Coffee Break – Browser support

Coffee Break –  Browser support

Hi. Let’s take a few minutes to talk about the different browsers you need for aged care online claiming. The browser you need to use depends on what you’re claiming online. There are two online channels: The first is Aged Care Online Claiming for Residential Care, and the second channel is Aged Care Online Services for Home Care. Residential Care and Homecare use different browsers. Residential Care works best in Internet Explorer. If you’re using Internet Explorer 6 to 8, you don’t need any additional configuration. The system should work normally. But if you’re using Residential Care with Internet Explorer 9 and above, you need to enable the compatibility mode. To do this make sure you’re on the Department of Human Services website and you’ve gone through to the Aged Care Online Claiming page. Once you’ve chosen the Residential Care Logon, you can then go to ‘Tools’. Select the ‘Compatibility View Settings’ and just click ‘Add’. Don’t forget to tick the ‘Display Compatibility View’ box and then ‘Close’. Now, for the Aged Care Online Services, it works best in Internet Explorer 9 and above as well as Google Chrome version 29 and above. And before you can use Home Care, you need to make sure the Secure Sockets Layer or SSL, cookies and JavaScript are activated on your computer, which they usually are by default. Now, one more thing; if you’re running a Mac based system you’ll need to download either Internet Explorer for both systems or Google Chrome for Home Care. If you can’t access the system using this information, contact us on: 1800 195 206 Monday to Friday, or you can email [email protected] And for other Take a Break videos, go to Thanks.

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