Coca-Cola Coffee Plus Taste Test

Coca-Cola Coffee Plus Taste Test

– Japan’s got a new drink,
and we gonna drank it. – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) Good Mythical Morning. – Now you may have heard the rumors, whoa, don’t get so close to me. – I’m just thinking that
when you’re talking, I’m gonna start looking
at you more intently – I don’t like that idea.
– Okay, whatever. – You may have heard the
rumors that Coca-Cola used to have cocaine in it, that’s
not a rumor, that’s a fact. Luckily for us, and for
you, we are not going to recreate that original recipe today, we’re gonna do something different. – Here’s the deal, Coke has
just come out with a new drink exclusive to Japanese vending machines with another drug in it, coffee. It is called Coca-Cola Coffee Plus. – Ooh, I like that. – I guess the plus is
the Coca-Cola, I mean, it’s Coca-Cola Coffee Plus,
but it’s just those two things. – Coca-Cola Plus Coffee really would have been a better name. – Coca-Cola Coffee Plus is
what they’re calling this, calling it, they didn’t ask us. But here’s the thing,
we can’t travel to Tokyo in order to get this.
– What! – To get some of this drink,
so we’re gonna carry on the tradition that we
established last Wednesday that when a new fun food
or drink item happens somewhere on Earth that we can’t buy, well we’re gonna make it so we can try it. It’s time for Stuff We
Try That You Can’t Buy: Coca-Cola Coffee Plus. – Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re not gonna just mix
coffee and Coke together, we want to get as
accurate a representation of what Coca-Cola Coffee
Plus actually tastes like so we can judge it for ourselves. We’re gonna get a little bit scientific, put your thinking caps on
and follow along, okay. So we know that these things
come in 190-milliliter cans, which is about 6.4 ounces, and we know that they’re 42 calories. We know that coffee doesn’t
have any calories in it, so we gotta get to 42
calories worth of Coke, which is four ounces, and
then we gotta get all the way to 6.4 ounces total,
which means 2.4 ounces of coffee concentrate, so– – I feel I’m in ken la–, chem lab. – Start with the concentrate over here– – Or Ken lab, which I
did attend a few times. – Now here’s what we’re gonna do. – This is a shiny scale. – We are going to zero out the scale. This is a fluid ounce
scale, we’re not measuring, we are measuring volume, but
we’re doing it with this scale. So I’m gonna, oh, it’s
already zeroed out at this. – It’s done it. – And now I’m going to take, so this is 2.4 ounces of cold-brew coffee, coffee concentrate, and
now I’m gonna add this until I get to 6.4 total. – If you get the ratios off,
I mean, what are you drinking? Just something some jerk poured. And we can be jerks at times,
but that’s not happening right now, so there you go, you’re gonna get the exact ratio. – So when I get to four,
’cause it’s zeroed out, there we go, that is exactly
what you would be getting if you were getting a
Coca-Cola Coffee Plus. – Now I think if they’re, they
drink it right out of the can but I’m assuming that
can’s cold and our Coke wasn’t that cold, so we gotta
get the total experience here with a little ice. Look at you cute little ice. – Okay, and mix it up with
your little dealy-o there. – I’m doing a vertical mix,
which is how they do it in Japan, they do just a– – Never been there, I don’t know. – It’s a vertical mixing
technique that I learned– – Haven’t seen any mixing in Japan. – I learned on my sabbatical. – Oh, a spoon was just placed
over there for next round. Okay, here we go. You know what Link,
why don’t you be first? – Dink it. – I’ll drink after you. (lip smacking) Thoughts? – It’s great. It’s great. – It’s great.
– It’s so great. – It is pretty good, man. – Now, I mean I usually,
I’ll put cream in my coffee, you don’t drink coffee much anymore. – No I don’t.
– But something about like, – Oooh, it’s nice.
– The frothy head on that that the Coke gives it satisfies my need for
cream, but there’s no cream. – We can’t call it Coca-Cola Coffee Plus, because we’re not 100 percent
sure that we got exact, we did the best that we could, we gotta come up with
