your low self-esteem tell yourself three good
things about yourself and remind yourself who cares what your brain is
trying to tell you about yourself tell yourself three amazing things about
yourself to bring yourself back up and realize what’s more important are you
ready to see a lot of Latino eye candy during your trips ah guys I know there’s
a lot of Latinos out there in LA I just oh are you gonna get a puppy any
time soon guys this makes me so like sad but then also a happy at the same time I
don’t I don’t know I told Amy I feel like it’s gonna be extremely impulsive
when I do like I feel like one day I’m just gonna wake up and be like oh my god
I’m getting a damn puppy like I just feel like it’s gonna be like that I said
right now I’m kind of just being to be honest with you I’m kind of just being a
little bit selfish I’m living for myself right now and I’m taking care of myself
and I’ve never been on my own and they feel like it’s important for you to do
that I think I see myself eventually I’m not gonna say 100% but I think I see
myself eventually and I can see it being like extremely spontaneous what is the
best day you’ve ever been on guys you want to know something
like I’ve barely been ID’d like I’m not much of you barely cuz I wasn’t allowed
to like go on a date until I was like what 18 19 like it’s quite pathetic but
you just were not allowed to this my parents to let me know or myself with a
guy so best shit I’ve ever been on I don’t think I’m good at this dating
thing how to not care or have anxiety about what others think by the way I
love your videos thank you babe saying negative things to and leaving either
negative comments of saying negative things to your face those people
actually love you let me explain they cannot beat you they see you as up
here and they see them is down here that’s why they feel like they have to
be like okay let me attack her to try and bring her down but baby girl big
girl they can’t bring you down honey and whether the size of like a little
molecule of matcha that’s small baby girl you were a big girl
so you are this big beautiful thing and there’s that little tiny molecule but
the thing is your outshining them so much so they have to try to bring you
down please do not shrink yourself to the level of the molecule
don’t don’t don’t do it don’t do it I mean it’s not cute it’s really not cute
stay classy this is classy this ain’t classy okay this is classy
and that’s why they’re trying to be you like you don’t want anything nice to say
you don’t say it at all I’m never gonna like what everybody does but the fact
that I have to let it out or type it out with my fingers because I’m a coward
the fact that I have to do that is because I like something that I see in
you I love something that I see in you and I don’t have that if you care you’re
coming down to this level you’re all the way up here don’t do it honestly just
don’t even do it you’re too cute for it honey just get yourself dressed put on a
cute outfit put on your makeup and look cute honey
they still got you actually probably gonna make them even more mad but that’s
okay don’t care about what people think because number one not everyone is going
to ever like you there’s not one person on this planet that is liked by
everybody not even Beyonce there’s people I don’t
like Beyonce you don’t especially a random stranger oh my god
don’t girl curl just stop what is your type of guy jack or a bitch oh okay so
she said jack or a bit or chuck my god that that word is so cute
okay it’s not attracted to like skinny guys I’m gonna talk to the guys that
have meat on them don’t mind a little chubby but I like a guy that’s like more
jacked like I really do like if you spit you know what I’m saying I have a thing
for arms elbows arms be like honey you better be able to carry me with those
things I think I’m blushing right now but I like to guy that’s jacked I’m not
even gonna front right now what is your current weight so I haven’t weighed
myself in like two weeks but I think I might like 135 ish I might go away my
goal weighs 120 my doctor says please don’t go to 115 cuz you will not look
good as it my doctor is so funny he’s always said you come from a very
voluptuous family of women that have big hips and you guys are just meant to have
a very curvy woman wouldn’t leave feminine shape I just don’t think you’re
gonna look good I want to defin like I like you do you plan on visiting Egypt
one day oh my god that sounds like a freaking dream Wow to go to Egypt that
seems like so surreal I would love to the guys seriously would I think I’d
just be like walking around like will you blog the next time you do no I feel
like I didn’t okay let’s read that again will you blog the next time that you dye
your hair I can if you guys want to see it I just I can’t I don’t know where I’m
at right now with my hair they don’t it’s like come down all the way to here
my roots are like literally five inches long I’m about to sneeze thank you loves
me feel like you know like when you think your mascara is like underneath
your eyelashes you still look cute where did you get your plants so I get
