Clevercoffee — The new Coffee Shop in Cardiff Bay

Last year we saw the exciting tender to do
all the conference and events here at Techniquest, so we bid for it and luckily won, and that
has led us to opening this lovely new coffee shop, Clevercoffee. We think we’ve brought something different. Everything is home-made, our salads and baguettes
are artisan and bespoke. We have lots of exciting new cakes and pastries. We’ve designed something really clever, we think,
for this coffee shop. Working with Techniquest has been really great.
They’re very adaptable and really helpful, and it’s a great environment to be involved
with. You can just come in straight off the street,
and sample our exciting produce. We are open at Clevercoffee Tuesday right
through to Sunday, on weekdays we open until 3pm, and then
at weekends we are open until 5pm.

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