Coffee and Mortality

Coffee and Mortality

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  1. Aww yeah!  Fellow coffee addicts unite!  Celebrating this video with a french press full of freshly ground and brewed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe right now!

  2. All the loons are coming out. New nutritionfacts video- great, love it! It's about coffee- how dare you this is so wrong! Post more about coconut oil and gmo's and make these people unsubscribe if they don't like the published literature.

  3. I generally like his videos but this one made my eyebrows rise when the study stated that coffee could cut the rate of death due to injuries and accidents. How can a drink have such magical powers?

  4. I wonder if they separated coffee drinkers with milk and those without.
    Could possibly skew the results slightly.

  5. Its sad to see that people cant tackle their day UNLESS they drink a cup of coffee, and even more sad that they cant make it through the other half of their day without ANOTHER

  6. Woah. This video is loaded with information that seems to be quite random. The focus goes from coffee to caffeine, to tea, to caffeine, to chocolate, and finally to coffee. The takeaway message seems to be to drink tea instead of coffee.

  7. I drink coffee after I wake up simply because it helps to kick start the brain but at the same time, I like the taste of coffee to tea, even though on the odd occasion drink tea in the afternoon or evenings including herbal. I avoid dairy products so put coconut milk in it instead of cow’s milk (except herbal tea). That way restricting any harmful affect from drinking coffee in general as dairy products will do more harm to the body that caffeine in the long term. I keep it to 4 cups daily and don’t feel too bad from it, I do a lot of exercises so don’t feel any negative effects from consuming caffeine.

  8. Interesting that none of the studies separated smokers in the total mortality group since, as a former smoker I know that a cup of coffee "has" to be accompanied with a cigarette or two and then another cup of coffee. Since eliminating cigarettes from my life my consumption of coffee has been reduced to one cup a day simply because I don't "enjoy" the extra cups. I'm sure the science wouldn't show that smokers who drank multiple cups of coffee live longer…

  9. I drink 1-2 cups per day. If my mortality is being reduced…..Its exasperated by the Mello Yello in the evening. Or the gummy bear addiction.

  10. I like the research behind coffee, moderation is key. I actually cycle my coffee consumption. The main benefits from coffee are boosting exercise performance, metabolism and fat loss. I also like the cognitive benefits as well. A few caveats are obviously the potential increase in cortisol and adrenal overdrive, as well as disrupted sleep patterns. I'm a big fan of green tea and other herbal teas, coffee certainly has its place, but as I said, I like to cycle it and periodize it. It's a great option to include, but for me I like using it in moderation.

  11. You know whenever I find out somebody has a relative or an acquaintance over 100-year-old I try to learn as much as I can about their diet & lifestyle. So far I found 5 people and seem like none of them drinks coffee regularly. Again maybe just a coincidence, or isn't it? I dunno…

  12. Your body needs alkaline foods, not acid foods because your body creates its on acids. Coffee is the highest acid food known to man and creates an over acid enviroment in the body and a low PH balance. Alkaline foods like raw veggies and fruits create a balanced PH in the body between 64 & 72, which creates a healthier body. It's not how long you live but how healthy a life you live with less aches and pains.

  13. Nothing like a little dis~information from "Nutrition Facts"…Studies backed by big pharma…. Coffee is acidic, and acidifies the body. Nothing you share is factual. You put a spin on all of that which is actually factual. You cherry pick certain studies to fit your agenda….. Live foods, live bodies, for it is the live enzymes that fuel the trillion of cells in our electric bodies. Not cooked, processed, packaged, genetically modified poisons….These do not effectively raise our own personal vibrations, and this includes acidic coffee. Thank you~ Have a blessed day.

  14. Tea with brown sugar is all I drink when it comes to hot drinks. I also love tomato juice and vegetable juice. Oh and my god juice is orange juice. You can bribe me with orange juice.

    These energy drinks are dangerous. I wouldn´t call them energy drinks but poisin drinks. We´ve had a news report showing how especially young boys at the age of around 16 have developed heart diseases after drinking too much of these drinks. They have weak hearts now and can´t even do basic exercises now.

  15. I love both coffee and tea and am leaning towards tea more. It sucks because authentic natural tea is expensive. I drink quality coffee that's non GMO and I know that still doesn't matter.

  16. I'd rather have proper amounts of high quality water than your low quality cheapass coffee or tea shit from China or wherever, loaded with pesticides and harvested by children. Fuck that. Am I the only one who's happy with simple water?

