Coffee Could Go Extinct in 60 Years

Coffee Could Go Extinct in 60 Years

are rather convenes and maybe extinct in not couple decades because of the fact that extinct as a harsh words but climate change as scientists are saying
that we’re pushing toward copy extinction uh… because of the fact that
temperatures have been solar ratted and it’s creating this invited that’s
making a very difficult to grow a radical coffee beans arcade soul is that like the normal coffee bean or
is that like fancy coffee beans i think a lot of our coffee is a rapid
coffee somalia well let me guess uh… list a similar plan check uh… no i will have a place called on
that note i think i wanted scientists are now trying to
find ways to spark interest among everyone i’d like to king on certain leads in certain things that people
can’t live without first it was pork here and now it’s coffee it’s like molly
i get these fat ass isn’t attention was to read a
little sub parking copy no vanessa hundred-some right and it makes close
essel world okay benetton did you not in israel it
doesn’t take too long water supplies dramatically so and sometimes it will
affect amount of about extinction you know and it depends on the severity
obviously but because certainly blue blue with the support by greatly in
which the keys your the amount of money you pay will also go uh… as easily amount so there’s a lot
of native grasses is but but they’re right this is how you people station
when they’re talking about a baker shortage you know i got in a panic i do like
seven climate is so reasonable on our her television show which is usually at seven o’clock uh…
december and then but now with copycatting however i can do to shows and work for
the resident copy this a bit like the young person that
problem overhead pat robertson says something else
created perfected and had so this is a serious but yet and it was getting a little serious when
not parts of new york or underwater but now that idea coffee might be extinct in
thirty years maybe we should think about doing something eileen out over anyway without set my mind but i know i can live but they did it go so he should just got real

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  2. Yes, finally! The less coffee, bacon, and chocolate we have in this world the better we will be. I'm sick and tired of zombies walking around because they didn't have their morning coffee, and all the fat asses stuffing their mouth with chocolate and bacon. This will be better for us, believe me.

  3. It's not coffee who is "going be extinct" (that's arguable), it's just one variety, arabica, there're many others who aren't going to be affected.
    Cacao wouldn't care for global warming neither…

  4. I welcome the end of coffee. It tastes like shit and smells worse. I'll be okay because I'll still have Mt. Dew. If climate change brings on the end of coffee, I say bring it on.

  5. Makes 70% of the market because it's believed to be less bitter and rought… I don't people would care for that if its production became endangered.

  6. I dont drink coffee but i cant go without it! I use it as ingredient in my chocolate balls πŸ™ makes the flavour so much better! πŸ™

  7. 30 years is no time at all on a climatic time scale. the hilarious claim that the plants are dying because of climate change is proof that the story is complete horseshit. plants often die on a global scale because of a fungus infection or illness (dutch elm disease, ash dieback across europe, etc.) and if coffee is dying it's because of these things, not climate change.

  8. And will people finally turn to God when there's nothing left to eat but ourselves? I get the feeling they would rather die of starvation or turn into cannibals than ever bow the knee to a God that they think doesn't exist, and yet they would blame when everything goes to hell.

  9. Besides, caffeine can be harvested from a number of other places. And there are plenty of other strains of coffee bean that will be unaffected. So Mt. Dew will be just fine.

  10. as much as climate change effects coffee beans this is a bit of an overstatement. the problem effects 70% of coffee beans. what will happen is the other types of coffee beans will simply be farmed in place of the arabica beans effected by this.

    also the climate change could simply move the area where you can grow arabica beans around. climate change is serious shit, but let's try not to go nuts with the headlines guys.

  11. Yeah, right…let's see if you would really hold up to that when you're up to your armpits in people who are just dying to eat you.

  12. Seriously what hell is going on??

    Meat in General
    Non-Genetically modified food.


  13. There is robusta coffee beans and arabica coffee. Arabica was made famous by Starbucks and brought it main stream to coffee drinkers by by and large the bulk of coffe drank pre Starbucks was robusta. The two, depending on how they are brewed can have varying tastes. Robusta can have more acidity and taste stronger but arabica is not the end all roast, it too can taste like crap. Good coffee depends on the grower and the roaster. Robusta is threated because it grow in arid climates well.

  14. edit: robusta is not threated because it grows in arid tempuratures well. Arabica can only grow at certain elevations and in moist temeratate conditions. The defroistation of rain forrests can be mainly attributed to this lack of elevation which also contribute to climate change but it is not the direct result of climate change that is affecting the conditions in which these beans can grow.

  15. Yes, good move to point out to the dumb masses that their favorite things may very well disappear within their lifetime.

  16. A bunch of stupid-asses that this 'climate change" is going to destroy the coffee tree&therefore there will be no more coffee-WOW OHHH WOW OHHH WOW!!!!

  17. Why does TYT always get their facts wrong or greatly exaggerate news stories? I heard the story on the radio and they said somewhere akin to 80% of coffee in 70 years. Not 100% in 30 years like Ana.

  18. So…what…greenhouses aren't a thing anymore? I'm not belittling climate change, but shouting "Noe mor coffiez ferevahz!!1!1" seems more like just plain hype or fear mongering.

  19. Jupiter is based on a PREDICTION only. The prediction is that temperature increases will happen across the equator and cooling will occur at the poles. Mars is just an assumption, the only 'evidence' is two pictures taken 22 years apart. Basically there is no other evidence that Mars is warming up. The majority of people don't think over population is the issue, it's what the population is doing. Regardless of what is or isn't happening on another planet you can't compare it to our own.

  20. If you want to deny climate change because you think the science is dodgy don't use even more dodgy science to disprove it.

  21. What a bunch of bullshit. Climate change real or not, these are just lame attempts to scare people into accepting carbon taxes.

  22. I haven't seen Kona on the shelves for at least a year. I live on the west coast, since Kona is grown in Hawaii, we should be drowning in the stuff.

  23. That was the funniest comment I've ever read! I just burst out laughing. Thank God there was nobody else in the room because that would've been awkward.

    But yes, climate change is changing our planet and it's going to keep getting worse if we don't do something about it. That's why everyone who relies on coffee to wake up in the morning should jump on the bandwagon. Here's something about climate change you didn't already know: RED ALERT!!! COFFEE'S GOING EXTINCT!!!

  24. Everybody in their right mind knows shark's fins and albino tiger prawns does nothing. Are you a straight edge?

  25. Don't matter to me, I don't drink coffee, I'm still a cocoa and hot chocolate consumer, bc I'm a child.

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