them from plant nurseries most of the time I love shared in nurseries they
have a ton of different locations I love there’s Terra Terra Gardens there is
Mississauga nurseries I just woke up like plant nurseries
area oh my god you guys when I go to LA I just want to see a plant nursery
because you guys probably have like the most amazing plant and I swear to God if
I find one or two or three or four no just let me know if you guys know a good
plant nursery in LA do youtube your full-time job it is girl honey let me
tell you it’s a full-time job I think if I don’t take it seriously but if you are
doing this full-time it is not a joke do you find that dating is different since
you lost weight um I haven’t dated like not much to to notice that but I think
when you lose weight you become you gain this confidence I definitely saw a
really huge jump even though I did have confidence before you definitely feel a
bit more like you have a little bit more of a pip in your step you don’t even eat
did I say pimp and your stuff easier in the sense that you just kind of grow
this like respect for yourself a little bit more because you know once you lose
that weight it’s so rewarding you feel a little bit more you know like watches
though do you want kids one day so I mentioned a long time ago when I would
do these Q&A is that of course I wanted kids and I wanted like two or three and
it was really sure were you know then my last Q&A I admitted that I just I’ve
always felt the pressure to want them and it was always like embedded in my
head that I must have them because I’m a woman and I’m reaching a certain age
where I should be worried about this as time has gone on I’ve accepted that if I
don’t want them that is okay you only knew like my sisters would tell you if
they were here how much I love children you know and I’ve always said I will
love someone else’s children just as much as mine and sometimes I’m like but
how can you not eat for yourself I think it’s because where I am right now and
like I said I’m just kind of taking care of myself right now
that when you’re taking care of yourself you don’t really you’re not in that
mindset of thinking about I mean that in that kind of stage but it’s funny
because recently I really been thinking about it I don’t know if it’s because I
know I’m in the stage but I kind of want something to come at some point I don’t
know guys I feel like I can see it me like one or two I can see one or two
kids still not right now obviously it’s tricky you know some days I’m like I do
want it and some days I am like you know what I don’t know if it’s for me I
definitely only want to do it when I fully can you know truly be happy about
it I don’t think you’ll ever be ready to be a parent
that’s not what I’m talking about but even wanting kids it’s extremely
important to know if you want them or not yeah I think my mind is changing a
little bit I don’t know if it’s cuz I’m getting older maybe the idea it’s not as
scary anymore maybe that’s what it is maybe I’m just scared or something but I
also don’t want to rush myself so I think in the future I can possibly see
it but I’m also not gonna force myself to believe that I have to just because
I’m a woman they’re so independent do you miss having a partner the only times
I miss Kade this is the thing with me I’m either extremely independent or when
I’m in a relationship I’m like I’m in a relationship with you so now I’m gonna
be dependent on you for certain things because if I’m not dependent on you for
certain things I just don’t feel the need to be in a relationship like first
of all I’m only get into a relationship if I I’m like okay I can see you being
this and this and this for me like I can see being my best friend I can see you
being that person that’s a listening hear a shoulder to cry on and I do
expect things from a man like I why am I gonna get involved with you if you’re
not gonna like take care of me in certain ways because then I can just
take care of myself and I don’t believe in just being with someone so that I’m
not alone no you’re in my life for certain things you’re in my life for a
certain purpose and I’ve been yours too for a certain purpose you don’t a mean
let’s say for example I’m just gonna use the stupid example if I change the oil
in my car right now if you’re my man that’s your job now like that is your
job to change the oil in my car so my job anymore
it’s just I’m very very traditional and I feel like I like when a man that’s a
traditional role and I like when women have traditional roles too so if he goes
out and do that I have no problem with cooking a meal for us you don’t need me
that’s just how I am we’re gonna go out I want you in the
driver’s seat and I want to be the passenger seat
don’t have to be in the dorm you see anymore you know I don’t have to always
kind of like watch out beat myself feel safe he can make me feel safe now
because I have in there and for him I feel like with a guy I feel like they
need you know guys have this thing where they have to be strong all the time and
I think what a woman does it allows from that safe place for them to be emotional