  17. Dr greggor, I love you but… you and me are coffee addicts and the problem that we knwo but chose to ignore it.

  18. i love my cafe negro i want the spoon to stand up in the cup. i cut drastically cut back how much i consume over the years, i went from 2-4pots a day to 1 or 2 cups 2-4days a week. sometimes i'll quit for a year (even stopped for 5 years)then get right back on the pot(coffee). now that STARBUCK'S is on almost every corner there is no chance of me giving up yukon blend.not for all the tea in china or england. 💘 you dr.gregor. stopped energy drinks in 2011 the hidden ingredients are disgusting!

  19. Regarding the last message of the video, some of those energy drinks and pre-workouts are now up to 500mg of caffeine now. Also, do you have a video talking about coffee triggering cholesterol spikes? I was told that with a french press that one should still use a paper filter to avoid the cholesterol spike. I was looking for more information and so I come to the only trusted source 🙂

  20. I have afib, and caffeine ALWAYS increases my episodes. Those academic studies are junk. Why do you believe everything that is published?

  21. I read a study that said that that coffee increased homocysteine at more than 5 cups a day. That may be the reason why there is a plateau in positive effects at 5 cups.

    I wonder if there would be a synergistic effect with compounds that lower homocysteine and compounds that dilate the blood vessels.

  22. not all coffee is the same .. so it makes these sudies hard .. you would have to break the coffee drinkers into subgroups based on how much cream and sugar per cup ..

  23. .15 cup of coffee, or 3 small pieces of chocolate, gives me a migraine. The only energy drink that doesn't give me a migraine is called "Rehab" which still has caffeine, and helps me stay awake when driving. I'd like to know which ingredient keeps me alert. My aunt told me it's the taurine.

  24. These X number of coffee cups seems to be for US I assume. No way I could drink 5 cups European coffee and benefit from it. Will overdose more likely : )

  25. Good enough for me!! What's a cup though? What if I brew it STRONG and fill up a 16oz cup about 13oz full of coffee and the rest full of soymilk? If I drink 2 cups like that, have I drunk 2 cups, or way more?

  26. exactly how does 12 cans kill you? Stop your heart maybe? im sensitive to caffeine and don't drink coffee but do struggle with soda, chocolate, caffeine pills that I use a pill splitter as 200 mg is way too much at one time. and 5 cups of coffee is insane. I go by mg and a cup is about 50mg, so thats 250mg. May not kill you, but the other effects are not only unpleasant for you but for others. if you find having some makes you less irritable, then thats addiction.

  27. what is a cup? in a world where dripolators are seen less and expresso machines have taken over, I like to understand what the standard is comparable to.

  28. well, at least tea, unlike coffee, doesn't make one's breath and sweat smell terrible!

  29. pancreatic cancer n breast cancers fro m stimulating breast fibroids are just 2 of problems w coffee,not to mention depression n for some really allergic causes psychotic violent episodes like violent moms sleep deprivation who use coffee to keep up busy activities

  30. Tbh I don't drink coffee or tea everyday. I also have decaf. I don't need it to function because I eat a whole food plant based diet and have a ton of energy anyway. If I do drink it, I have it with a plant milk and no sugar

  31. just look at what cadmium does to our body. It hardens the arteries. I dont think coffee is good for us. All the good components can be found in other less toxic foods.

  32. From what I heard, coffee has something like a hundred or hundreds of different compounds in it and caffeine is just one of them. There is much more than meets the eye with coffee. As there are more studies done on coffee and more unbiased ones at that, we are going to find out it has a lot of benefits AND drawbacks.

  33. coffee has been shown to significantly decrease the incidents of strangulation deaths… in coworkers

  34. a life without coffee is the same as a life without sex. Except you don't end up a pedophile like Catholic priests.

  35. Look at this woman. Probably like my Mom, raised on a farm started drinking coffee as a child, raised and ate their own chicken,pork and beef. My Mom is 87, her Mom died at 82. What they didn't eat was McDonalds,Doritos, Little Debbie's and Dominos. I'm a vegan for ethical reasons but I think it's processed foods full of chemicals that are killing us. Just my opinion. Teresa S.

  36. so coffee can cause fractions in women? how come it doesn't happen to men? whats the reason for the fractions? how many caffeine a day is safe?

  37. I love the taste of coffee. I thought about it and I gave it up because it overall seems to be a negative influence on the body… its addicting, stresses the liver, aggregates the immune system.. it’s not a health food, but it does wonderfully as an enema. I’ll stick to tea in my mouth and coffee in my butt..

