Coffee Cranks Cooperative

Coffee Cranks Cooperative

My name’s Zym. I’m Daniel and we are the Coffee Cranks Cooperative. We weren’t completely happy with the world around us and the fact that so few avenues of change were available to us. We didn’t like that more and more often the only place you could get your shopping or coffee were multinational corporations which focus on profit first and foremost and not the customers or workers. We want to sell good, ethically sourced coffee, tea and snacks from our purpose built ‘coffee’ bike in and around Manchester. Now you have to know that apart from being eco-freaks we’re also coffee connoisseurs to the core. We like to savour different varieties of coffee, experiment with various brewing methods and serving styles. Needless to say. We know how to make a good cup of coffee and want to bring you the best cup possible. In order to get our our project going and achieve our goals we’ve already built a beautiful cargo bike that will carry our coffee machine. We’ve built the bike from scratch in the garage behind Zym’s house. We also wanted to utilise our know-how and skills in the most useful way while learning new things. Building our own bike we could improve on the Dutch design that is about 100 years old. We used new components, installed mountain bike drive-train and hydraulic brakes making our bike safe and reliable. With some encouragement from our friends that were closely following the developments at the gararge, we worked tirelessly after coming back from our day jobs so we could get the build done according to the schedule. My dad was with us at the critical stages of the build and we are indebted to him for his knowledge and skills that made it all that easier for us. We still need a coffee machine a grinder a battery water containers filters wires, etc. It all this has to go on the bike before we can start selling. And this is why we come to you for help. We are positive that together we can make this happen as we have already come so far demonstrating that we can accomplish what we set out to do. By taking part in this you’ll be supporting a very exceptional social business. We have prepared a few gifts for all those that decide to support us. We hope to see you over a cup of great coffee here in Manchester.

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  1. Please sign our petition and tell University of Manchester and Corridor Manchester that it's not a good idea to oppose our trading application. Cheers.

    Don't be shy, share it. It's all good. 🙂 xx

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