when they have to be and let out their fears the guys never like allowed to
talk about their fears because they have to be so strong and tough and I feel
like that’s what they need a woman for us to soften them up so I feel like
that’s what we do as women you know we cook for them we take care we take care
of them and we kind of are like a second mom to them I feel like that’s what a
guys looking for is a second mom and we’re looking for a second dad what was
the question again like I do miss having a partner they’re having a best friend
having someone where I’m not having such a great day I think all that person that
person will make me feel better those things I do miss I’m just so capable of
like really just doing everyday things on my own and taking care of myself that
I only miss it if I really am going through those tough times that’s what I
miss it I’m not dependent on having someone which is a good thing
you shouldn’t like walk around things like I need someone but I think it’s I
think it’s healthy to have that person there and be like okay now that you’re
here I need you for this and this and this that I used to do alone but also I
don’t need you for this and this and this because I have to run alone where
do you see yourself in five years so this question always like gets me so
like I feel like it gets me a little bit nervous because I’m such a perfectionist
it scares me a bit to think that far in the future but I do really want to
design my own clothing line you guys it’s something I really really want to
do I didn’t wanted to do it for such like a long time even before I started
you to lose one of my dreams I think I also see myself in a relationship and
you never know there might be a little bump being a walking around why did I
say that I can Italian baby I don’t know I almost want to like try living
somewhere else guys it’s like I don’t know if that’s just my fantasy Pisces
let’s just talking but I just do I get very bored it’s your biggest fear so my
biggest fear I think I’ve mixed this before is toilet and I have
think really if I need to tell you guys like specifically toilets flooding I
have a really big fear of it it just gives me so much anxiety I don’t know
when the fear started but it started when I was younger
somehow I don’t have nightmares of these gigantic toilets like when you walk into
a washroom there on these pedestals there and they’re these massive toilets
and they’re overflowing and someone like tells you like okay pick one and let go
go to the washroom and I’m just like I don’t like one weird if you want me to
wash I want that freaking thing I think looks like a goddamn monster here’s the
other thing I have a fear of like I will not go into all this in the bus I will
not go into a lift on a plan and I will not go on the little toilets like those
holes they can find like when you’re in Mike the middle of nowhere oh my god
when I was at the Bruce Peninsula there was a toilet and it was legit a hole and
meaning he had to go so bad we both went the same washroom we do that all the
time we’ve been in public places y’all and I walk in and I said to her I was
like legit my joking I was like almost screaming I was like I’m not going on
that bullshit so I have a fear for like really different looking toilets if it
has funky buttons I hate those toilets where and then when the light goes off
like when you get up and it’s just like oh did you really have to do that
wouldn’t think that violent flush you’re just like here’s my funny story so I was
thinking to myself you’ll have a 5 in like 20 minute our flight to LA so
here’s my plan I’m not joking like I’m sorry if y’all
playing this extra bottom to crap I don’t like airplane toilets and it was
kind of making me nervous I don’t know what if I have to go to the washer and
I’m not gonna drink water but what if I have to go
not sitting almost WHMIS because from what I remember the airplane toilet you
have to like sit on something like not just the bowl and I remember it being
too high for me to sit on we’re not sitting on a toilet or not like we’re
just not thanks for this look absolutely sci-fi and disgusting and just crazy and
just too scary I’m legit like not even kidding you I’m legit bringing a bag
with me or something and if I have to go we will
be going in there and I will be flushing down my pee
I just confess then just confess my plan on the plane that’s what’s happening I
don’t care I don’t care if you have a pair of toilets you know what I’m
talking about and if you do please don’t make me feel alone and comment down
below because it is if you have a like a fear of spiders
imagine 50 spiders around you that’s what it feels like for me to pee in a
toilet so no so I’m gonna end it right here and
it answered most of your questions that I possibly could thank you guys so so so
much for sending them in if you guys enjoy this video give it a big thumbs up
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if you guys wanna see more of them I love this video so much that I haven’t
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