Coffee in an Ice Cream Cone! – Latest trend in Melbourne

Welcome to The Drunken Bear Hello. Hi Everyone Recently i saw a video about Ice Cream Cone Latte on Facebook And which was apparently sold in South Africa It was one of the menu items in a cafe in South Africa We found the source of it from Insider which is a youtube channel as well and since then i’ve been crazily looking for where we can find ice cream cone latte in Melbourne And the result was sad cause we couldn’t find any Doesn’t exist, it doesn’t exist surprisingly there’s so many different types of coffee But the ice cream cone latte does not exist and we decided to make one Because we couldn’t find one we said hey we’re gonna make our own ice cream cone latte then So what i did was just basically buy some cones from the local supermarket and then we coat it with chocolate and then we froze it a little bit and luckily for us our local cafe they are so lovely, the barista there So we asked our friend Pat to make the ice cream cone latte She gave it a shot and this was the result I got the latte in an ice cream It’s so yummy isn’t it? It’s crunchy on the outside and then this nice yummy latte in the middle It was very interesting Because yeah i expected it’s gonna be soggy Because ofcourse the milk will absorb the cone But having said that it didn’t really happen as quick as i thought

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