our own name for this. So what are we gonna call this? – Cokey? – How ’bout Cofola? – Cofola.
– Cofola? – Yeah, that sounds like you got– – I like Cokey, that
sounds, that would catch on. – Cokefefe. – Okay, but why stop at
adding coffee to Coke, we can do this with a
lot of other soft drinks. – Let’s get ahead of Japan. I’m tired of them being ahead of me. – Let’s move on to one of my
favorite drinks, Dr. Pepper. We got some more concentrate. – Alright, we’re gonna
go with the same ratio. – We zeroed out there. – I know I’m not gonna like this one, I don’t even want to drink,
I don’t like Dr. Pepper. Me and the Doctor don’t get along. Just the whole turn-and-cough thing. – [Rhett] Oh gosh, and, oh gosh. – What’d you do, did you get, oh it’s– – I got a little excited. – Got really frothy, boop. – Oh gosh. – Not gonna get a lot of ice in this one. – And the spoon. I’m gonna do the American technique, I’m going to go in a circle. – Alright, give it a drink. I’m not even interested
in tasting this one. – You have to drink it. You can’t get out like that,
you can’t go out like that. – What do you call it? – Dr. Peppy. – As much as I hate Dr. Pepper, I like the coffee part, it’s better. It’s interesting how the coffee is– – That’s better to me. – It’s not overwhelming. – That is better, that’s better than the Coca-Cola Coffee Plus. – Not to me, but it’s pretty good. Let’s try Sprite. – I was way ahead of you Link. – Now we’re gonna call this one, woah. – Did you guys shake that up on purpose? – We’re gonna call this one Spresso, and you’re just gonna pour it in there. – I’m trying not to get so much fizz. – Oh yeah, there you go,
bank it off the side, a nice bank shot, that’s how
you made all those threes in high school.
– Yeah. – Did you ever make bank-shot threes? I know you always brag
about holding the record, but how many of ’em were bank shots? – About 90 percent. – What if they were, what
if you were known as the guy who held the record for threes – They call me the banker.
– Made using the bank shot. – Banker’s back in business. – Does anybody do that? There’s gotta be like one
NBA player from history. – Look at that, it totally
turned the Sprite brown. I guess I could’ve guessed
that was gonna happen. – Yes, yes. And what’s next, you be
pouring the next one. – That doesn’t work. – Orange Crush, oh you
wanna go to Red Bull? – Let’s make a Brown Bull. – This tastes bad, this
is not a good idea. Coke and coffee, good idea though. Again, those Coke engineers. – You can ice it over there. – Yeah, they got some good ideas. – And I’ll, give me that last coffee, and I’ll do one Orange Crush. Make a Brown Crush, I’m just
gonna keep adding brown to it. – Mmmm, yeah Brown Bull! It tastes no different. Like the Red Bull is so overwhelming, I can’t taste the coffee. So all I’m doing is adding
more caffeine to a Red Bull, which is not healthy probably. – Let me try some of that. – Oh you didn’t try that one? – Nope, I handed it to you, – Try that one.
– And that’s the Brown Rush, Brown Crush. – I call this an Orange Rush. – Orange Rush.
– Orange Rush. – Yeah, yeah, I just like bro–, I want brown to be in all of it. Can we put brown in all of it? Oh that is awful. That is real bad. Dr. Pepper was my favorite, Dr. Peppy was definitely my favorite. Let me taste the Orange,
Brown Crush and see what’s up. – Chase it down. I didn’t love the orange,
it just tasted like watered-down orange, so I
don’t recommend that one. – No, that’s not good. The original creation is
good, if you’re in Japan, I suggest paying whatever it is to get it out of the vending machine. And Dr. Pepper give us a call, we know how to make a great drink. – Get you a scale, try it at home. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, my name’s Carrie, and
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  1. Coca Cola did this in 2006 in the United States, it was called Coca Cola Blak. It was actually pretty good I was young and not into coffee really at the time and yet I enjoyed it. Forgot it existed until this video.

  2. So there's Coca-Cola Energy and Coffee now here in Japan.. Oh god, I can't even imagine someone drinking those at the same time. lol

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