  38. Coffee is one of thee safest and best things you can do, such bullshit….walking too far too long may cause a tumor, worrying all day about what the fuck you're eating and drinking down to the fucking 1/2 ounce causes a ton of stress on the vessels and stroke, how about that…….getting this ridiculous about something like coffee, means you have wayyyy too much time on your hands, LOL………tea and coffee are both the same as far as none worse than the other, and if you need it to get your "run on" that's a whole lot better than not running and drinking no coffee (boring lifestyle, depression, and why fucking live anyway…see the point)

  39. The block of adenosine receptors is a enough reason to avoid caffeine. One small cup a day makes you addict in just one week. I was an addict and now my insomnia is gone. My night’s sleep is so much better now.

  40. The smallest cup of coffee, in fact, just a few sips, and I start to shake, my heart is pounding, I feel that my sugar has fallen and I become upset …
    So … maybe I'm hypersensitive to caffeine … but many people I know, who, because of the habit, drink coffee, say that coffee causes them disturbances.
    This is not the case with green tea, he pleases me.

  41. One such chemical used in the coffee industry is glyphosate. Wait a minute! I thought glyphosate was only used in GMO crops – apparently not. Farmers use it to control weeds coffee plantations. Few people are aware of this. Follow this link for some science on this.. "Glyphosate spray drift in Coffee arabica – sensitivity of coffee plants and possible use of shikimic acid as a biomarker for glyphosate exposure."
    If you think that is bad, DDT was found in samples in Ethiopia (along with every other pesticide tested). The take home point here is that coffee grown without organic methods and grown in underregulated countries should be scrutinized further for the sake of public health. See the scientific journal article here "Journal of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry"

  42. AWAKE YET PEOPLE? Most conventionally grown coffee plants are hybrids developed to flourish in open sun. Coffee naturally prefers the shade, but a crop grown in thick forest is more difficult to tend and harvest, and cannot be planted as densely.

    Forests are cleared to make room for open fields in which to grow mass amounts of this sun-loving coffee variety. Production increases, but the wild ecosystem of flora and fauna is DEMOLISHED. Natural pest-deterrents, like birds and lizards, are left without a habitat – and coffee-ruining insects overpopulate, leading to more pesticide use. And without the natural fertilizer of these ecosystems (bird droppings, leaf litter, and natural decay) the use of chemical fertilizer increases.

  43. WAKE UP WORLD! According to recent statistics, up to 250 pounds of chemical fertilizers are sprayed per acre of Conventional Coffee!

  44. I love Gregor don't get me wrong but how can you promote health when you clearly know a vegetarian/vegan diet is vegetables and fruit and healthy grains with exercise and meditation and a healty emotional like will heal all these diseases you claim coffee does? At what expense? It may be scientifically valid but who CARES if what you are saying destroys forests, farmers, wildlife and people? Coffee has much deeper implications about the human than aI care to go into here, just like alcohol or drugs as a poor coping mechanism for an imbalanced, toxic lifestyle. Maybe I'll do a video and delve deeper into to esoteric understanding as well and the energetic components that are causing the worldwide toxic aggressive behavior. Don't see them discussing that problem now do they?

  45. Thoughts on coffee / energy drinks: I observe most energy drinks like redbull and kickstart have less caffeine per serving than coffee, although with all the EMPTY calories and higher acidity it makes sense to stick to coffee. Coffee also tastes better and makes you a patrician. I wake up at 3am nowadays since I love the mornings and have a cup of coffee. Since I get up so early I have no problem with my circadian rhythm knocking me out , coffee or no coffee, by around 6pm.

  46. This video was interesting but a bit of an information overload! I drink coffee but for me the main drawback is the effect on the teeth , staining . But sometimes its needed and can be a great tool to help you make a deadline or whatever.Just wish it didnt stain teeth!

  47. Grandma has been drinking coffee since she was 10. She is 88, has all her teeth, hair, she walks, cleans and cooks for herself. What wrong is all the crap people put into coffee. She has one small cup about 3 ounces of strong black coffee in the morning and then some again at around 1pm. She goes to sleep at around 9:30pm with no problems.

  48. What about this: " A judge ruled in March that coffee sellers in California should post warnings about a potentially cancer-causing chemical found in the beverage. The chemical, acrylamide, is produced during the coffee bean roasting process, as well as when sugars and amino acids found in other foods are cooked at high temperatures."

  49. Well the immortal people I know drink coffee, smoke, drink alcohol and never sleep. All the paranoid ones I know are dead 😈

  50. I feel less depressed as a coffee drinker, I went 6 months without and I had no drive to do stuff. 2-3 cups a day sorts me out, I'd pick it over alcohol any day.

  51. Coffee is a neurotoxin, explain to me how this is healthy for us? People just want to hear good things about their bad habits.

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